May Queen Day — Charting Sexual Intimacy With Alexyss K. Tylor — Tonight On FAR

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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alexyssMay 2nd Chakra

“If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow, don’t be alarmed now It’s just a spring clean, for the May queen.” It’s May 2nd and if your hedgerow isn’t bustling by now, the day after May Day, well, we’ll have a little something for you tonight on Free Association Radio (FAR) to get up, bustled and out. Live, from “The Derty South,” “The ATL,” it”ll be “The May Queen” herself, Alexyss K. Tylor. From 8PM PDT, for two hours we’ll be getting down with the whole concept of sacred sexuality and of course, Miss. Tylor’s favorite subject, “Vagina Power.” The videos from her cable access shows with her mother are legendary for their frankness, visceral details, uncommon knowledge and of course humor. most of which is intentional (dick’ll make you slap somebody!).

Truth, Discovery, Balance And Purity In Pursuit Of Eros And Psyche

When sifting through the slew of videos she’s made and the remnants of her website, I’ve been trying to piece together a cogent picture of Miss. Tylor (they call people Miss in the the south). Who or what is she? Is she culturally relevant? Dangerous? Or just a sensationalist sideshow in the spiritual marketplace? When we look at her chart it’s comprised of the personal moving towards transpersonal sector of her chart. Her early Sun in Sag, which rises right around the same time as Thanksgiving is frank in the way that Sag’s are naturally at ease with. In fact, some might say she’s too honest. She shares her birthday with Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee and Robyn Givens. Of course, Robyn told a little too much truth the night she went on national TV with then husband, Mike Tyson, but what’s a little sensationalizing amongst a married couple? In any case, those marked by this birthdate have a unique relationship to expressing themselves in a deeply authentic fashion. “The Secret Language Of Birthdays” calls it “The Day Of Electrifying Excitement.” They are marked by their quick, impulsive, and intuitive outlook and experience of life. Her Moon and Venus are both in Libra and here is where we see the obvious desire and need to battle the strength and will of the sexes on both on an internal and external level. When she talks about the power of a penis, you can sense that while she is doing her best to have women understand the psychological and emotional impact of being sublimely penetrated, she is also warning them of the inherent dangers of becoming “dickmatized” an expression she often uses when women lose their minds and will over the sexual act. So then she swings back in the other direction, looking to reclaim the power in this eternal battle between the sexes. Her strategy has been to promote “Vagina Power,” reminding women of their inherent power as goddesses, sublime chalices of ecstatic experience and liquid light. And so it goes; the pit and the pendulum, ever swinging across the bed of space and time. In the midst of this timeless dance, there she is, straddling the delight of the experience, yet desiring to remain in control. Can it be done? Her natal Mars in Capricorn thinks so. It’s earthy, enduring and exalted. It climbs to the top and stays there. It trines her natal Pluto in Virgo and when Mars and Pluto saddle up together, especially in Earth signs, it’s all second and first chakras, grinding and grating, firing off the sparks of life, lighting the cauldron at the base of the spine. Mars trine Pluto promotes the exploration of natural tantra.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion is in the mostly puritanical sign of Virgo. Here is where we can see her desire to transform the act of getting ones world rocked into an experience that resonates with higher perceptions and more refined feelings. Someone with Jupiter in Virgo always brings it back to the most healthy baseline they can, no matter what it is. Based on this and the other planets in her chart, what she’s really up to is a form of sexual healing.

Inquiring Minds Need To Know

It might all be a moot point if her Mercury were in Capricorn or Libra. She might be driven by the need to make money or simply understand the dynamic of relationships, but with her Mercury in Scorpio, she needs to know not just what’s behind the veil, but beneath the zipper. Understanding sexual motivation and giving language to it is indicative of Mercury in Scorpio. It gives the native a sort of x-ray vision into the affairs of men and women. Motivations are plunged and revealed upon deeper review. Sharing them in such explicit detail is more of a function of her Sag Sun than anything else. Mercury also sextiles her natal Pluto, giving her the secret word to hidden worlds, slipping past taboo, sailing right by convention. Here is where her motivation to understand the dark, natural forces of sexuality and creation drive her. Saturn in Aries is an interesting alignment as it is symbolic of controlling or harnessing the male principle (Aries). It also desires to put a seal of timeless wisdom on it. Right now, she is going through a Saturn/Saturn opposition and it could mean anything to a backlash from either sex regarding her ideas or possibly the out and out subjugation of her concepts by the patriarchy itself. According to Miss, Tylor, her website had been hacked recently. But Saturn opposes Neptune in her chart. The spiritual ideal struggles for dominance over worldly gratification and vice versa. Somewhere inside her, her very own struggle with power is being played out. But with her True Node in Aries, I think we know how this will ultimately be resolved-she’ll eventually be seen as a pioneer in her field.

Part Millie Jackson, part Margot Anand, part Nefertiti, all entertainment, she’s Alexyss K. Tylor and she’ll be on FAR tonight. Don’t miss it.

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  1. K

    …”she needs to know not just whatโ€™s behind the veil, but beneath the zipper.”

    Shit, Robert, only you can come up with lines like that…so effin’ genius ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. B

    I’m listening to the show right now and she’s so smart, I love her. She’s talking about some real deal stuff.. This is good. ๐Ÿ™‚

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