May Day, The Illuminati’s Birthday, Light A Candle And Be Illuminated!

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Happy birthday Illuminati!

On the morning of May 1st, 1776, as the dawn of a new day broke across the upper Bavarian sky in Ingolstadt, a small coterie of men gathered together in a secret lodge not unlike those consecrated by the sons of Hiram Abiff. On this day a new order was being born; “The Order of Perfectibilists.” This new, secret order was founded by Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit trained lawyer who had studied at the University of Ingolstadt, where he was a student of the works and philosophies of Christian Wolff, who was at that time a leading force in what we now know as the period of “Enlightenment” in the early 1700s. Unlike the Eastern flavored definition of enlightenment that we’ve become accustomed to in the West, where the seeker receives some form of Samadhi and spiritual transmission that reunites the individual with the godhead, the European version was based on the application of reason, logic and math to the everyday world. At its core, the European Enlightenment was a scientific movement that cleave men and women away from a faith based relationship with all institutions, but primarily the church.

Interestingly enough, both Wolff and Weishaupt were both Aquarians and this fits into the model of Aquarius as the radical and revolutionary of the zodiac. There’s many other examples of the Aquarian spirit as a mover and shaker in the revolutionary model, such as Saul Alinsky, but I’m saving those salient details for my book.

So Weishaupt studied under a heretic as Wolff was ousted again and again from university posts all across western europe. And while his heretical ways didn’t endear him to the religious mindset of his times, royalty and men of business loved Wolff and his “enlightened” ideas as they promoted the individual and his powers of reason to carve out a path that was free of not only religious doctrine, but also conscience and guilt.

The enlightenment was an early admonition of “Do As Thou Will.” Wolff not only died rich, but was prestigious having achieved the title of “Baron Of The Holy Roman Empire” on the basis of his academic work. Don’t think Weishaupt didn’t notice this.

So the Bavarian Illuminati was formed on this day 236 years ago (11) and wouldn’t you know it, but a group of so-called “anarchists” were planning to blow up a bridge in Ohio today. The plot was foiled by an undercover FBI agent who apparently had the whole thing, including the bomb itself under control.

Last year, Osama Bin Laden, was ahem, killed.

In 1945, Hitler also, ahem, died on May 1st.

Weishaupt would later be initiated into Freemasonry in 1777 at a lodge in Munich. Weishaupt would use his considerable powers of persuasion and cabalistic magic to not only foment a plot to overthrow the Bavarian government, but some say alter the fraternal DNA of Freemasonry itself. Giuseppi Mazinni and Albert Pike would further the re-engineering of Freemasonry into an illuminist craft, giving birth to the contemporary versions of the order today.

In the “Illuminatus Trilogy” Robert Anton Wilson, the great writer and philosopher king of high strangeness proposed (in fiction of course) that Weishaupt was caught but never killed and actually escaped to America, where he was the hidden hand behind the American revolution.

Looking at the chart that I cast for the birth of the Illuminati on 5/1/1776, at 7AM (since seven is the magic number), we can see some interesting aspects emerge.

The 11th House of fraternity and brotherhood, there’s Venus, Chiron, and Mercury, all in Aries, with Venus in a Yod with Saturn/Moon in Libra in the 5th House. Fairness, justice, balance and equality are opposed by the activation of will in relationships that are Aquarian in nature. Venus is in its fall in Aries and Chiron conjunct makes for something along the lines of “will envy.” Feel free to interpret that any way you wish.

What appears to be open and very Aquarian is in actuality hampered by the desire to impose ones will through the veneer of relationships and networks. A few degrees away, Mercury, also in Aries exemplifies will as a mental agency. It conjuncts Mars in Taurus and squares Pluto in Cap int he house of death and psyche (8th House). Mercury here is driven by secret motivation and its plans are enduring as Mars is not swift in Taurus, but methodical and lasting. Mars also squares Pluto and we’re talking heavy power struggles in the quest for sheer power itself.

While it all seems so righteous and free on the surface of the 11th House, the Sun in the 12th House denotes something different altogether.

In the 12th House, the identity of the group is cloaked and obscured, ts full personae and purpose hidden in the confines of mystery. Again, take note that its in Taurus at 11 degrees, the number of revelation, symbolizing the twin pillars of wisdom (Boaz and Jachin). It rinse Neptune in Virgo at 22 degrees (11/22).

Journeying further into the 12th House, we also see that rascally radical planet Uranus in Gemini (twins, janus, duplicity, duality). Uranus, Neptune form a trine Pluto, summoning the powers of the three outer planetary titans of time and culture.

Jupiter slyly and coyly emerges from the 12th in Gemini as well. Hidden just beneath the fold of the ascendant, its true intent, which is the dual nature masked in Gemini as an expansive force. Gemini is the most perverse sign of the cosmos and I say this lovingly as my 7th House is mostly Gemini. But, well, you get what I’m saying. Jupiter in Gemini celebrates the mind and all things rational. Its not about faith, but what can be proven with Jupiter in Gem.

Just remember, when you light a birthday candle on this or any other day, you might just be reenacting a minor ritual of illumination. Now isn’t that just the icing on the cake?

5 thoughts on “May Day, The Illuminati’s Birthday, Light A Candle And Be Illuminated!”

  1. n

    maybe when you light a candle, the icing is really ashes, and some cakes rise, and some fall down.

    (not just a metaphor for pastry chefs, you know who you are)

  2. l

    The funny thing is they didn’t know the positions of the outer planets as they were not yet even discovered.
    Pluto Capricorn to me is power of satan (Saturn) ultimate power.
    2012-Pluto Cap mutual reception with Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in the God Box, and Uranus in Aries for the big fight.

    thats how I see it.

    1. a

      Whether or not they (the outer planets)showed up or not, they’re still assholes. Pluto in Capricorn is raw power that is being inducted by ritual occultists descended from Babylon. I consider the power neutral, stripped away from it’s esoteric and symbolic moorings.

      That’s how I see it.

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