Massive Retrograde Update, New Moon Magic, The Friday FARcast

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Taurus-new-moon-solar-eclipse_OMTimes_bigstock-Decorative-Planet-Eclipse-2915122-smWith all the retrograde going down, it’s a challenge to not get sucked into the vortex of the past, a churning whirlpool of trauma and repressed memory, mixed with an often sanguine blend of sentimentality and regret—and yet it’s to the past that we’re drawn, for this is a time of great clearing and powerful cleansing. From the perspective of power dynamics, on the collective front, it’s pretty clear that we’re over the dog and pony show of party politics. People are lining up in droves behind Trump and Sanders, the latter really should be the democrats candidate but Hilary and her gang have rigged the system, providing her with a cadre of super delegates, hatched out of vials of cash rich nutrients with souls extracted for better efficiency. Bernie’s an old guy playing the game an old way, while Hilary is tapping into heavy, fourth-dimensional-influencers, casting spells under the sleepy gaze of the doleful and devoted. Yet, Sanders is hanging around, forcing Hilary to bleed more cash. In a perfect, Virgoan world, Sanders is the presumptive candidate. But it’s not—yet.

On the flip side, Ted Cruz surrenders and delivers a vicious right cross, then an elbow thrust to Heidi’s head at the end of his defeat speech. Ever wonder how buried feelings come across? Can you imagine Heidi Cruz’s wrath that Ted flopped and failed? That her dream of becoming Queen of the NAU has died for at least another four years and quite possibly, a former stripper from Europe will be the first lady. I give the Cruz marriage two years at best.

So we’re looking back during Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto retrograde. We haven’t seen this much retrograde since Yahweh changed his mind and let Abraham slaughter a lamb instead of his son.

The time is now people. Gather ye merry memories, painful and pleasant and lovingly send them down the river in a bundle of reeds, so that you can step into the glorious new body and life that Prime Creator has in store for you. What does it look like and mean? A better, more sophisticated version of who you are, without the clamor of the ego demanding your attention 24/7. We’re coming from soul 24/7 and anything less, is a drag on the system. But here’s the trick; You’ve got to have new agreements. Stop that energy from leaking out. Deny consent when it’s not in alignment/truth and you know what that is. To do so, you have to resolve the mommy/daddy thing. Get with it. Seal those connections and come from the integrated self once we move forward with all of this retrograde.

The Taurus New Moon is great for setting intentions that stick. Taurus is a fixed sign and under this Moon, we have the ability to consciously move our energy into a place that is rooted in the comfort and security of the future, yes, comfort and security. That’s what Taurus does best. Imagine, Intend, Ignite. Those are the key words for planting your spirit in the most fertile ground. It’s also one of the best days of the year to cut your hair. ☺


7 thoughts on “Massive Retrograde Update, New Moon Magic, The Friday FARcast”

  1. o
    osessica Acisseso

    these candidates are ALL cheaters. not just cruze. these candidates are all satan worshipers so why are we spending ANY time or energy even ramming down our throats so when you talk about them, you are giving them energy. it just perpetuates the lies that they are sending. i love you show robert but the political jargin is useless and has no value or interest to the people who are awake. who gives a flying rats ass about these friggen lizards and their political agendas. it is really boring and a waste of time.

    This is why you should not vote.

    when you vote or volt (energy) you give your energy or power away to someone outside of yourself and that allows that someone, the one that you voted for, to rule over you. You allow them to govern the things that you do.

    The word government breaks down to this:
    govern: to rule over
    ment: mind
    To rule your mind.

    It is considered idol worship to give something or someone outside of ourselves any power.
    The best thing you can do it to NOT vote.

    The whole thing about these moron candidates and wanna be presidents is that they are ALL frikken dark entities and clones.
    Obama has been cloned so many times. This is not even the original obama. They got rid of the real one years ago. But these guys are also here to wake us up from the matrix and they chose the darkest role so my hats off to them, in a weird sort of way.

    Look at the word vote:

    vote is also the word VOLT.
    Volt= energy, electrical energy or the patriarchal energy of the matrix in which we live.
    So when your volt, you give your divine feminine energy for them to convert to patriarchal male energy.
    You give your energy to the dark side so that they can and will rule over you.

    It’s already preplanned. You are just given the illusion that you are making a difference. They are all puppets. Your vote does not count. The winner has already been established by THEM. They already know who is going to win; they just need your energy/vote/volt to manifest it. Every American could literally stay home and not vote and the numbers would be the same as if you really did go and vote.

    This is the same kind of scenario with all of the war, killing, atrocities that are happening to people. The reason that people are being killed and attacked by the police and being thrown in jail is because they are giving their power to the politicians who declare these wars and atrocities and we are the recipients of this abuse because we voted for it and because we are all criminals.

    Why are we criminals?
    Because we are using a name that does not belong to us. The legal name belongs to the crown so anyone who is using the legal name is acting in dishonor (in the spiritual realm) by using a name that doesn’t belong to them, and so that is why the police can arrest us and beat the shit out of us. Because in the ‘legal mans law’ they are a criminal and what happens to criminals? They go to jail and get the shit beat out of them.

    The more people that STOP using the legal name, the less people will be attacked and the less violence you will see globally. By not using the legal name, you become untouchable.

    1. a

      Thanks for the impassioned comment. My first question is, have you stopped using your LEGAL NAME? If so, how is that going for you? I’m more of a pragmatist as I grow older in this body. I can’t see three million people jumping through the straw man hoops and storming the courts to reclaim their true name and if that happened, the police would deal with that in a New York minute. There was a man and his son, who by the way, went through the entire process and they were teaching others and they were gunned down on their way back home, through the south. Having their legal name removed didn’t solve any of that for them.

      If we want change, we’d have to go beyond not voting. We’d have to stop working and stop buying for at least thirty days, and it would have to be at least 30% of the population.

      I hear your impassioned cries, but we are not quite at critical mass, and I’m looking for us to either buy some time or accelerate the change. Either one is fine with me.

      Yes, they are all cheaters BTW.

  2. K

    Wow! Stop purchasing for 30 days!!! That would send a clear strong message! I for one love your political posts…these are the people demanding our attention and it is entertaining to watch how this all rolls out. I have emotionally removed myself from this game and just enjoy the show!

  3. o
    osessica Acisseso (not the legal name)

    yeah, i tore up ALL my ID 3 years ago and have been arrested too and gone to jail because i would not give the the legal name. when i was released, i did what kate of gaia said to do with her documents and i submitted them to the court of appeals and when the court date came up, there was no record of the legal name anywhere. and i mean ANYWHERE. i wanted to make sure that the legal name was expunged so i went to 4 different departments in the court house including the supreme court and when they checked into their files/records, there was no record of my arrest or any pending court date whatsoever.

    so it does work. as i said before, you become untouchable and invisible BUT you have to go through your feather brushes first. and that is what these people are experiencing now. just like my feather brush.

    of course we have to go beyond not voting but it is a good start. if no one votes no one gets in and we can then begin to manage our own lives. how do you think tribes people shaman and other native cultures survived before this idol worship came into play. it is called ‘idol worship’. we are all quite capable of looking after ourselves. we have done it before and we can and we will be doing it again. this system is coming down phoenix and by continuing to give it energy and power, you are simply keeping yourself and others enslaved in this matrix which is dissolving at at a rapid rate. you are flogging a dead horse.

    we HAVE reached the 100th monkey (and some) and we HAVE reached the critical mass. it only takes a very small percentage of people (i think it is something like 100,000 or lets even say 1 million just for shits and giggles) to have the tables turn and that has also happened.

    you are such a great astrologer and have many other gifts that were gifts from creator for you to assist others in this fucked up world that we live in. politics is not a gift from creator. we all know who brought it here. politicians want to rule over people and are power hungry egotists. why should you or anyone else rule over anyone?

    1. a

      Well done on the identity front. Kudos and congrats for the courage and implementation. I agree with you on everything save the hundredth monkey part (even though it’s the year of the monkey). I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Trump with the Sun/Uranus conjunction either buys us time because he is reviled by the Neocons and the Republicrats and he’ll foul their Babylon system for a while or it’ll be a bullet train to the end game. In any case, bring it on. Hilary on the other hand is known danger (see Waco and Libya). Thanks for your own compliments BTW.

  4. p

    Robert – can u email me the names of those you speak of if you dont want to share it here? curious to run it past the privates ones…

    also curious the tangent this post took re: first comment and your response!I am watching it all swirl into perfect alignment in spite of my insistence “i am running late” :)

    the solution(s) are and will be private – the trust may not be violated or payment could be the end of this Earth experience (no worries though – plenty more to choose from!).

    the solution isn’t about not using a GOVERNMENT NAME (as seen on EMPIRE the FOX series) but understanding its a simple word game…study the words…and your relationship/duties to them…did you create the words that are coming out of your mouth? the creator is the owner :) consider that DEEPLY…

    and easy solution that would work for most is something like this: (who is going to take the test – very few!)

    its not easy – its not supposed to be, BUT its not impossible…it takes common sense and a willingness to unlearn almost everything…

    btw no one in a public court has left much of a trace of the (private) process b/c it violates the central trust…a literal trust that everyone has equal access and protection to if one demonstrates, well, meekness frankly…

  5. M

    The mommy/daddy comment hit home. I agree this shift has been magical in healing that. As we speak my Dad entered the hospital on new moon last Friday. So there it is …I’m stepping forward into new territory and letting go.

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