Massive Quake Hits Mexico, A Prelude To The Upcoming Alignment And Stellium In Aries Squaring Pluto?

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

From Mexico; Why are these people looking up during an earthquake?

This just in. A massive quake has hit Mexico on the Equinox. Is this a precursor to the gravity trough as talked about by Teral and his group, as Terra moves away from the Sun and towards the black mass object (Brown Dwarf binary Sun aka Niburu)? The exact date and time for the supposed impact is 3/22 at 4:58 PM UTC.

On the astrological front, there is a major square between Uranus, Moon, Sun and Mercury getting ready to square Pluto, starting on the 22nd and extending out towards the 25th/26th. We’re talking friction; fire and earth. Vulcanism. Mars is also opposing Neptune and Chiron. Here we have tension between earth and water, again touching seismic sensitivity and the potential of tsunamis. Outside of Saturn, there is very little air in the mix, which does not allow for objectivity on one level, but on the other, adds to the extreme imbalance of elements, especially at sensitive angles.

One of the things that Teral mentioned is that HAARP stations are getting fired up three days in advance of the alignment. Today would mark that first day.

Here is Teral’s presentation below. Astrologers, he is using sideral alignments.

Here is the chart for 3/22/12 and the heavy square, dark Moon.

10 thoughts on “Massive Quake Hits Mexico, A Prelude To The Upcoming Alignment And Stellium In Aries Squaring Pluto?”

  1. t

    So… will it be the Mars (earth) opposite Neptune/Chiron (water) energies prevailing or the Aries Stellium (fire) versus Pluto (earth)? Noticed they’ve admitted to shutting down San Onofre @ San Diego… another quinky dink?

    I thought the HAARP waves could be seen where they’re directed? Why if they ‘don’t cause-but can intensify’ would ‘they’ be activating HAARP?

    Listened to another Weidner interview yesterday (2oo9) and he was really talking about the solar activity for 2012 with the big stuff coming 2013… we’re still getting a lot of that kind of Sunshine action – maybe we’ll have a great big juicy dose of THAT! (Since this involves the LEO constellation)?

    We’re an hour out of Yellowstone-hoping the Brotherhood holed up in the Grand Tetons have put up the magic shield… the robins have just come back a few months early this year.

    1. a

      They’ve been struggling with San Onofre for a while. At least they shut it down. Jim Berkland is back on the scene and he predicts Pacific Northwest if it is going to occur. Make sure the brotherhood gives you directions to the heli-pad when its time. 😉

  2. c

    If they are planning this then the more we bring it up and talk about it the more likely it will be weakend. Something I noticed is the sun has been very quite these last few days.

    1. a

      The weather here was very strange today. Started off bright and sunny. VERY bright. Blinding. Then the weird clouds came in. Not sure if they were synthetic, but they were beautiful and unsettling. It seemed like seasons were colliding. I could see my breath in the air and yet we had low lying fog coming in the from the coast, which is a summer weather pattern, the inversion affect. It was odd.

  3. t

    I experienced much greatness yesterday on 3/22. First time in recent memory where we had full unshrouded Sun, great blue skies and temps warm enough to walk around checking out the trees in a tshirt. “Today is a day that the Lord hath made, I will REJOICE and be glad in it” kept repeating itself in my mind until I gave in and started saying it, shouting it out loud.

    Much life energies I felt. I was working on being receptive with Mercury retro opposite my natal Moon of 0 Libra. And Mars retro almost exactly opposite my Sun and being in my 4th house along with that natal Moon of mine. And with all that other action being in my 10th… I felt the energies of all that Aries shining down on me -and my home. All that Aries “I AM” energy shining down on me and those of my home that I love and have sworn to care for and protect-all the trees helplessly at the mercy of… me. I feel their energies quite easily. Feel their love they radiate. Feel the wisdom of the old willows the pioneers planted a century ago.

    As I walked around congratulating everyone on yet another survival of our normally quite brutal long winters it was as if I were in another realm. Like we had slept and woke up to Spring without having any winter at all. I’ve actually had many dreams like that in harsh conditions in March before… where I’d wake up (in the dream) and it would be warm and glorious instead of all buried under four feet of snow with highs in the teens or twenties… quite stunning this winter we’ve had of no snow. I am hoping the lack of water to the trees from all our normal snow doesn’t harm them or kill them. They seemed to be fine with the glorious empowering New Moon energies too.

    All this early Aries is also aspecting my natal Saturn at 2 Sag-in my 6th house. I’ve got so much to do I’ve got to really hustle and take advantage of these first clear days. It is dark Jurassic type primordial skies again here today. Bands of actual violet dark interspersed with the artificial murk. With the still bare trees silhouetted against it, it looks kinda ominous. One extreme to another. Be safe.

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