Mars Retrograding Back To Nam, Friday FARcast With Perry Ulander

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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As Mars hangs low in the celestial theater, closest to Earth as it’s been for the last eleven years, it’s also retrograde in Scorpio. Mars retrograde Scorpio, ruled by Pluto/Plutonium manifests in Obama’s trip to Hiroshima to revisit America’s nuclear holocaust on the people of Japan. Mars is moving backwards through time itself

The retrograde look at Mars/Wars (notice the inverted MW) includes of course Memorial Day, when we celebrate the bankers aggression against the people of the world and their bullshit, trumped up conflicts, grand and innocuous, from WWII to Guatemalan coups.
On Friday’s show, I’ll host author, Perry Ulander on the Friday FARcast. Perry is the author of “Walking Point: From The Ashes Of The Vietnam War.” I met Perry through my site as a client and he told me had a finished book about his experience in Nam, which surprisingly led to a spiritual awakening. I forwarded the manuscript to my friend Richard Grossinger, founder of North Atlantic Press. Richard loved the book and a year later, it’s out, distributed by Penguin/Random House. In a world where we often hear stories of failed dreams and disempowered lives, Perry’s book is not only an affirmation of the creative spirit, but a testament to fortitude and patience. Perry’s story is one of unique transcendence as the war that split a generation became a catalyst for healing and transformation. Don’t miss him.


Mars in Scorpio is scary shit, especially since we’ve been flying the Mars in Sag flag, ragged and raised on the USA ascendant. Mars in Scorpio is a different beast and we’re revisiting our shadow, but this isn’t like any other time, the Scorpion Mars is a caged animal, panting, pacing, wanting to rip the throat out of convention and it’s lurking out there and in there. It will station maddeningly at 23 degrees for an agonizing three weeks, from June 19th, through July 12th. Remember 23 is the number of the curse, and just recently the Swiss held a ridiculous opening ceremony/ritual for a tunnel that’s 2300 meters deep.

There was also another recent more that went down at the Cincinnati Zoo that involved the death of a beloved and rare gorilla named “Harambe.”. The video is a mixture of touching emotion and harrowing physical activity. At times, Harambe seems very protective of the boy, and at others, he seems angry and slightly confused. Remember, this is four-hundred-pounds of wild instinct, even if held in captivity for a decade. After ten minutes, zoo authorities made the decision to shoot and kill him. This terrible event is indicative of Mars Scorpio retrograde.

Harambe’s instincts were natural and pure. He was assessing the situation and he knew that the child posed no threat whatsoever, however, the threat quickly emerged from his captors, whose instincts were not as natural or even remotely organic. The zoo itself is a repository of our caged and repressed wildness, on display in safe zones of ice-cream-cone-comfort. I avoid zoos like the plague.

This “socially justifiable” act for the “safety of the boy” whose mother was in utter fail, is symbolic of Mars’ retreat. In fact, if you watch the video, you’ll see Harambe hide the boy in the darkened corner of his airy pen, retreating into the shadows. This is the phase, and cycle we’re in and as cynicism rises, as paranoia grows,as angst expands and restlessness abounds, it triggers us, our past, the hang-ups, the defeats, the out and out obsessions and compulsions and it’s all roiling in the 12th House of the USA chart. That’s the collective spirit and a whole lot more.

Mars is the planet of the warrior, armies, and Scorpio is sex, death and rock and roll. It’s rattling the bones, and it’s essential that we go here now, to push into discomfort and face where we’re locked up, instinctually, facing sides of ourselves that we had left cowering in the corner of the gorilla exhibit of our lives.

The Sabian Symbol for Scorpio 23 is interesting; “After Having Heard An Inspired Individual Deliver His “Sermon On The Mount Crowds Are Returning Home.” This speaks to at the very least the sermons being delivered by the likes of Trump, Hilary and Bernie, whether or not they’re inspired is another topic altogether. This symbol contains the feeling of aftermath and what people do after they’ve been reached at a social level by a singular consciousness, which is actually an extension of their own thoughts, feelings and perceptions, an amalgam of their spirits bouncing back at them. This of course brings us to Trump

MARS VERSUS MARSDonald Trump is entering the danger zone. Transiting Mars in Scorpio is taking one more swipe at Trump’s natal Mars in Leo at 26 degrees. Starting Monday of next week, Trump could actually be in peril and if he manages to skate past any close calls, the space around him will be angry and violent and while this isn’t anything new, this cycle, which really lasts until July 30th, reaches new, scalding heights.

I haven’t been writing much lately and it’s because I’ve been extremely busy with clients and working on an astrological video series, called “The 11th House Academy.” We’re nearly finished and you can get a pre-order special that includes a ½ hour reading with me. to view the trailer and the deal. More writing is on the way.

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