Mars Enters Virgo, How I Became A Rat Whisperer And Molly Hall on FAR

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Ratt and cheezy go together.

There’s a rat in my house. She’s burrowed herself behind my kitchen cabinets. I can only imagine the incubation taking place in there, tucked away and hidden from the light. I’ve tried to capture her three times now. The first two times I used one of those old faithful, spring loaded, back snapping, spine crushing traps. The first night I busted it out, I was just about to fall asleep and I heard the “thwack!” of steel on wood. It was loud and resonant. Too loud. When I awoke in the morning, I saw the trap flipped over and sprung, food gone, no rat.

I did it again the next night. This rat had perfected its technique and managed to snatch some well adhered Halvarti without triggering the tiny death machine. Pure, outright, beautiful, clean, theft. The perfect crime. So I did what I did not want to do. I got the glue trap. I put two down, went away for the night and when I returned the next day, one of them was gone. Vanished. I was perplexed. Eventually, I found it. In my living room. I picked it up and examined it. There were matted pieces of hair stuck to it. No rat. It had somehow used a leg of an end table to violently pry the glue board away. I was not only amazed by this rat’s audacity and clever ways, but its sheer will to survive. Something much greater (likely her unborn brood) was compelling her to stay alive, do whatever it took to free itself from the traps of the supposedly smarter human. It was then that I realized that she is we. That, that rat is us.

The economies of entire countries like Italy, Spain and Greece are stumbling around like old drunks at a late-night rotary mixer. Here in the states we’ve seen the Penn State scandal begin to rear its ugly head. Listening to Jerry Sandusky talk with Bob Costas about his affection for children and his innocence made my skin crawl. Costas had to ask him twice if he “found young boys sexually attractive?” Sandusky had to repeat the question to himself. A sure sign of buying time. Lynn Robbins of Voice Analysis Technologies ran the Costas interview through her voice stress/truth software and found him to be evasive with a high degree on incongruence in his responses. Speaking of buying time, Jerry Sandusky was charged with 40 counts of child molestation. FORTY COUNTS and he only got $100,000 bail, of which he had to put up zero cash. It was later revealed that the presiding judge was a “Second Mile” volunteer (she has just stepped down from the case). She should have immediately recused herself.

Penn State is a bloated animal corpse with pandemic entrails. Back in the day, your friendly neighborhood shaman would pull innards right out and cast them over hot stone, then render the plight of the tribe; offal prophecy. If they metaphorically did that with Penn State, they’d find serpents coiled up and posing as vital organs in the system. I would be very surprised if Sandusky ever makes it to trial. Second Mile was what’s known as a “chicken farm.” Sandusky was more than a perp. He was a pimp.

On a broader scale, the OWS encampments pretty much all got flattened, simultaneously, across the country. We got first hand glimpses of the emerging police state, armed and outfitted for street war, courtesy of our tax dollars. Police forces have tanks thanks to fat entitlements from DHS. Israel is foaming at the mouth and wants a go at Iran. Turkey is sizing up Syria. China for all we know is building alien outposts in the Gobi Desert. Meanwhile the chemtrails drip lower and lower, like a cancerous cotton-candy of death, spun out from jet turbines, melting into puddles of metallic haze in our skies. These are the supposed glue traps and spring loaded death machines and yet we continue to outmaneuver the crushing forces of gravity, outmuscle their adhesive snares.

One of my good friends has been couch surfing for nearly two-years, picking up ride shares to save gas, house sitting, and expanding her network while she did it. A former six-figure PR maven, she’s motored on the edge, from Ukiah to L.A., staying alive, and now she’s landed with a promising relationship, loads of back pay from old invoices and more importantly, a place to live with her new love. The universe rewarded her tenacity and will in spades.

Mars just moved into Virgo. Watch out for the little guy, the average Jane, the other 50% of the 99% that wasn’t paying attention. In the last degrees of Mars in Leo, kings stumbled and fell. As I mentioned in the previous post, the once vaunted “Nittany Lions (Leo) of Penn State are disgraced. Move over false kings of fallen ages, your worst fears are about to be made manifest. The herd is on the move and they can smell the wisps of fire and ash in the distance.

The Earth is burning off the coast of the Canary Islands. That’s Mars Virgo opposed Chiron in Pisces. The fire of Mars bursting through cracks in the Earth (Virgo) bringing with it vapors of death, up through vast water canyons. The survival instinct has been fully engaged.

Mars is in a tight trine with Jupiter and Pluto. Its that powerful and sure, Earth directed energy that’s the template for the next nine months. Getting shit done. Getting in shape. Trimming fat. Lean and mean. Fighting for food rights and supplements. Seeking justice for the rape (Mars) of innocence (Virgo). Its about best case examples for worst case scenarios. Tether your camels first, then trust in God. Chop wood, carry water. Pull together and find solutions without being overly critical.

The next nine months, Mars in Virgo, is gestation to liberation; Mars in Libra.

If you have Pluto/Uranus in Virgo in your chart, this Mars cycle will be potent for you. It represents an entire generation raised on the notion of meaningful work and vocation. You’ve got nine months to lock it down and make a hammer of Thor impact in your life and ultimately in the lives of others. Don’t squander any time. Its all precious now.

Today, on my weekly astrological show, Navigating The Astrological Matrix, I had Molly Hall of About Astrology.Com on. Molly is one of my favorite people and astrologers. She’s laced with integrity and magic. We talk a lot about Mars in Virgo. In the second half, I get into the free reading space and actually explore the dragon’s head and tail a bit. Click on the player below and listen in.

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3 thoughts on “Mars Enters Virgo, How I Became A Rat Whisperer And Molly Hall on FAR”

  1. R

    Crunch time for the US? Assuming it hasn’t happened yet, and I don’t think it has, when you say it’s ‘scheduled’? I gotta say that a country going through it’s Pluto return must be in for a real shocker at some stage. I’d make a guess as somewhere in 2012? The US’s Pluto is in the 2nd house in Capricorn, isn’t it? Perhaps the financial markets are it’s weakness and the Government and institutions are it’s ‘enforcers’. Just asking. ‘cos I’m interested in when you think its going to happen and I suppose it begs the question to each and every one of us… what are we going to do about it?

    1. a

      I think they have to squeeze one more election in Ruth, unless of course they suspend the Constitution (officially). I think everything’s being kept in place for the 2012 Olympics to occur. It’s a mega-ritual of high esoteric/occult order.

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