Mars Blackmon, Checkers, Mercury Retro, Obamacare And Visible On DOD

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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Mars retro.

So Mercury Retrograde is doing its strange magic. The Supreme Court is flirting with throwing out Obamacare in its entirety. Frankly, this has thrown even this astrologer for a loop. With Mars in Virgo retro, we see all things health related under review. That goes from personal fitness, all the way from stair-masters, to the collective and the steps of the Supreme Court. Throw in a heavy dose of Saturn in Libra retro which apparently does not want to be ignored in the retrograde parade and the Obama admin could have a big, steaming pile of poo on their hands. What do you expect for a president sworn in under Mercury Retrograde?

Who are the big losers if this happens (I have my doubts still) besides Obama? The big insurance companies? The horny eugenicists? Yes, they’ll have their bitter root to gnaw, but the real losers will be the American taxpayers. Think of how much it has cost to get this leviathan of a mandate to eventually sit in front of SCOTUS? Well, maybe you don’t want to know.

What seems to be at risk here is believe it or not, is the fundamental right of the federal government to mandate any and everything if this passes. In essence, if it is deemed that carrots or computer chips are in your/our best interests, then based upon the bill as it stands, it would give the fed broad and sweeping powers to intervene and ultimately force citizens to comply with whatever standards are deemed beneficial or necessary by the gov.

This is where the crux of the bill hangs, as well as individual freedoms and liberty itself. Its also where the administration wants the bill to be (within reason) because the very definition of powers and decree are being discussed and debated. In essence, its impact is now on the table.

If Obamacare does get the papal blessing of the court the very things that were debated and argued, which would be its ultimate unconstituionality, would now become the unquestioned hammer and authority to exercise the feds will for the “good of the people” as it sees fit. Be careful Americans what you ask for.

Its a high stakes game of sovereign poker and I’m wondering what aces they might have up their sleeve to play before the torrential river card is turned.


Want another big, fat slice of of Mercury Retrograde justice being served? If you haven’t been following whats going on in Sanford, Florida (Sanford and Sons, Redd Foxx–best buddy of Malcolm X), well you’re blissfully ignorant. The Trayvon Martin case is getting whipped up into a national frenzy and there is an uncomfortable trend of lynch mob justice that’s emerging through social media. It started with Sandra Fluke and Limbaugh and has now morphed into another media virus via the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. The typical suspects are on the case; Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farakhan and Spike Lee. The first two are confirmed Prince Hall Masons. Farakhan has been rumored to be a Mason and Lee has been spotted doing the funny grip now and again.

Well, Lee is in top shit disturbing form. He tweeted the details of George Zimmerman’s house and phone number, which is incredibly dangerous, now matter how egregious, guilty or innocent Zimmerman might be. What if someone decided to take the Panthers up on their $10,000 bounty on Zimmerman? What if they went over there and burned his house down, killing him and his parents? Some people would obviously see this as justice served, channeling Hammurabai, they would get what they damned well deserved!

But what if Lee got the address wrong? Well he did. He tweeted the address of a different family named “Zimmerman,” the home of a seventy-one-year-old woman, who is now totally freaked out. Lee has removed the tweet, apologized and yet the damage has been done.

In my newsletter, I tracked the invocation of Mars as a force, an energy promoting chaos in the divide and conquer checkerboard. Notice I used checkerboard and not chess. Checkerboards are black and red, not the classic black and white of the illuminated chess board. Red/Mars is a dominant theme; Sanford/Redd Foxx, Spike Lee and his alter ego, Mars (red) Blackmon (again, the red and the black checkerboard theme). Checkers, where all pieces are equal represents socialism/communalism, while chess is symbolic of the ruling class and hierarchies. The ancient Greeks BTW, defined hierarchies, as “the leaders of sacred rites.”

Who is getting played though? Seems like one group is playing chess, while the other, unfortunately is playing “checkers.”

Trayvon Martin (Martian/Mars) and the tragedy that is unfolding on many levels, is the invocation of force from a martial perspective.

If Obamacare goes down in flames, keep your eyes on Sanford, Florida, where Mars is rising. Tomorrow, we’re staring down a major Sun/Pluto square and the intensity rises as Mercury keeps falling backwards, into the nether regions of Pisces.

Also on Friday (10AM PST), I’ll have Les Visible aka “Visible” for those that can see, on my radio show. We hung out the other night, time travelled back into the 70’s and revisited his initiation into “higher” realms.

In the first hour of the show, I’ll be doing live, astrological readings. Don’t miss it.

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2 thoughts on “Mars Blackmon, Checkers, Mercury Retro, Obamacare And Visible On DOD”

  1. A

    The Spike Lee angle is interesting Robert. At the Seminole County (FL) Board of County Commissioners meeting last Monday, Rev. Al Sharpton told the local leaders to “do the right thing” several times with respect to the Trayvon Martin case. After hearing him repeat “do the right thing” two or three times I instantly thought of Spike Lee. The news about his tweet broke a day or so later. Guess Rev. Al conjured Spike. BTW, Spike settled with the other Zimmerman family yesterday.

    1. a

      I’m glad he cleared it up. I am not in favor of that kind of disclosure. BTW, I think its interesting that Madonna is in a beef with Deadmau5 who also has the last name of Zimmerman. More and more is coming to light about these two men. Trayvon had been suspended three times, the latest being for ten days. He had been found with a screwdriver and women’s jewelry. Zimmerman had three priors as well. His father was a judge. There’s so much manipulation going on here. Then there’s the quote-un-quote “racist” comments that are being tossed around in the Hunger Games chat rooms. As election 2012 gets closer and closer, as Obamacare teeters on the edge, the ultimate false flag, a race conflict/war remains a distinct possibility. We have to break it down and nip it now.

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