Mars and Saturn Conjunction, Living In The World But Not Of It

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Your reason is blind.

I’m on Facebook again. I can’t help it and I’m deleting friends like Idi Amin on a bad day. Mars and Saturn are taking turns whomping on my Venus in Libra and the pressure has to go somewhere, exerting itself on the hapless, whose comments, pictures and posts I can no longer look at.

There’s the rake from Southern California, who can’t seem to commit to the revolution due to his latest Bacchanalian diversion. I can’t stomach the dilettantish self mythologizing any longer. He’s gone. Then there’s the sadsack liberal friend from Sacto who might be the best writer I know, who can’t seem to extract himself from his pomo-liberal-victim-blues narrative–yeah I know you were raised in Berkeley, but you live in the central valley for fuck’s sake. Gone. Then there’s the friend from another board who chimed in on my sarcastic posts about Obamacare with a pious, “Well Ron Paul and Mitt Romney would let that person die on an ice floe.” I don’t need no tit-for-tat on that thread, since you are still entangled in your web of Hegelian dialectic. Let me cut you loose. Gone. Thats the way its been today. Mars conjunct Saturn. No more patience.

And yet, I realize that they are all me. Yep, each one of them. They’re all contrarians in their own way, trying to find some semblance of balance in a chaotic universe. They’re iconoclasts and yet I just couldn’t sit there and watch it anymore, I had to perform hari-kari to those parts of me. Sayonara.

Three weeks ago, my son fell off a horse at camp. He told me that he had a dream about falling off a horse and the horse trampling over him. Since I am an intuitive sort and I do this thing for a living, I told his mom about this and “gently” suggested that he do something different, especially if he wasn’t into it. Her response? “Well, maybe he should get back on the horse? I think it’s good for him.” Three weeks and three falls later, he broke his leg on a horse, after falling off.

Maybe this is why my patience was so short with the itinerant parts of me on FB. Finding balance in the maelstrom is the art of the Silver Surfer shooting the temporal tube in the turgid waves of the end times.

The comments on my last post were conspicuously absent, though I had friends tell me that they couldn’t read my blog anymore or that I was a big, fat battery for the dark forces. I know that I have a responsibility to people. Its hard-wired into my matrix. I shock people occasionally though. I’ll never forget when I realized this.

I was working at a restaurant in Olympia, Washington and I was having a typically shitty restaurant day. I snapped at the line cook, who looked like I had just stabbed him in the heart with a butter knife. He couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that I would say something cutting and well, not nice. He felt betrayed. It took me days to talk him off that ledge. We eventually got there.

Its funny, I stayed away from the closing ceremonies of The Olympics, not dipping into a play-by-play and symbolic breakdown, but instead, I went for something bigger, trying to understand and decode the knots of illusion in a cinematrix reality where dimensions and actors bleed through on multiple levels.

The message I got was loud and clear. The edge and the abyss were too dark. Too ominous. People need hope–that’s exactly what Axelrod and Plouffe knew as they cynically exploited it in cascading levels of NLP, culminating in a mile-high-ritual of epic proportion.

I get it, and I don’t want to lose the room. We have too much at stake.

One night, I was at Burning Man and I was in one of those brilliant, temporary discos that rise out of the playa like some mirror ball mirage, dark and strobing against all thought and endless night. There was a DJ who kept speeding up the beats until he emptied the dance floor. He didn’t care. That was his maniacal moment, fueled on meth and jamming the frequency at 150 BPM, half-a-century above and beyond the comfort zone of the human heart.

I walked up to him and told him about what he was doing. His response? He just jacked up the jackboot beats and said nothing.

I don’t want to be that guy.

Last night, I had a dream. I was in a great river that emptied into a lake. It was crystal blue and virgin water the way it was, in its most pristine state. For some reason, I had a dog and it had fled into the hills. I had to let it go. There was my computer on the river bank, encased in its satchel. Naked, I grabbed and thrust it over my head like a soldier would hoist his rifle above him and walked towards the edge of the river. I remember the weight of the computer–it was almost unbearable–I made it to the other side.

For me, the dream symbolized the abandonment of my instincts (dog) in favor of the mind (computer) as I navigated the floes of emotion (river). The meaning wasn’t lost on me.

In many ways, that’s what the current Mars/Saturn conjunction in Libra means. We need to stay close to our instincts (Mars) while honoring the logos of patience manifest in Saturn.

Talk about a balancing act!

This epic conjunction challenges us to find short AND long term solutions to achieving balance in our lives. You can’t be too rash and yet you can’t let losers squat on your dreams while you continue to justify their stultifying presence. A radical balance must be achieved. But how? To what end?

The key is equanimity and finding it in this conjunction. If you go a bit far, that’s okay, you can reel it in. Look, the world is a hard place right now, there’s no denying it, but you’ve got to live in it, not of it. This is the codex to the Mars/Saturn conjunction and the beauty of it is that you cannot detach. Nope, it doesn’t work that way. You have to wrestle with “time” and “will” and if you play nice (Libra) that’s cool, but remember, its about achieving balance and sometimes, well, you gotta go just a little overboard to get there.

New Moon on Friday. I’ll be writing about it with my new found optimism, snatched from the jaw of Molech’s sinister maw.

28 thoughts on “Mars and Saturn Conjunction, Living In The World But Not Of It”

  1. p

    I’m sometimes shocked at how cutting you can be, but accept it because that’s not all that you are. You can also be very sensitive and understanding. I’m not on a quest for perfection — not in myself and not in others. So I don’t expect to always agree with you. The number one reason why I’ve kept reading your blog and why I requested you as a friend on fb was because you have the balls to go where most astrologers fear to tread. I feel that your work is important and I’m glad you’re doing it, and that I have the privilege to read it.

    In the recent posts, you’ve gone even farther than before — that’s a good thing, in my book.
    I’ve noticed the same thing about people unable to face the simulated reality — they can’t handle it, and fall back to the “oh stop with all the negative stuff”, or, “look on the bright side”. a russian artist friend of mine was fond of saying, “the worst curse that came from pandora’s box was “hope”, because it keeps people from facing the truth.”

    In “Terence Mckenna’s Last Earthbound Interview”, he says something to the effect of, “it’s going to get weirder and weirder and weirder and we’re going to reach a point where we’re going to HAVE to talk about how weird it is.” I think we’re at that point and I just don’t understand why it’s not obvious. Nearly everyone I talk to seems to think that somehow it’s all going to get sorted out and go back to “normal”. Well, what the hell was “normal”? And just how is it going to get sorted out & is that even an option? I’m really satisfied to know that you’re out there, talking about how weird it is. And if you piss me off once in awhile, I’ll just have to deal with that and exercise my forgiveness muscles.

  2. L

    Robert, your 3-part Inception post series was inspired. I was actually sensing similar ideas but I just can’t coordinate them like you can. You truly have a gift and it has really opened my mind up to interesting possibilities. Is it a bit dark? Perhaps, but I would classify it more as mysterious. What is hidden is often of the dark tinge just by its nature. I can’t be afraid of it anymore than I can be afraid of what can happen on the highway during my daily commute each day. What I think some people may be missing is that knowing what is hidden makes what is good and full of positive energy seem even stronger. Evil is real. I grew up not really believing that premise. I thought it only existed in film and history books.

    Like Baudelaire wrote, “”My dear brothers, never forget, when you hear the progress of enlightenment vaunted, that the devil’s best trick is to persuade you that he doesn’t exist!”

    Things are happening. We can either purposely try not to connect the dots or we can see that true “illumination” only comes from looking at all the data objectively. BTW, I didn’t catch the closing ceremonies but I did see a picture of a phoenix rising from the Olympic flame. Made me snicker.

    1. a

      That’s a great quote and Baudelaire would know since he dabbled in opium and not only dwelt in the pharmacological dislocation of reality, but dealt with the “lesser” types of society that could help procure his habituation. Baudelaire he saw a wide spectrum of French society as a result and could make those kinds of judgement calls.

  3. a

    well robert i think we were both on facebook doing the same exact thing this week. all of a sudden i could not tolerate one more feel good kitty photo…even
    if the ‘friend’ was always a sweet, upbeat type just trying to make others happy…GONE. same thing with someone beating the same drum ONCE too often about any worthy ’cause’ — ENOUGH! and as i was ‘purging’ i realized the actions were really impersonal. it wasn’t about getting rid of these digital friends…it was about not subjecting myself to their energy and repetitive loop anymore — no matter how trivial, how slight.

    i thought your last two columns were brilliant — the depth and intricacy of what you were fathoming — i appreciated the time and energy you put into thinking, dreaming and researching and writing. the rabbit hole is so much deeper than anyone knows and you were willing to push a little further than most would dare go.

    it is terrifying in a sense — like all ‘familiarity’ and ‘comfort’ of the known suddenly are swept away — people cannot handle it. you dared. sometimes it is wise to pull back and balance ourselves — many seers have tipped all the way into madness and that is not a useful place at the moment. stay balanced. libra balance and saturn patience — maybe that’s the true razor’s edge. you are not alone. agnes

  4. t

    Hi Robert-after your last major league out of the ballpark grand slam presentation… maybe everyone was just…stunned… like I was. I passed your piece all around town-the few places I go to but with resonating memberships. I even printed your article out it was so intense… had to consume it bite by bite-I even READ it to a computerless friend over the phone!

    Mars conjunct Saturn -exact hit-August 15 found me receiving a blind side wallop. Wallop of gobbledygook from those who never let me down… with their pathological lying. heh! lol… got my BP up for a raging bit of WTF? then I released it bit by bit via my 3rd house power duo Jupiter conjoining Pluto returning the lobs, using both hands.

    We’ll see what comes of those who’ve made their ‘livings’ stealing everything that isn’t nailed down-even the pennies off a dead man’s eyes have not been safe or sacred from the likes of the lying jackals. They don’t know it yet…but their time is OVER… for another hundred seven years or whatever that Venus retro in Gemini cycle is with its transit over the face of the Sun.

    Sorry about your boy’s injuries. If it had to be anything broken I suppose a leg is most expendable. Compared to his skull or face. Sounds like your ex is the one who needs to be riding or ridden. Amazing how tough people are when they’re ‘teaching’ their kids.

    hmmm “The key is equanimity and finding it in this conjunction.” Caused me to flash on just one of many in a short spew from lawyer yesterday… “I have a duty to the court only to bring meritorious objections.”

    Now this is important to everyone who has never had the misfortune to involve in any of the tainted systems but especially legal/court… these lawyers though you are paying them…DO NOT WORK FOR YOU… THEY WORK FOR THE COURTS… Their ‘jobs’ involving you is to keep a steady stream of marks into the arena of the courts. The lawyers get to throw your cases with you having no other recourse except to HIRE MORE LAWYERS or just drop it and out and go away if you can… the courts will do everything else they want to achieve whatever they’re after. So, though you are paying them… they do not work for you.

    No talk EVER of any ‘duty’ to me… amazing how they’re spilling their realities more and more… but it doesn’t matter anymore what documentation you have, unless it serves their purposes because they do not work for you. Work to throw your case.

    There were a couple of other stinging zingers in that loosely constructed correspondence that caught my attention that ‘gobbledygook’ was on its way home.

    “Meritorious” equanimity anyone?

  5. C

    Speaking of balance…our biggest asset as human beings is our creativity…our biggest liability is our creativity. When is enough…enough?

    Apparently sounding the tsunami alarm, screaming about icebergs dead ahead or making the wake-up call to others is a waste of enlightened time and energy.

    Reality is created on a second by second, minute by minute basis and our intuition sometimes hinders our need to act. With so much energy being funnelled into the creative delusion of modern reality, the intuitive person can quickly become swamped by to much information and to much activity.

    Now is the time to activate the social filters, stop adding interesting but essentially useless energy to your life and begin to create the reality that you want and need.

    As we are no longer wanted or needed by cities, states or country or business or health care plan or retirement plan, we must shed the illusion of security in bigger entities or groups and begin the journey back into relationships that will sustain us.

    The dialogue of our modern lives tells us that we can do any thing, be any thing or anyone, any where, any time with everybody. Well that’s bullshit. That is just a marketing wet dream that the multimedia has been very successful in creating.

    Filter this crap out of your daily life. Do not give your energy to lost causes. Detect the posers who would steal your time. Do not be a slave to media.

    Determine your own truth and live it, gather together the tribe, bring together the knowledge, go about our business.

    Create balance and respect the power of creativity.

  6. d

    I am (impaled) at the fulcrum watching Mars slip between Spica and Saturn. He has made it – finally – and all those last libran relationship things that you thought were sorted are placing themselves in front of you. There is no sidestepping this last one. Each and every string tying it all together is being tested. I have had to stay away from many people where the exchange was not fluid, but now it is happening to the ones I have always held dear and perhaps….they are not quite so dear as I have wanted them to be. So hard, so much patience needed….
    I do think that aurora needed excavating and I went along in your trilogy observing and learning. Thank you for your work.

    1. a

      Ah yes, the alignment of Saturn, Mars and Spica. It reminded me of the rune, Isa in the sky. Isa is frozen consciousness, symbolizing an icecicle. The ice seems to be thawing now.

  7. H

    I loved your last couple posts, just as much as all the others. You’re hitting pay dirt, as they say, maybe you’re scaring people. Tough. I listen to your radio show as well. The only thing that disappoints me is when someone calls in on Monday’s and messes up your riff/stream! AND I really love that you won’t let the Sandusky case die. Keep at it Robert.
    When I was younger I always wondered about the saying “life is an illusion”, it sounded soooooo spiritual and interesting. Well, now that I’m older I’ve figured out that the only reason life is an illusion is because people lie so damn much! Really messes up your reality.
    Everybody’s purging it seems. As you would say, Gone. And i say, Good.

  8. A

    Sorry about your son’s broken leg. That sucks.

    What Gardner said – absolutely stunned by your last few offerings. I noticed the silence but understood it too. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to formulate a comment about what your work has brought up and end up delete delete and deleting hoping you catch some rays from my gratitude instead.

    And it’s extremely weird right now.

    1. a

      How about this Assange thing? If you follow the Wikileaks cables, they all point towards Wiki as being a limited hang while being used as a funnel for the very agencies it claims to be outing.
      And if that’s the case was Assange manipulated? Is the guy they have even Assange? And lets not forget the extreme weirdness he was raised in. Its entertaining as hell, that’s all I can say.

  9. R

    Hi Robert: I think this whole “illusion” thing is one giant “shell game” that’s being played in every sector. Our attention is continually shifted so as not to focus on what’s “really” happening. – All the best to you and your son.

  10. Freaky as usual Robert – I’ve had those words in my mind for the last two weeks: in the world, not of it. My daughter dreamt for 10 years about falling off a horse and ending up UNDER the horse as it was running. I was always in the dream, as she was calling for me to help her. Sure enough when she was a teen it happened right before my eyes, I was far behind her and could only watch as she was being dragged with her foot caught in the stirrup and the horse in full gallop trying to catch others who were racing. Luckily her foot disengaged and she was just fine. Your son will certainly pay attention to his dreams now, no matter what mom says!!
    I’ll be honest and confess I’m glad you’re doing a turn around. I hard a hard time with the last one, only because I’m tired of it myself. The details can keep you there forever. It’s good to know, be aware, but I don’t want to swim in it. I’m liking this Mars/Saturn Leo moon thing, seems to be a major turning point. Personally, I just had an event occur that makes me feel like I just arrived on dry land after years in the sea of consciousness. Saturn, my chart ruler, has been pounding me into new form. I am feeling very much like a diamond right now – liquid crystal. Feels like a massive ending of the past. Had a dream a few months ago: I was sitting in the front seat of a plane, with my ticket in hand. I almost changed seats to the back, fearing that if the plane crashed I would be a goner. After we took off the pilot told me to look out the window. I could see trees and people and he told me that it was all just ceramic. Just with that said, we started to land again. I wasn’t impressed because I thought we were going somewhere and it seemed that we were landing in pretty much the same place we took off from. I knew it was going to be a crash landing so I braced myself. Lo and behold, we glided into a mound of soft, fluffy dirt – just like a feather pillow. New Earth. It is here folks. Guaranteed you will not notice it while you have your eyes focused on THEM. Face forward.

  11. K

    Friends call me the Nutty Professor as I can tangent ideas without breathing…the first time someone told me this, they were like I need a better name for you but Nutty Professor is kinda what I call you to other people…I see between easily. I enjoy the name…you never know what you’re going to get but its going to thump you! My boss says I can’t sit down and talk to you without learning something…

    I’d say you’re the Nutty Astrologer…

    However I’m not sure if you are aware of Goro? Ring a bell? He has a private site and a public one…the public being the kindergarten version of his private site. The private site is: public one:

    He touches the symbology of the olympics, but he’s WAY ahead of even the 9/10 of people who claim they get things…they know occult etc…let me see how long you hang in with Goro as he blows open the context we are missing. DYK…that London at the closing of the game, as the Phoenix rose, what constellation what immediately below the feet of everyone? Hint…its an underworld constellation…and the Phoenix rose from it 🙂

    At the end of the day we all know its a birthing ceremony. How many layers of birthing? How long do you have?

    From the Space X, to the Ocean X, Mars, Satan/Lucifer/”something wicked this way comes” and oh yeah, Kate Middleton being pregnant around now…The transiting of the Space shuttles through the Hudson and how they duplicated during the Jubilee in London…dude is close to the bottom of the ocean he’so so deep…the phoenix they rose up (orangish/pink/red)…is almost identical to his pink phoenix image he created for engagement of Will/Kate. How often do you see pink phoenix?

    He’s nailed for years now the rituals and their multicontexutal meaning second to none I have found.

    You are second in my book…first runner up if the new moon can help me recover 🙂


    1. a

      Thanks Kai. I have great respect for Goro. I read him for a while and I stopped, only because I need to have my own gnosis around these things. Brian Kemilla is also someone I greatly respect as well.

  12. d

    Dear Robert,
    Take a look at the closing ceremony in London…there was a global healing John Lennon IMAGINE energy shot directly into the hearts that reverberated through the dimensions and the universe … a profound re-balancing after the cosmic traumas of the murder of princess Di and the inside job of 9/11…

  13. n

    I do not know if there is any difference coming from what is erased, and what sort of sticks around, lately. There are maybe some rules involved in memory.
    Goro, that image concerning staring at those stars below, that is some dangerous stuff. Probably not for most, just those that remember being there, we know what we saw, and only one left to be erased.

    Profound rebalancing. Maybe that is just War outside the front door, most every place, even gnosis painted into a corner, peace has nothing to do with it.

    Maybe just things coming home to roost, nowhere else to go, all other things being equal, there is always history.

    Robert, the rambling is just what they do not like to talk about. That Klass effect, even unto Tau, is being erased, and replaced, by monsters. I hope the real John Holmes, is alive, and well, and avoids all the bad press about erasure, and replacement. Targeting a jumper is easy, now, nailing one, that is the catch 22 that inflates black budgets. That is funny, sort of.

  14. r

    Hi Robert,

    Sorry to hear about your son. Riding isn’t for everyone, but hopefully, the experience will help him to trust his intuition. Hard lesson even for ‘grown folks’ sometimes.

    Have to say I found your trilogy brilliant as well… So many layers of interest that I have read them all more than once, and probably will again. It was a lot to take in along with all of my own cutting of ties in recent days. I’ve never felt more like I was in a combat zone than now. Radical balancing act, no doubt. I feel like this…

    I respect and appreciate your work and am glad you’re here.

  15. E

    I’m so glad I stopped by…I have a much needed job interview tomorrow with 2 people and this conjunction is on my mars in the 10th house. Will one play Saturn and the other Mars? I’ll see. Oh how i hope this time to be just the right mix of calm, centered adult without the slightest hint of demanding others be fair and reasonable. Similarly, I hope not to project my mars out and end up with some crazed bully boss again. Balance. Always the balance. I can so relate to hacking out the itinerant aspects of self that I have put up with for too long, I am especially impatient with emotional and mental slackers right now attempting to deny me my full range so that their insipid paradigm can stagnate. But tomorrow, I will myself to balance my beauty with the cesspit this culture has become. Enjoy bouncing those squatters of your palace!

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