March Full Moon — The Bitch Goddess Of Unavoidable Truth And Hard Earned Forgiveness Rises

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

virgo_moonGaze deep into that cool lunar stare.

The Virgo Moon is a cold and austere bitch that will have you questioning everything and everyone in your life, without any sort of comfort waiting in the wings. Think Christ in Gethsemane at night and there is your Virgo Full Moon. It stands opposite The Sun in Pisces which is all about merging and dissolving into an ocean of oneness and across from it is that schoolmarm moon, wagging it’s luminescent finger at you saying, “Uh-uh, not quite yet little one.” Have you paid your taxes? Do you have enough in the bank? What is your blood pressure and cholesterol count? You should have never have trusted that company financial adviser with that 401K, you’re not pushing yourself hard enough in Yoga. That skinny little thing next to you is ready to join Cirque Du Soliel while you’re ready to snap like an old rubber band.”

You know the drill — there’s no escaping it the inscrutable gaze of the least forgiving moon. In fact, it’s during this opposition that we tend to see (and judge) just how far away we are from the perfect lives we all would wish to lead, no matter what those lives look like. Instead of falling into the imperfection trap of seeing your life as a chaotic and impossible force to tame and control, let’s all take a deep breath…a very deep breath and use this blessed moment of astral awakening to view our lives as works in progress, beautiful in all of their glaring imperfections, making agreement upon agreement with our various selves to get better, try harder, do more.

Yes, that’s more like it. Practice some inner diplomacy. Ah, but you can’t fool this moon — no siree Bob — you’ve got to do all of this in earnest and take at least one aspect of your life and change it, not through regret or resentment, but love for the fact that you are indeed human and not some asshole at the top of the food chain who thinks he or she has got it all figured out. You’re beautiful in all of your glaring imperfections and seemingly stuckness at times. But to really get this bitchy moon off your back go out and get some exercise. Your problems may not disappear but the endorphin rush will make you feel a lot better.

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