Manti Te’o’s Virtual Affair, The Gemini Timeline, Civil War Vectors, Brother vs Brother, The Harbaughs

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium


Manti Te’o has late night conversations with a ghost, a phantasm of the heart who has portrayed herself as at once virtuous and terminal. She never existed, except in the spongey recesses of Te’o’s fertile imagination. You might have heard of his story. Famous football player loses his grandmother and girlfriend on the same day, then goes out to lead his team to victory in a giddy season, nearly unblemished, certainly undefeated. That would all change in the last game of the season, when Alabama would make the Fighting Irish look like a community college team.

Te’o missed tackle after tackle. He was an imposter in his own narrative. The fierce warrior from the islands, sporting Maori tats was MIA. Meanwhile, on the other side of the ball, Alabama QB, AJ McCarron was shredding the Notre Dame defense and to add injury to insult, McCarron’s girlfriend was spotted in the stands, where Brent Mussberger’s slobber was dripping through the TV screen. Katherine Webb was very, very real.

Meanwhile Te’o’s object of devotion was anything but real. Lennay Kekua, the young woman that Te’o maintained a three-year-relationship was a fictional character, a virtual nobody that was the creation of some so-called friends. Te’o had been hoaxed. Remember this term, “hoax” as it will surface later. In more modern parlance, Te’o had been “catfished” and at one point, according to him, he knew it and went along with the false narrative, even in fact embellishing on it so much, that it became a national story. You couldn’t talk about Notre Dame without talking about Te’o’s “tragic loss.”

”Catfish” is a term that is used when people strike up an internet romance and the person purporting to be the person they are falling in love with isn’t the same person at all. In fact catfishing is gender neutral. In this case, Lennay Kekua was the creation of “Ronaiah Tuiasosopo” a gender confused Christian. Everything about this story is as murky as the lake bottom where catfish troll. Guess where Teo’s Moon and Mars are? Gemini.

It’s interesting that this would be a fish metaphor as we swim through Chiron in Pisces. The catfish eats shit and apparently dishes it out as well. Chiron in Pisces is the simulacra of oneness, a false reflection of unity and merging and the whiskered catfish has become a symbol of all too willing victims to abandon their discretion and discernment. There’s something about the virtual space where we suspend our judgment easier and with less reservation.

When I was a kid, I got pranked one time by a black girl on the phone. I must have been 14. She talked sexy to me for about 45 minutes and told me to meet her at the local high school the following night. I snuck out that night and waited for brown sugar to show up for about thirty minutes. When I realized what had happened, I felt foolish and ashamed, but there is this suspension of belief that occurs in moments like these. Anonymity is the identity of the possible. It’s why phone and email scams have been around ever since people could send fake smoke signals in the sky.

Chiron in Pisces has been interesting to note, especially once Neptune entered the fray. Just as Neptune merged with Pisces, planking became all the rage. If you don’t know what planking is, it was a type of posing where people laid out like a dead fish atop a plank of cedar, waiting to get smoked. From planking to cat fishing, we’re thrashing to break free of the programming in our souls, which we’ve swallowed, hook line and sinker.


Hoax is a derivation of the word, “hocus” as in “hocus pocus.” Here is what Wikipedia says about the word “hoax.”;

” The British philologist Robert Nares (1753–1829) says that the word hoax was coined in the late 18th century as a contraction of the verb hocus, which means “to cheat”,[3] “to impose upon”[3] or “to befuddle often with drugged liquor”.[4] Hocus is a shortening of the magic incantation hocus pocus,[4] which in turn is a contraction of the phrase Hocus pocus, tontus talontus, vade celeriter jubeo, mentioned in Thomas Ady’s 1656 book A candle in the dark, or a treatise on the nature of witches and witchcraft.[5] According to the book, the Latin-like gibberish phrase was uttered by a conjuror to distract his audience from his sleight of hand.[5]

So whenever a hoax is pulled, there is in some effect an occult act taking place. People are practicing a form of “hocus pocus.” Sleight of hand is also part of this semi-magical working. A comely virgin fighting cancer is the disembodied voice of a Hooters girl from Torrance. Supposedly grieving parents are occupied by soulless archons with clawed hands, surrounded by children flashing sigils in a dis-arming manner. We have the Manti Te’o hoax piggybacking on the Sandy Hook hoax and there’s this weird crossfade between the two, which further obfuscates any real exploration of what went down in “Newtown” on 12/14/12. Now the meme is, is that the internet is filled with hoaxes and that you can trust nothing. It’s mainstream media doing it’s best to re-assert it’s dominance and will as the final say, the last word of the vox populi. Anything else not uttered by Wolf, Anderson, Katie, John, Oprah and Bill is nothing but tenuous heresay. In fact, it’s likely a hoax. Manti Te’o bleeds through the screen blotting out the strangeness of Sandy Hook, leaving it to be dissected by misguided people with cruel intent, according to the high priests of the temporary word in the church of the eternal broadcast medium.


One of the things I had been ranting about during the last quarter of 2012 was an event that would that would seek to lock us in the timeline that had been created with the death of JFK and punctuated by 911. I believe that Sandy Hook is that event. Part of what has emerged in the aftermath of Sandy Hook is a widening of the gap between left and right, red and blue, even north and south.

The split and polarization is part and parcel of Jupiter in Gemini, retrograde. The duality of the nation symbolized by a fierce debate on gun rights and the 2nd amendment. Obama channels Lincoln via Spileberg and evokes the grim visage of the leader who “must make tough choices.” Meanwhile Tarantino unleashes Django on the populace, looking to get a little revenge catharsis, something that Tarantino specializes in, stock-in-trade, a form of Old Testament justice.

Alex Jones from Texas nearly has an aneurism on Piers Morgan’s tribunal. Charles Rangel then comes out with the following; “Southern areas have cultures that we have to overcome.” This was in reference to stricter gun controls. What Rangel was doing was driving the hammer, further and deeper into an already worrisome rift. And, as a result, he was helping to warp the timeline further and deeper into a vector that has society and the Earth in general moving towards a technological control grid under massive surveillance and harsh measures for any form of disobedience. Rangel’s sign? Gemini of course, born 6/11/30.

Just hours later, another shooting occurred, this one much further south than Sandy Hook at a college in Houston, Texas.

As our minds are clouded with the covert imagery of the next civil war, predictively programming the cracks and fissures in our rapidly eroding social order, we’re given yet another image that underscores this meme; “The Harbowl.” What I’m referring to is of course the Super Bowl between Jim Harbaugh and his brother John, next week on the 3rd of February in voodoo central, New Orleans. From an astrological standpoint, it’s pretty fascinating. Jim’s a Capricorn, 0 degrees. His brother John is a Libra, 0 degrees, an exact square and they couldn’t be more like their respective signs. John is the older, well-liked brother, whose teachers sang his praises. Jim was the younger whose teachers couldn’t wait to get to the next grade. Jim’s abrasive. John is charming. But what we have here is another image/subtext of the civil war; brother versus brother. It’s reverberating and ringing through the hidden and submerged layers of our collective psyche.

The official date given for the start of the Civil War was 4/12/1861. When we go back and look at the ephemeris, Uranus was in the sign of the twins at 8 degrees. This energy is radical duality expressed across the transpersonal plain and while Uranus is in Aries, on the day of Sandy Hook, Jupiter in Gemini was at 9 degrees, just one degree off the start of the Civil War. With it being retrograde, it is a carrier riding on the signal and the echo of division from another time. Where was Chiron? In Pisces, of course. What’s interesting is that the final shot of the Civil took place on 6/22/1856, four years after it started. The Sun was at 0 degrees Cancer, Uranus in the anoretic degree of 29 Gemini. By the month’s end, it would be in Cancer, joining the Sun as the reconstruction, a Cancerian phase would begin.

We’re like two imaginary continents now, separated by a widening gulf of water (emotion) between us, drifting further out into planetary space, different species in some regards driven by drastically different brain function and hearts divided. This summer, we have the opportunity to draw closer together though. Don’t miss the opportunity to bridge the gap. We might not get it again.


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    Awesome analysis. I really have no interest in sports, but you’ve made it interesting by bringing everything together. I keep hammering away about the split, left/right, north/south etc and it’s disastrous effects to my friends. I’m definitely making headway with people. Thanks for the thoughts.

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