Madonna (Leo) Passes The Symbolic Flame To Beyonce (Virgo) As Isis Incarnate

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

534935913AP00018_The_57th_AIsis ascending

It’s been a strange 48 hours as Mercury is about to begin it’s cosmic role reversal. Think of it as one of those carnival rides that goes backwards and forwards, up little humps and rises, down again, with edgy banks in a classic loop. For the last three weeks, you’ve been hurtling backwards, trying to laugh while holding your cotton candy and root beer down and just when you hit that point of stasis, the bell rings and the calliope organ starts pumping out a different song and the whiplash kicks in. Now you’re moving forward again on the infinite loop, through space and time.

First it was the Super Bowl, and Katy Perry rising into eternity, the star of the new age, rising, rising into the Phoenix night sky. Then we moved onto the Grammies in the ritual season, which coincides with Clive Davis’ annual homage to himself. Just a few more revolutions before the breakneck reversal and the return to some semblance of linearity. Good luck.

On Saturday night, at around 9PM, I heard the incessant drone of a helicopter for hours. I know this sound. It’s like the bull roarer of an angry, lesser god. I used to hear it a lot in California, back in the dark days when I was going through my crazy, Chiron Return, but that’s another story. Let’s just say I placed that particular hum in the memory pool. It went on and on and on.

I went outside to track it and there it was, a dark shadow circumnavigating the night sky, as thick, white clouds poured in from the South. In the distance I could hear sirens wailing, the noisy commotion of crisis piercing the heavy, ambient hum. Something was off–something was wrong. I went back inside and climbed into the cocoon of night and fell asleep just after 1 AM. The still air was finally silent.

The next day, I found out that not very far from my house, Sawyer Flache, 27, father of two, was shooting streetlights out and the Austin PD called in the black chopper. An hour or so later, Sawyer Flache was dead. A bullet-to-the-head. The next day they are running the story over and over again, book ending it with news about Chris Kyle’s murder trial, which started yesterday. It was part of a strange, time loop, stitching the high strange together for our popular consumption. A moment of silence for Sawyer Flache, who left two, young girls behind, one year shy of his official Saturn Return. Sawyer Flache, tragically, ironically has become a member of the “27’s.” Who knows what drove you to snap, crackle and pop Sawyer Flache? Who knows if you will shadow that helicopter through the South Central, Texas night, like a ghost in space for night upon night to come. Here is your space Sawyer Flache, your moment of silence ((((((((((((((((((((((0))))))))))))))))))))).

The Grammies, like the Super Bowl, the Olympics and the VMAs are the portal through which sounds, symbols, sigils and spells are cast upon unwitting souls. And those of us, who are trying to track the trends of the holographic theater, keeping up with the script, clocking the players pay attention to these spectacles, new theater of the absurd. There was the Gemini magic act of Sir Faul McCartney and Kanye West. The Black/White theme is prevalent, an occult trigger, the reconciliation of opposites, the alchemy of flesh. They did it at the Super Bowl, going two ways, once with Lenny Kravitz (Gemini) male principle and Katy Perry and then Missy Elliot (Cancer) the feminine.

Faul and Kanye weren’t alone in participating in the sonic arcana.


Madonna was there, channeling the “Scarlett Woman” aka Jack Parsons “Whore of Babylon.” Later in the evening, Beck, a Scientologist would win best album, introduced by Prince (Gemini) looking a lot like Sai Baba. Beck was bum rushed by the aforementioned Gemini, Kanye West who now claims that the voices in his head told him to do it.

Scientology was founded by, L. Ron Hubbard, who was 1/3 of Jack Parson’s magical trio of the Babalon Working. And there Madonna was, dancing hand in horn with a legion of hard bodied demons, channeling the Cult of Minos, the minions of the minotaur. The song, the utterly forgettable, “Living For Love” is supposedly about Madonna’s broken heart, dumped by a matador. It’s a lot of bull. It was as Satanic as it gets. The love song she was singing was for the lord of the underworld himself, not some Spanish guy in a funny hat, super tight pants and a sequined cape.

If we go back to her massively occult, Super Bowl performance, Madonna was the personification of Isis. The Isis imagery was thick three years ago and lo and behold, who’s terrorizing the planet? Who is Obama ready to go to war against? Was it predictive programming? Or were they generating the psychic force to summon a demon army?

During Super Bowl Madonna was teamed up with CeeLo Green (Gemini) during the Super Bowl, but the light and sound were pure Lucifer. Her Grammy turn at XLVI. My breakdown of it was one of the most popular posts on my site. You can read more about it HERE.

In the Super Bowl that followed, Super Bowl XLVII, it was Beyonce’s turn and while they didn’t peddle the same level of esoteric, in-your-face, fag-haggery, if you watched very carefully, you could catch the same Bull symbolism strobing beneath Beyonce in sheet flashes of silver light. The Bull, is of course Taurus, but it is also symbolic of the Sirius/Orion cluster of stars, which is in the constellation of Taurus.


Sirius is a binary star, meaning that there are two stars that operate in union with one another, hence another level of the interpretation of the dualistic nature of these rites. It is a calling forth of the twin stars, Sirius A and B, as well as Castor and Pollux, the other celestial twins, representative of Gemini, which are located roughly on the other side of the Equatorial Plain from Sirius A and B.

All the way across, on the other side of the galaxy lies the Galactic Center. Terra is cradled between Sirius A and B and the GC.

Our own Sun is in a binary orbit with Sirius A and B, and right around July 4th, is conjunct Sirius A and B. does that date sound familiar? The United States was officially founded when in conjunction with Sirius.

It is generally acknowledged that the Freemasons call it “The Blazing Star.” What’s ironic is that it’s barely visible to the naked eye.

It was said that Isis descended from the heavens and gave birth to humanity and that she was the mother of all that is. The throne of Isis became the official seat of all royalty. What we are seeing in the Grammies is a passing of the torch of sorts. From Madonna (now whore) to Beyonce as Isis, mother of fertility, the mother of all life, the divine feminine as a portal to the origination of our creator gods. It doesn’t matter if Jay-Z is cheating on her ass. It doesn’t matter if she looks like she’s on Beta Blockers and cheap wine at a Knicks game. None of it matters to the personality called “Beyonce Knowles” because it’s what takes up residence inside of her during the ritual space that is purpose of it all.

For the duration of a song, a medley, a concert, a video, she can be Isis, incarnate. In fact, there are even rumors that she was never pregnant at all and that “Blue Ivy” isn’t even her child. So in some strange, and angular way, it was a virgin birth.

From the red hues of Satan (Madonna) to the silver luxe of Lucifer (Beyonce) we see the infernal energies of ancient deities, absent fathers, and naughty uncles linked as one, reformatted power over this world. And it was also a passing of the torch as Madonna is a Leo and Beyonce, a Virgo. Regulus, the fixed star of kings and queens has recently gone from Leo to Virgo–a very rare occurrence for a fixed star. It is also a celestial/terrestrial passing of the torch. These are just a few of the secrets of the Grammies and the ritual relationship between Madonna and Beyonce.

Meanwhile, the Brown/Houston family agonizes over whether to pull the plug on brain dead Bobbi Kristina Brown. It is three years today that Whitney died. The macabre symmetry is almost too much to comment on.

11 thoughts on “Madonna (Leo) Passes The Symbolic Flame To Beyonce (Virgo) As Isis Incarnate”

  1. J

    Also, I noticed Beck’ s album is named “Morning Phase” a shot out to Venus Lucifer aka Venus Phosphorus, Venus heliacally rising.

  2. J

    Oh . Whitney was “Queen of the Night” or Venus Ishtar entering the Underworld, as Madonna and now Beyonce ascend , the latter rising as Bobbi Kristina descends.

  3. M

    Alot going on out there, but its like the roaring 20’s here in California, full speed ahead and growing like crazy again!

  4. n

    Yep. Cool Cathedral. Lots of archonic stuff built into the celestial geometry. And piles of bones underground, heretics that noticed.
    The Orthodox run around and count money, and worry about the buried stuff that does not exactly stay put.
    Christ gave it up for demons, heretics, little kids, and various combinations. I wish sometimes the damned would get really damned, and not be just bad actors.
    At least that would be an improvement. It is a hell of a thing to offend guardian angels.

  5. C

    Hey, Robert.

    Question: What do these rituals actually do? Is there an energetic consequence? Does it affect you and me? If so, is there a way to combat it?

    1. a

      Hi Cesar, I believe these rituals serve manifold aspects. Let’s review a few. The Grammies were decidedly dark and pretty depressing. There was no joy, whatsoever. Even Beyonce’s grand gospel finale, which wasn’t to G*D, but the prince of the lesser light himself, was heavy and leaden. All of it was of course in the turgid wake of Bobbi Kristina’s tub tragedy. The rituals are an actual summoning. Supposedly, when a demon is summoned, and they can be summoned, the power of the demon is limited if there is no sacrifice. This is the nature of sacrifice throughout the ages. So it’s with this dark intent, that they happen on or near these events. Supposedly, they accelerate occult events operating at the level of the world stage. Madonna becomes ISIS at the Super Bowl and lo and behold, ISIS crops up shortly thereafter. Think of it as a strange cocktail of predictive programming and supernatural fuel.

      They are also done to educate people and initiate them into the occult theater. This is part of the externalization of the hierarchy.

      Lastly, they can have a very dark and powerful impact on people directly. I know of a woman that was in a depressed place and she watched the Grammies. The next day, she took her own life. She was already struggling, but the event pushed her over the edge.

      How do we combat it? Well, first we understand what is happening to the best of our abilities. Once we do, there is far less power to these things than if we are dazzled and darkly entranced. Lastly, I suggest that unless you want to get into full on deconstruct mode, I would just stay away from watching them altogether. Why give them any power at all?

  6. H

    Interesting that the dog on Downton Abbey is named Isis. Last week they were concerned that Isis may be “sick” or “pregnant”. I guess we’ll find out what happens to Isis in the US tonight. Of course, if you live in England you already know what happens to Isis.

  7. J

    At 16 I was obsessed with Madonna, I think until Bedtime Stories. I think the lace mask on the Devil is like the ones she has at her orgies. I noticed J Lo had wore a similar mask, simulated by projected light, in her ama Booty performance. Was Madonna descending in Super Bowl ritual? It looked like a pastiche of the Waite Chariot trump.

  8. T

    Thanks Robert,
    The best advice I think you gave your readers is to just stay away from watching them altogether, not give our power away, nor waste our positive energy by giving ‘them’ the satisfaction. Hope all is well w/u in your world view. Peace, love and light my friend. Be well R.

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