Lynda Hill Reflects On The Aries New Moon

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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nierikaThe mirror image of the Nierika portends two separate realities.

Lynda Hill, The High Priestess of The Sabian Symbols chimes in with her analysis of this powerful, upcoming, new Moon.

It seems fitting that this time requires us to be nimble and occupy as many realms as we need to in order to make this 3D reality work. Whether it’s two jobs, or two lives, or two planes of existence, such as prayer and practice, this moon gives us a glimpse into how we can navigate alternate realms. So, without further ado, here’s the wisdom of Lynda.

The new Moon in March falls on March 26 in the United States and March 27 in Australia. The Sabian Symbol for this new Moon is fabulous and rich and contains a lot of promise, diversity and possibilities as it’s on Aries 7: A Man Successfully Expressing Himself in Two Worlds at Once.

This new Moon shows the necessity, during these very interesting and testing times, of being adaptable, moving with the times, taking on new information as it arises and being able to focus our energies on the things that are rewarding or necessary, or, perhaps, dealing with the things that just get in the way of what we need to be doing. Sometimes we may feel “split in half”, having to balance different but equally pressing issues.

”A Man Successfully Expressing Himself in Two Worlds at Once” shows someone being versatile and adaptable. When operating in ‘Two Worlds’, one’s life may seem divided, with divergent responsibilities, needs and urges. But this image implies that this person is ‘Successfully Expressing Himself’, which shows that this is a time when it is possible, or necessary, to integrate or successfully deal with separate or diverse areas of life.

We may be living a “straight” life; going to work, doing the daily grind, being corporate or whatever, but living a spiritual life in our private time, or, it can show having separate identities, differing talents and abilities or living our lives split between two families, lovers, places, houses or whatever. It can, of course, show duplicity; someone who plays their cards on both sides of the table.

Whatever the situation, this is one of those times when we really need to be looking at ourselves, and others, to see if we’re being truly authentic in every aspect, every world, every realm. How do we express ourselves? How do we come across to others? What face do we present to the world? What do we really look like when we strip down to bare bones, tearing away the unnecessary, the encumbering, the things that cloud us and take us away from our true nature? Who is that person in the mirror?

The Keywords for this degree are: Integrating the spiritual with the material. Balancing things. Doing juggling acts. Moving through people’s lives and social stratas. Translations of words and thoughts from one area of life to another. Having separate family situations. Living a dual life. Moonlighting.

Venus, which is currently retrograde (it appears to be moving backwards), is right there in the mix with this new Moon. It is on Aries 8: A Woman’s Hat With Streamers Blown By the East Wind. This degree shows the necessity of staying on track, staying true to one’s mission, desires, intentions and not to be blown off course. We can find ourselves distracted when this degree is around and easily changeable. Being fickle, forgetful or feeble won’t cut it; we need focus.

Many people are reporting that they are finding it difficult to sleep. I did a workshop on the weekend and asked whether people were having problems with sleep and almost everyone said they were. This has been happening for a while, but I think it’s quickening as so many feel they have so much to do, to achieve or get through. These are not easy times but they can be very productive! Pluto is firmly in the mix as he’s squaring this new Moon from Capricorn 4: A Group of People Entering a Canoe For a Journey by Water. This Symbol speaks of the issue of working with others, OR, working alone. Some will feel the need to balance this journey by finding time for solitude and focus, others will want to spend a great deal of their time in group efforts. This is a personal decision, and, if everyone is coming from a place of integrity, a very fruitful time lays ahead.

A day or two after the new Moon, Venus moves backwards onto  “A Man Successfully Expressing Himself in Two Worlds at Once” – this Symbol gets a big shot in the arm from Venus’ desire to make things happen. If we can stop being “blown around” by emotions, stop distracting ourselves or finding excuses for why we can’t do something, we can move forward to a better representation of our talents, desires and abilities and have more productive outcomes in every sphere of our life.

Uranus is throwing something interesting into the mix. It’s on Pisces 24: An Inhabited Island. Many people find that they want to live alone, they don’t want to have to compromise their lives by accomodating others. Of course, some may be feeling lonely and cut off and wondering how to include more people in their lives. Most, though, with Uranus being on this degree now are likely to be wanting their own private space.

Mercury is on Aries 2: A Comedian Entertaining the Group – keeping a sense of humor works wonders as does indulging in some comedy and light hearted fun. The day after the new Moon Mercury moves onto Aries 3: A Cameo Profile of a Man in the Shape of His Country. This also asks how we fit in. How do we see our “cameo”, how do we see ourselves fitting into the big picture?

The trick with new Moon is to make up your wish list for the future. Where does Aries sit in your chart? Check it out as this is the place where you can expand on your positive affirmations for the future. Make up that wish list but remember to cover all areas of your life – even those parts that you feel divided about.

If you would like to know more about Lynda and perhaps get a personalized, Sabian Symbol reading, go to her site and dive into the breadth of this wonderful tool for self discovery.

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