Lunar Eclipse In Gemini, Uranus Goes Direct, Omega Wolf Dancing And Pluto In Scorp Gets Tumbld

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Lunar eclipse in Gemini?

Uranus goes direct and the Moon goes full on lunar eclipse in Gemini. I’ve got my popcorn ready. Already, I’ve time traveled back at least two decades today. I spent over an hour on Skype with a grad student from Paris talking about my experience at MONDO 2000. It was fascinating to review the rise of cyber culture and my place in it. My monologue turned into a lively discussion between us as we discussed the perils and potential of technology and the edgy precipice of change from which we seem to be hugging and clinging onto for dear life. Eventually the discussion morphed into Tumblr pages, walls of images without text, the post-modern equivalent of the Lascaux caves; testaments to our presence without syntax.

Twitter and text speak hacks the language into generationally encrypted code. Slang is a quaint notion–few altered words peppering the lexicon at the fringes, almost always assimilated at some point. This is different. Its a whole new speak. I’m not necessarily disparaging it. I never want to be the old dude that talks about, “when we were young” but I have to tell you, I am hanging by the thinnest thread of a hyper-tensile nano-filament from becoming that guy.

As I try to decipher a typical Tumblr page, its almost overwhelming. I think about the minds and hearts that plugged the images into the page. How overwhelmed they might be and that the wall of pictures is their way to process all of it without the burden of language. In essence, this is the most expedient way to arrange and assemble a world that is making less and less sense, while hope fades like a bleeding sunset, rust colored and burning through the gauze of iron oxide skies. I get it. This is how they feel and words are a luxury. Besides do they even trust words?

Words are the basis of contracts, both agreed upon and implied. Words are vermin spreading the plague of lies. Images generally don’t lie inasmuch as they don’t always tell the truth either. They have their own narrative which is far more subjective, and can’t be held to any reasonable standard. But what are the images really saying? It appears to us as chaos, but in reality the Tumbler walls are both a shrine to chaos and a desperate attempt to capture and chronicle as much of it as possible–almost obsessively. By living on Twitter, Tumblr and Text, there’s a ferocious effort to manage chaos on nearly a moment-to-moment basis by taking pictures of half-eaten plates of pad-thai, a cocktail, bubble tea, ken doing barbie, eyes of horus, Drake, unicorns, rainbows, family pets, you name it. Its like a frenetic catalog of existence, dark, humorous, tragic and mundane. Don’t make too much of it though, or you’ll get their most powerful symbol; A big middle-finger.

As I skim through random Tumblr pages, its becoming increasingly clear that the youth are adopting illuminist imagery and symbols with greater frequency. Remember, this is mostly the “Pluto in Scorpio” generation and they are into power–plain and simple. They see the likes of Jay-Z, Rhianna, Kanye, Ludicris, etc., as ambassadors of power, gate keepers of realms that need no apology and are devoid of the burden of morality. Their care has been cremated in the bonfires of convention with ritual blazings of blunt realities.

When I step back and view them from the most dispassionate place that I can, I ask myself; “Is someone else offering them a better deal?” Contemporary Christianity has failed them as its become so utterly concerned about its end times navel. Its lost touch with the power of the gospels and is high on revelations. Its not their fault really. Faith has been hijacked so as to be thoroughly disconnected from this temporal realm. The strategy has been to give up on this world and wait for the day when they’re snatched up from this hell hole and watch the end times in 3-D from the comfort of heavenly McMansions with the most divine popcorn balls you’ve ever tasted–you can even get’em deep fried too, without any of that nasty fructose and GMO corn they have back down there on planet sin.

If I’m 19 or 20 and my options are getting high, having sex, listening to hip hop and trafficking in symbols of ancient power, rather than listen to Ziocon blowhards like Pat Robertson or John Hagee cheerlead for Israel, solely to keep it in place for its destruction upon the arrival of the Second Coming, well which one would you pick? One philosophy espouses getting laid and getting paid, while the other is completely impotent in the face of chaos, offering the faint promise of a tardy savior who’s taking his sweet time, delivering for a God that’s seemed to forgotten the planet he once imagined into being. What would you choose? Man, this Gemini Full Moon has me dancing all over the ancient corpse of belief.

But do these children even know that they are summoning the ancient ghosts of Babylon to rise up and incarnate the empty shells of their broken hearts? I seriously doubt it and even if they did, I bet that they, “wouldn’t give a fuck.”


I’ve always loved wolves. In fact, I even lived with a couple for a few months. One was a pure Arctic female named, “Pearly” the other was a 85% Timber named, “Pete.” I used to rough house and play with them long before Kevin Costner danced with them on the silver screen. For a very brief time, they felt like kin. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been ruminating on DHS’s alert that we could be seeing the rise of “lone wolf” terrorists, not aligned with any supposed terror cell. I wondered how do wolves become lone wolves? Given that there might actually be lone wolf terrorists. Then I discovered the Omega Wolf.

The Omega Wolf is the wolf that is the lowest in the pack and pecking order. They are usually the scapegoat of the Beta Wolves; objects of pack derision. But the Omega Wolf performs a vital function and the pack cannot exist without them. They are the clowns, the jesters, the fools, the outsider that diffuses pack tension, resolves conflicts and tends to the psychic needs of the pack. They often eat as well as the Alphas as a result. They are both shat on and respected. Occasionally though, they are chased out by their pack, ostracized for some perceived imperfection in their genetic code or a serious lack of extra food available. Thus the Omega becomes the lone wolf, forced out from the pack to find its way in the wilderness. Alone.

This is by no means a death sentence for the Omega and in fact, if they find a female to mate with (and they do), they can actually start a whole new pack, and then the Omega becomes the Alpha. There’s no guarantees, but its a better shot at a meaningful existence, than getting constantly hassled by a bunch of toothy Betas. In essence, the Omega Wolf is the fool. The Omega Wolf has within it the seed for new beginnings. The Fool is the 0 card in tarot. 0mega.

When DHS starts talking about “lone wolves” what we’re really talking about are Omega Wolves that have been pushed out of their packs, both local and collectively. As the middle gets squeezed, our version of Omega Wolves populate the peripheries of our society and here is where the genesis of new beginnings can take root. If the pack was happy and healthy, you’d have less Omegas on the roam, because you know that when herds get thin, they’re the first to go. With a faltering and crooked economy, no matter what the unemployment numbers say, more and more people are toiling on the edges. In essence the same system that is condemning the culture of lone wolfishness is having a distinct hand in creating them.

Looping it back to the beginning, one of the more popular figures that’s emerging in hip hop, is Tyler The Creator, whom I’ve written about before. What’s the name of his his group? Wolf Gang. They’re a generation of Omegas pushed out and abandoned by adults that abdicated their responsibilities and put their lives on automatic pilot in the final fumes of the American Dream, going up in smoke.

It was revelatory to come to understand the importance and dignity of the Omega Wolf, because I am he and I am not ashamed to say it. Forced out of the mainstream of the pack I roam the ranges of my life, ducking into the vast plains of the cyber wilderness, running with an invisible pack of souls, howling at a shadowy Gemini Moon on a crisp winter night.

Here’s a trailer for Whitley Strieber’s “Wolfen” starring Albert Finney, Edward James Olmos and the late, great, Gregory Hines. What’s fascinating is the sub plot of terrorists going after corporate executives juxtaposed against a race of supernatural wolves that devour the spiritual and physically diseased members of society. Hmmmmm.

22 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse In Gemini, Uranus Goes Direct, Omega Wolf Dancing And Pluto In Scorp Gets Tumbld”

  1. S

    Your timing is always so perfect. But do know Grandmother Spider always ensures that Omega Wolf will always be supported.

    The Grandmother misses nothing, especially the actions of Beta wolves, and all is balanced in the end. Trust it :)

  2. p

    “all things pass”.

    pluto in scorpio has had babylon shoved down their throats, BUT
    after doing so many drugs and waking up next to so many strangers, the human animal is bound to start questioning their values.
    the pluto in scorpio generation will have their “morning after” and they will rise up.
    that morning after will probably coincide when the global economies fail and they can’t buy all those branded goods.
    now that’s a hangover i don’t envy…

    what about the pluto in virgo generation (i think that’s you and me and a few others who visit this site)?
    we lost our innocence before we reached the age of reason & were engulfed by the images of the vietnam war — what was the world offering us?:
    broken dreams, flimsy illusions — Wake Up & Smell the Coffee!

    pluto in virgo gave birth to pluto in scorpio.
    pluto in scorpio will take everything to the extreme,
    and hopefully, be transformed in the process.

    i say this with the utmost affection, robert — you ARE that “old dude”.
    embrace it and know that you were around for the best music (which pluto in sag is now getting hip to — bless them).

    1. a

      Yep Pamela. Nam, Watergate, ubiquitous drugs, you name it. It was force fed. But there was the promise of some sort of hope, that things could and at some point did get better. The economy hadn’t been played to the end of its ponzi scheme, so we had some economic prosperity dangled in front of us. They don’t. That’s why they are far more nihilistic than we were. We also have Neptune in Scorpio (or at least I do) and I must have some sort of affinity for this generation as a result since I’ve written about them a great deal.

      Their hangover starts when Saturn begins to transit across their Pluto(s) next year.

      Yes, I have to say, we did have the best music. I remember when punk rock was actually fun.

      The Pluto in Sag kids interest me a lot since I have the most access to them via my son.

      They’re really good kids and I will be writing about them perhaps even tonight.

  3. C

    Talk about serendipity…

    Saturday morning breakfast with a friend and I was expostulating on the Pluto in Scorpio generation.

    The reason for this is because I am currently taking a course that many younger women are attending.

    These gals are of the Pluto in Scorpio generation. They’re fun to be around but, oh so messed up. I literally have to explain to them that saying hello and giving a blow job are not the same thing. Drug addicted, sex addicted, maladapted, dysfunctional and suicidal. May the universe find some mercy and peace for these individuals.

    Back in the day I always associated Pluto in Scorpio with AIDS and “death by sex”.

    The power of Pluto is now amongst us in it’s most alluring form. When this generation finally stops hurting itself, I tremble at the power they may choose to unleash on others.

    1. a

      I agree. We need to tread lightly with this bunch. Many of these kids are also crack babies, since they were conceived, raised and born under the weight of the rock.

  4. p

    Yes, Neptune in Scorpio here, as well (and Venus and Mars…) — that’s why I’m pulling for them and why I know they will be transformed.
    Your point about their lack of a visible future is well taken — It will be up to them to create one from the smoldering embers.
    Scorpion/Eagle/Phoenix — they will overcome.

    My own son was born right at the beginning of Pluto in Sag — he’s upstairs playing “All Along the Watchtower”, on the guitar, as I write this.
    He loves the Ramones, Bob Seger, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Arabic music, Metallica & Muse and doesn’t see any contradictions with that. “Good Music
    is good music”, to quote him.

    I look forward to reading about that generation with bated breath :)

  5. S

    I found your site via les visible’s and it is fun and it is good. :) I have made a few jokes about the Draft in regards to the Pluto in Scorpio crowd…. HAHAHAHAHA like herding cats who are totally anal control freaks. ‘good luck with that’ silly notion Rangel.

    I remember when Pluto went into Scorpio-like fall of ’83. Pluto in Libra gave us all those good fashions and hair of the 80s… style. I was actually looking forward to Pluto trining my natal Pisces sun at 8 degrees but instead it’s like my clock stopped, only to begin again NOW.

    I attribute more generationally to the Uranus/Neptune conjunction in 18/19 degrees Capricorn of ’92 with it being spread out for that generation of the Pluto Scorpio bunch from ’89 to ’95 or so. Those were hard times for me as that conjunction squared my Aries Venus for what seemed like forever. OUCH!!!

    BUT those of that generation are just waiting to be turned on-I believe by the powers of Pluto in Capricorn when it triggers that conjunction at 19 degrees-like 2017 or so. This generation will invent things in a conjoined way that will make the tribe born of writers, musicians, inventors of Edison’s time seem like play babies.

    AND with having ‘2012’ ‘end of the world’ shoved down their selves their entire lives-hey-what a scary burden for children and teens to bear. I, too, have a Sag born in ’94… and know many teens and younger kids-so many manly young men and strong young women-great group of people with a huge cross to bear.

    They seem to prefer their own tribes to those of the hippy ones like this Pluto in Leo eldster mom. They’ve got a whole lot of creating to do and will be no one’s slave. My son is into the Irish tinwhistle music, oldies like CCR era rock… he turned me onto Alice in Chains whom I somehow missed first round in the early 80s. Heavy smart creative readers and writers-all of them play instruments too. GOOD ON THEM-I WISH THEM WELL WORKING OVER THE ESTABLISHMENT THAT BELONGS IN HELL… heh!

    1. a

      Hi Sharlies,


      Great insights on that Neptune/Uranus conjunction. Totally agree. They also have mad body control, dance skills and kinesthetic magic. The best is ahead of us and yet seeing the Pluto in Scorp gen get skull fucked by all of the highly neg occult programming is truly disturbing from a generational level. If they can rise like the Phoenix and realize at some point, like most generations ultimately do, were played, woe onto those that screwed them up and over.

  6. S

    Thinking about it-so excited with the direct motion of Uranus in Aries-I predict a whole lot of impulsive face slapping to commence. Actions that made our country great and respected. Rip off thieves and liars mock you to your face? Impulsively slap the pee out of them. Aries=head Uranus=unexpected.

    Coupling up with Neptune getting out of that fixed air sign into Pisces-I predict a whole lot of telepathy going on. Maybe it was just the harshness of the opposition of Neptune in AQ to my generation’s Pluto in Leo but I’ve never experienced more lying, unbusiness like behaviors becoming the norm (lying, stealing, cheating with no recourse available).

    So hopefully it will be the Cardinal square at 19 Aries coming from Uranus at Pluto in Capricorn that will get those Uranus/Neptune conjoined generation’s party started. Wild impulsive head trips structured for a new tomorrow… to trigger the Pluto in Scorpio generation into the depths they pretty much alone are capable of-especially if they got their decadent behaviors out of the way in their youth. Heard it years ago the ‘nun or whore’ Scorpio attributes. One extreme or the other.

  7. “Their hangover starts when Saturn begins to transit across their Pluto(s) next year.”

    Shit. That’s me, and with a Saturn return to my natal Saturn in Scorpio coming right after that. Fuck! :D But hey, I’ll survive. I always do.

    Interesting stuff on Pluto in Scorp here:

    I definitely see a lot of the sex and drugs and nihilism in this generation. A lot of Omega wolves like me. But also an uncanny resilience; a bullshit meter quite equal to the task in this time of overwhelming bullshit; and a steady, if painful, progress toward re-empowerment. What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger. I do look forward to taking on the world together with my cohorts in these next few years of upheaval.

    1. a

      You guys are tough and are deeply connected as a generation, maybe even more so than the Pluto in Libra generation, which are more concerned with coupling and relating. Your generation is where the continental shelf of the personal drops right off into the depths of the transpersonal, so your energy is more imbued with a collective intelligence and identity than Pluto in Leo/Virgo/Libra. You’re moving beyond the idea/ideal of relationships and daring to re-define not just them, but just about everything else on your own terms.

  8. A

    Neptune in Scorpio…
    I will make a poem to you…

    Don’t expect to understand Pluto in Scorpio Generation
    Do not disturb or even doubt of the power of a Nation
    When you will fail to get its essence, in a crowd of so much fog
    Your Neptune doesn’t get clear your lenses, why worry like a ‘dog?’

    Ha, of course this is just a tease, but the good one old pal!

    Of course too, I am talking about Neptune conjunction Pluto In Scorpio, the fog you create will only generate chaos in thoughts, and you will only ‘try’ to understand them, but you can have creative insights from them!

    Fly and learn with them how to raise above the burden acts of sacrifice;

    However, it is worth trying!

  9. E

    How perfect that I’m just reading this today – a wolf pup came to me in a dream last night… Wolves seem to be much in the collective consciousness lately.

    Love your insights, as always, Robert. Thank you for being your omega wolf self.

  10. J

    Oh you put up the flash mob Deck the Halls at Carlson. U of MN is my Grad school, I’ve walked through that
    lobby many times!

  11. D

    Note: Orion pictures presents Wolfen …dehumanist portrayal of ‘outsiders’ as cannibals. What springs to my mind? The Road, Exit from New York, Brave New World … 1984. Where there is a wilderness; a lawless desert of human detritus where anything and everything can and does happen. A psychopathic playground for chemical and behavioural experimentation. This outside world will be comprised of those exiled from the dubious benevolence of the system. That’s me for sure. Some companions are among you. Not a film I’d be drawn to see; a disjointed mishmash of someone’s nightmare. All we get are warnings, yet few consciously can assimilate the thrust of the message. Do people love to be half terrified to death? By way of entertainment? Has warfare become general rather than selective entertainment?

    The poor wolf has born the brunt of the worst of inhumane projections. As has woman. It is the fear of the dark, where both woman and wolf operate the process of life in an intuitive fashion. The howling at the moon would not raise sinister connotations were the creature not nocturnal. What of mad dogs and Englishmen, howling in the merciless blaze of the midday sun?

    Those wiley wolves in sheeps clothing and that of their own boasting, The Fabians, sneak amid the herd in disguise as a brother or sister, a leader, a saint, a strategist and a priest. Forever bleating the injustices of a cruel and capitalistic farming system which works them to death, with promises of reward in the hereafter, whilst salivating in anticipation of each easy kill and supper.

    For they say of themselves to be unassuming, quiet and ever vigilant. They advise against hungry wolves bearing their fangs too soon, alerting the prey. Far better to round an isolated number up and kill en masse in secrecy.

    What sort of perverted perception would seek to take natural wolfish and innocent behaviours as encouragement to commit wilful genocide? It is certainly not of wolf. The worn out old maggoty pelts they’ve worn for centuries in disguise are slipping ….. oh, grandmama, what big eyes you have! And grandmama, what huge teeth!

    Has anyone read Women Who Run With Wolves? Howl on sisters, brothers, howl on …..

    1. a

      Actually, I like the movie a lot. It speaks to the power of wolves as a symbol to remove the corrupt. I could have used a clip from “Never Cry Wolf” by Farley Mowatt, a movie that I enjoyed immensely when it was released, only to find out later that Mowatt was a less than savory character when it came to the wolf issue in general.

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