Live Tomorrow On FAR, “The 27’s” With Josh Hunter And Real Time Icelandic Update

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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27_frontcover27 and gone to heaven?

What do Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain and D. Boon all have in common? They all died before they were 28. Even the most casual followers of astrology are aware of The Saturn Return, when Saturn cycles back to where it was at the time of birth. This cycle takes roughly 28 years. When it does arrive, it stays for 2.5 years and dispenses life lessons that have not been learned during the early part of the cycle. Saturn makes the weak part of us strong, the strong part of us stronger, but it isn’t always easy.

Saturn serves as the final barrier between youth and maturity. Going through the return hopefully initiates the individual to be fully present and ready to embrace the next cycle of their lives, which theoretically translates into adulthood.

Jimi, Janis, Brian, Jim and Kurt never reached their Saturn Return. They’re known as a group called, “The 27’s.”

Tomorrow night I will have Josh Hunter, one of the co-authors of The 27s: The Greatest Myth of Rock & Roll
on FAR. Along with Eric Segalsgard, he has looked at this phenomenon in depth and the two of them have written a stellar book about the various lives of “The 27’s” and what they were doing leading up to their deaths.

In addition to Josh, I will have Segurgeir Bergsson, live, from Iceland to talk about the volcano, its plume and maybe a little Icesave. Don’t miss it.

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