Live Free Or Die — New Hampshire’s Sovereign Chart Vs Pluto in Cap

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

big_nh1New Hampshire stands out–but not alone.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the current state of affairs; The ongoing economic meltdown, the phantom FEMA Camps showing up on Fox News, everyone from Gordon Brown to Charlie Brown talking about a New World Order and just for few moments, I thought to myself, “To the victors go the spoils.”

What if that’s just how it plays out?

What if that’s the way of things and God is simply an impartial witness to another mutation in a vast sea of experiments in various stages of evolution? What if this is just how this timeline evolves, while another timeline is rapidly moving towards a golden age of enlightenment, all with the purpose of balancing out the multitude of outcomes, all for the sake of God learning about itself on any number of levels? Or what if this is just a rapidly evolving sim program and history is just remnant of data that hangs around in smaller and smaller bytes?

But it was just a moment and I decided not to settle on any one version of reality, save the one I’m living. So that said, I am very interested in what’s happening in New Hampshire right now.

It has been reported that anywhere from ten to twenty-five states are moving towards claiming their sovereignty with “The Live Free Or Die” state leading the way. I did some research on New Hampshire and what I found was fairly interesting.

New Hampshire was the first state to cede from England in January of 1776 and becomes an official state of the union on June, 21 1788. What’s fascinating about this date is that New Hampshire’s natal Sun, 0 degrees Cancer, a degree I share with my own natal Mars is in direct opposition with Pluto in Capricorn at present. This typifies what I have been charting with the natal US chart and it’s own, soon to be ramped up, opposition between it and the titanic, monolithic energy of Pluto in Capricorn, that wants to merge the government and business into one, plutocratic entity unto itself. It makes perfect sense that New Hampshire would be the most dynamic and face front proponent of sovereignty.

It’s worth noting that New Hampshire’s natal Pluto is at 17 degrees Aquarius and the sovereignty movement there really went public on around the 28th of February, when Mars was in Aquarius at 18 degrees. This might just be some sort of cosmic coincidence, but it could also represent a power switch that got flipped and lit up the locals awareness of where they came from and who they are. I have in-laws that live there and have spent a fair amount of time in New Hampshire.

They are immensely proud of their home and it’s legacy.

This feeling can be seen in New Hampshire’s Venus and Mars, both in Leo (not conjunct). The pride, the love, the feeling of authority and even autonomy is very present with those two planets radiating a solar glow into the feminine and masculine expressions of the state. New Hampshire also has Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus in Cancer, creating a stellium (three or more planets in one sign). The U.S. chart, as I have noted before, also has a stellium in Cancer and it’s those planets, Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter that will feel the intensity of the polar opposition of Pluto in Capricorn.

New Hampshire’s Mercury is conjunct The US Mercury in Cancer (21/24) so in some ways, it is a voice of the nation, a clarion call that echoes the same qualities that The U.S. was founded on; “Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness.” If the original blueprint for the framers still existed in some holographic form, New Hampshire would be the most visible and holistically intact representation of it. I doubt if we’ll hear a lot about this in the mainstream media, but if it is important to you as it seems to be for a number of states, there’s plenty of places to track these fluctuations in the matrix online. Stay tuned.


I looked up The Sabian Symbol for New Hampshire’s 0 degree Cancer Sun and was blown away. The symbol is, On A Ship The Sailors Lower An Old Flag And Raise a New One. Here is what Lynda Hill writes about this symbol:

“This Symbol implies a time of dropping the old whilst adopting the new. To “Lower an Old Flag and Raise a New One” marks real turning points in ones life. Something is changing, possibly dramatic, and the transformation should be taken seriously. Something that was once useful and valuable in your life has ended and something brand new is beginning.

There needs to be a symbolic gesture or expression of the change of allegiance. It may be a good idea to run any new ideas up the “flagpole” to see if anyone salutes them. You’re likely to change countries, professions, realtionships or other significant parts of your life in very significant moments. Changing loyalties. Turning points in obligations or duties. Announcing new standards. Letting go of old allegiances and taking up new ones. Divorces, marriages, shifts. The caution: Quickly rejecting the old, just for the sake of change. Mutiny.”

I’d say that Elsie Wheeler and “The Live Free Or Die” state are pretty much on the same page here.

9 thoughts on “Live Free Or Die — New Hampshire’s Sovereign Chart Vs Pluto in Cap”

  1. T

    Interesting that you picked up on this topic, Robert. It has been bugging me since someone mentioned it on my blog.

    Apparently our state of Oklahoma is one of those leading the mini-revolution to state sovereignty. I am not impressed!

    To me this is like kids kicking and screaming because they can’t have it all their own way. Especially in OK’s case. Although we have a Democratic governor the idea is to get rid of him in 2010. They don’t want the stimulus money…..let the poor stay poor, they’ve always been poor. Never mind if they don’t have health care – it’ll get rid of a few of ’em. Can you see I’m angry??? To me this smacks of treason.

    Do people love this country or do they just love themselves?

    Unity should be the way to go now. From what I’ve read, it won’t be as easy as it sounds to get anything done on this, and it’s probably just a lot of grandstanding and hot air. I do hope so, but even as that I think it’s dangerous and lacking in maturity – especially at the stage the USA just now, on the brink of collapse.

    Perhaps I’m looking at it from a different perspective. Don’t know. But I don’t like it.

  2. a

    Twilight, this is very tricky because I believe that there are a number of forces that are directing the soul of the planet and the species towards a conscious reunification with the totality of all that is, even though in my mind, the “fall” and attendent separation is an illusion anyway, but it makes godd theater nonetheless. So that unification can manifest in many different ways; from the concept of singularity and the fusion of carbon and silicon lifeforms, to a North American Union on the way to the New World Order, which is what Kissinger, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair are all chirping about these days, to the rise of the socialist state in the face of individualism, et al. So I believe that the energy and the momentum is there–it’s assembling–I’m just not sure that I trust the powers that be to steer the ship towards a safe harbor. The money game is out of control and from what I am seeing, this is very similar to what happened to Argentina in the nineties.

    We’ve seen the most massive transference of wealth in the history of the planet. Peoples 401 K’s, have just gone up in smoke. Pensions are coming next and my five-year-old son, is already on the hook for $184,000, yet Bernie Madoff gets to cool his heels under house arrest while his wife angles to keep her $629 million. Obama seems to me to give lip service to the notion of helping, but in reality, he’s putting us deeper into debt. His new, New Deal is nothing like FDR’s. When the first New Deal was rolled out, there was a huge ceiling for manufacturing, growth and consumption. That model is maxed out and while the “Green” version is great, it’s got a ceiling as well. If we’re more efficient, doesn’t that mean less for manufacturing and utilities in general? We’re at a very serious crossroads and I can see why states are reluctant to buy into the plan.

    With Jupiter in Sag (first house) trining my Uranus in Leo (ninth house) I’m a big advocate of freedom and states rights are very appealing to me. In fact, the more local, the better as far as I’m concerned. Perhaps this is an imprint of some other tribal existence I once knew.

    The conservative community got hijacked in The Bush era as far as I’m concerned and their fealty got tied to a preening puppet who sold the country and the world down the river. Their big mistake was supporting him in 2004, but unfortunately the voting was so badly rigged and Bushes fellow Skull and Boner, purposefully chosen just for that election rolled over like he was supposed to.

    I can see why people are being reactionary on so many levels.

    Maybe that’s why those camps mentoned by Glen Beck are in “stand-by” mode.

    As many people who read this blog aware of, I am very interested in the effects of social engineering and am watching what’s happening with a very curious gaze.

    I’m sure that we’ll see some “rubber hitting road” moments very soon with Obama and we’ll more or less know where we stand as a nation that seems to be digging in for one helluva a culture clash.

  3. T

    Thanks for your response, Robert. Yes, everything is in flux now. It’s exciting in one way, but frustrating too. It’s a pity the reactionaries hadn’t reacted some years earlier – that’s my take on it all. They sat still and watched as the Bush administration allowed things to go to Hell. Things could have been done years ago to alleviate matters.

    It was on the cards that Lou Dobbs and Glen Beck would say what they’re saying. Republicans are being their predictably obnoxious selves.

    To be honest, Robert, I believe that a One World Order is the only way to go. Bring it on – as long as it’s done properly…..that’s the clincher isn’t it?

    I should stand back and watch, I guess, and not get myself upset about it all – but it’s difficult.

  4. a

    I think it’s important not to be too dismissive of certain folks regardless of their supposed affiliation. I almost always listen to what Kucinich, Maxine Waters or Barbara Lee has to say. They’re voices I have come to more or less trust on the left. I used to pay more attention to Chomsky, but I find him a little disengenuous and believe him to be a gatekeeper.

    Glen Beck is a tool. I have great respect for Lou Dobbs.

    When signing off on a New World Order, I think there a couple of things that people need to ask themselves. This has been circulating in conspiracy circles for years and now it truly seems to be cominng to fruition and some very unsavory characters have been calling for it for quite sometime, from Albert Pike and Rockefeller to Henry Kissinger. If you want to put your full faith and credit into the hands of these guys, then enjoy their world. The other thing you need to ask yourself is how comfortable are you with digital currency, implantible chip technology, etc. If you’re fine with that, then you’re on board the right train.

    The ingenious component of this is that it is always managed to be right vs left, social vs capital, cool vs uncool, science vs religion in a classic Hegellian dialectic.

    What is usually discouraged is third ways–true alternatives–tertiary paths. For to do so would make the individual more accountable and important than the system, not in bad way, but one that is empowering and dynamic.

    Remember the first time we really heard the words, “New World Order?” They were uttered out of the mouth of George Herbert Walker Bush in Gulf War I.

    Be careful what you wish for.

  5. e

    For every beautiful, spiritual, Age of Aquarius concept like “Unity,” there is also what Caroline Casey calls a “toxic mimic.” The toxic mimic of Unity is the New World Order. True Unity cannot be created through state-sponsored murder (i.e., doubling troops in Afghanistan, continuing to destroy the Palestinian people & their homes & land, etc etc) or by taking away individual rights (as with the Patriot Act). Unity is not something that the government can impose on its people – like freedom, truth and other Aquarian ideals, Unity is an inside job. As long as we keep looking outside ourselves – to Obama, the “bailouts,” Jesus, the aliens, or whoever – we will continue to get the Aquarian toxic mimic reflected back at us. As long as we keep practicing separation rather than Unity in our own individual lives, our collective reality will continue mirroring that separation.

    I recently listened to an excellent interview with Michael Tsarion that speaks to these themes – including the “divide & conquer” strategy that Robert refers to, and what true empowerment looks like – very worthwhile:

    Thanks, Robert, for continuing to remind us of the tertiary paths! in gratitude, Emily

  6. T

    Robert ~~~ I suspect the reason the idea of One World has circulated for some time is because it really is the only way the species can survive.
    Individuals could be real individuals back in history. The world is too chock full now of human beings. If you want individuality back you’d need to get rid of several billions of souls – which could happen if Mother Nature turns on us, as she well may do, and is entitled to do. If not, sad as it may be, for I’m more independent minded than most, but I’d accept anything which would ensure a peaceful future on Earth. The only way this can ever come to be, is by unity and working together. It’s poetic to think otherwise, but it’s not realistic. Someone has to lead us into unity. Individuals will not do it by themselves. We have to look outside ourselves or we become self-obsessed. We have to trust. There is very little trust in this country, and it makes me sad.

    My own view, and gut feeling. I realise there are many others, equally valid.

  7. a

    Okay Twilight,

    You have me convinced. I’m ready to sign up. . . but only if the most important people all have their ubiquitous teleprompters and I get to write the scripts.


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