Less Than Sterling Character Exposed, The Solar Eclipse And Waking Light

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Don Sterling’s dark angel of annihilation.

“It’s all energy. Use your conviction to the fullest and we might just snuff out these evil plans to herd us like Cliven Bundy’s cattle long enough until they show us the horrific and pitiful visages behind their ancient and cracking masks. The real disclosure has nothing to do with aliens or ET’s–it’s all about the parasitic virus that’s been living amongst us for eons, adopting new and different names, using philanthropy as a cover. This my friends will be the true disclosure and if we wait them out long enough and live by the peaceful commandments of the most universal and high, they will simply show themselves and in so doing, lose the power of spells and illusions cast upon us.” Well it didn’t take long for this to manifest, did it?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m referring to the latest and greatest sports scandal, where LA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling (Tokowitz) was captured on a recorded conversation between him and his girlfriend/mistress, Vanessa Maria Perez aka V. Stiviano. It’s no surprise that this came out on Sterling’s solar return, when his Sun is the most prominent. He’s a Taurus (HELLO ECLIPSE!!!) born, April, 26th, 1933 or 1934, depending on what date you read. I checked out the ephemeris of both and they both have a compelling Mercury in Aries time stamp. The 1933 date has Mercury in Aries at 8 degrees, meaning it would still feel the heat of the hot cardinal cross, within a five-degree-orb of Uranus/Jupiter/Pluto/Mars and being that it was his solar return weekend, he would be in the public eye.

1933 chart also has Mars in Virgo at 1 degree, so the energy is based on a type of purity of sorts. LOL. Virgo is the sign of health/perfection/purity and Mars adds fire to the Virgoan need for order, bordering on obsession to some extent. This would be a great degree for a light energy healer or radical herbalist, but Sterling has a history of being less than clean and pure when it comes to his real estate holdings. Some have even labeled him a slumlord at times and his reaction to that? His strategy? Donate heavily to the United Black College Fund and the NAACP, who were ready to bestow an award upon him; “Using philanthropy as a cover.”

Now, while I am not condoning what Sterling said or did, but the femme fatale in all of this, his squeeze on the side, kept returning to the notion of race, over and over again. He wanted her to stop at one point; “Why are we still talking about this?” But he couldn’t. She just kept coming back to it and he kept on flapping his Aries jaw, again and again and again and it was all captured in a nicely, premeditated fashion since this is what Sterling himself has asked for. Apparently he requested that she record these conversations because he cannot remember everything he has said to her. Sterling’s Black Moon Lilith is in Gemini, which of course indicates that the dark feminine seeks out information and participates in a dangerous role play of duality. Here we have the black/white issue rearing it’s ugly head, brought to you courtesy of Lilith, the other bride hiding in the shadows.

Ms. V. Stiviano also happens to find herself locked into to a suit against Donald Sterling’s wife. Mrs. Sterling is claiming that Ms. Stiviano is a gold digger and is trying to regain possession of money and property given to her by Donald Sterling. Ironically, the new commissioner of the league is Adam Silver; Silver and Sterling, quite a pair. The Devil’s currency of course is silver–forty pieces–a small investment in the future of betrayal and delusion.

Saturn is the teacher of the chart. It brings discipline and a heavy hand when needed. Sterling has Saturn in Aquarius at 15 degrees, which is now in square with Saturn in Scorpio at 20 degrees and moving backwards, inching closer and closer to Sterling’s own karmic house of secrets. Scorpio is sex and all that’s hidden beneath the surface of things. It represents the taboo and complexes, and other peoples money. In addition to the supposedly one hundred hours of incriminating cell-phone-pillow-talk with Stiviano, Sterling has also recently talked about another mistress and in much more scandalous terms–hello Black Moon Lilith in Gemini–things come in twos.

Alexandra Castro was recently involved with Sterling as a $500 an hour prostitute, “a real freak” as Sterling exclaimed in his testimony. Apparently the estranged Mrs. Sterling is trying to get her money back from Castro as well.

The NBA has a significant crisis on it’s hands as one of their ownership group has essentially been outed for who he is. But there is something deeper going on here that must be noted. There is a serious breach in race relations on the horizon and it’s important that Mr. Sterling not just be tagged and classified as another, rich, old-white, fat cat. He’s not. He’s Jewish and in a rare moment of strange candor, Ms. Stiviano asked him about race relations between Blacks and Jews and here is how the exchange went;

Sterling: “It’s the world! You go to Israel, the blacks are just treated like dogs.”
Stiviano: “So you have to treat them like that too?”
Sterling: “The white Jews, there’s white Jews and black Jews, do you understand?”
Stiviano: “Are are the black Jews less than the white Jews?”
Sterling: “A hundred percent, fifty, a hundred percent.”
Stiviano: “And is that right?”
Sterling: “It isn’t a question – we don’t evaluate what’s right and wrong, we live in a society. We live in a culture. We have to live within that culture.”

Stiviano brings up the holocaust and if it’s any different;
Sterling: “Oh, it’s the same thing, right?”
Stiviano: “Isn’t it wrong? Wasn’t it wrong then? With the Holocaust? And you’re Jewish, you understand discrimination.”
Sterling: “You’re a mental case, you’re really a mental case. The Holocaust, we’re comparing with …”
Stiviano: “Racism! Discrimination.”
Sterling: “There’s no racism here. If you don’t want to be … walking … into a basketball game with a certain … person, is that racism?”

So why am I bringing this up? It’s to be on the public record that while I am sure that there are plenty of good-ole-boy, rich, fat-cat, white racists, Donald Sterling isn’t one of them. Today, Rednecks and Tea Partyers from around the US are hoisting a cold one in Donald’s general direction.

Is that really in everyone’s best interest though as the Solar Eclipse is about to hit us with yet another blast of astro intensity, right on the heels of the Lunar Eclipse and the Cardinal Cross? Probably not. Everyone is on edge, taking things personally, having to look into the cracked mirror of the soul, all trying to recognize something familiar. Maybe it was that kid from an easier time or a lover that was in the throes of love’s first bloom, when the jasmine perfume of the scented Spring winds carried with it the breeze of everything possible and new in Eden. We’re looking hard, searching for a glimmer of innocence in the corrupt days of rotting time.

Hang in there. This hard part, this blistering birth is almost over. We just have to get through this eclipse and Mars’ eventual tour through Scorpio, stopping at Saturn along the way, bringing with it enough judgment to take down countries, kings and presidents.

These are not easy times–know that and know that you are far from alone–don’t give in to your lesser nature. Do your best to hold your head high and live with dignity, compassion, patience and humility. This is my own personal subscription too. I don’t dole out medicine I can’t or won’t take. Speaking of medicine, have a little dose of “Waking Light” by Beck.

9 thoughts on “Less Than Sterling Character Exposed, The Solar Eclipse And Waking Light”

  1. R

    Terrific, article, advice and posture for the coming times.

    Thank you Robert
    Be well, be Alert
    Cheerful Love

  2. F

    Thank you Robert for pointing this out. I wonder if other people understand the irony of Jewish racism? It’s about time it got put out on the table. The good credit from the civil rights era is long gone. Wake up Americans, wake Earth.

  3. J

    So interesting. listening to these exchange I thought, “Wow, did he get set up!” Every time he winds down, she winds him up again. And, of course, he is racist. But if you are a member of the only chosen race maybe this seems okay. This ‘only chosen’ twists the psyche.

  4. J

    I wish she asked Sterling what Palestinians are if blacks are considered dogs. Also note that the ketchup red masque of death at State Dept. got his script mixed up and mentioned whats clear to anyone with eyes to see, namely Israeli apartheid … too much truthiness … activate grovel program … deploy HillClit clone drones … Snowden aids terror .. Snowden aids terra … Putin is Hitler … Kiev Nazis are good … Arab genocide is not racist … error/error/error.

    in other news, tomorrow marks twenty years since Ayrton Senna da Silva’s departure from the Terra Circuit … his presence grows stronger, as justice for the world’s children approaches.

    1. a

      LOL. Nice summation Jesse. The planet lost a superior human in Senna. As you have noted, his was the last fatality suffered during an F1 event. Hmmmmmmm.

  5. K

    Always makes me feel good to see Aryton Senna mentioned.

    He was a rare man, a man who could have led others. A man of compassion and wit and prescience. Has it really been 20 years???

  6. P
    Pavlov's Bitch

    Winged by and very impressed (as always) by your unique insights. Just wanted to say thanks for bringing up the ‘black/jew’ dialogue and to share that one of the biggest myth busters to bring to light is the ‘Jew passing for White’ structure of power and the pivotal role this has played in forging black on white racial hatred/crime which is being forced to the fore through the Cross placement etc. It is shocking and upsetting to realise so many videos on YT and mainstream are blatantly calling for violence against ‘whites’ as the cause of all the world’s woes – particularly the blacks. Jews, or rather Yiddishi can look white, olive, yellow, or brown and so can their illegitimate offspring. In our current station on the cross, blacks have been programmed to believe (as have whites) that whites caused black slavery and the Jews who were and are responsible ‘hide’ their ID behind the white mask. Whites dont realise that they too were and are equal slaves from the same. I see the tensions rising and the flare across me-jah inciting the justification to violence against whites already well established. Meanwhile whites are pacified into ‘racial equality’ when there is no equality under the hammer and sickle of these parasitic entities other than they as ‘master’ and humanity en masse as ‘slave’. It would be easy to reason this one out were it not for the divisive nature of media, crack and other drugs, a scarcity survival programme through financial means and undetected factors which you bring to light. As a Mars in Libra dude, justice will have to be done, not just seen to be done and the planets in Cardinals have accepted the challenge of meeting Mars in Libra at the centre point of balance for the benefit of all or else!

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