Leo Full Moon Illuminated And Jose Escamilla’s Revelatory Moon Rising

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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Okay, tonight is a twofer, meaning you get two consecutive posts on the same day for one visit. Talk about value! It’s a Full Moon and I would be remiss if I did not address it. It’s in Leo, the biggest and brightest Full Moon of 2010 and i have always found the Leo Moon to be quite fascinating. First off, I believe it’s the alchemical bride, as it brings together solar illumination, with lunar luminosity. In essence, it’s an illuminated moon and it stands opposite the Sun in Aquarius, providing the backlight of our current age. It’s a warm and incandescent moon, adoring and convivial. Go out, mingle, maybe even let out a good howl. It is the “Wolf Moon” in case you didn’t know. But while we’re on the subject of illuminating The Moon, my pal, ufologist and guest on Free Association Radio on 2/11. Dennis Whitney, turned me onto Jose Escamilla’s latest film, “Moon Rising.”

In case you don’t know of Jose’s work, he captured what’s known as “rods” on film some years back. But in “Moon Rising” he did something outlandish, outrageous and remarkable. He took black and white photos of the moon, all we ever see and colored them in. What comes through the coloring or the illumination process is mind-blowing. Shapes and what looks like structures begin to emerge out of the mono-chromatic landscape. Escamilla and others in the film begin to portray a very different satellite hovering above us. I’m posting the first of a multi-part series of youtube videos from “Moon Rising.” It’s definitely worth watching all of them. As the Sun (Leo) touches the moon, take a little Aquarian journey to discovery that The Moon and our reality might not be what they appear to be.

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    Ok weird….When the video got to the part of showing the structure a pop up appeared that said something within this video will damage my computer. It finally went away and I was able to view the rest of it. Pretty damn cool Robert, thanks.
    Oh, and yesterday I was giving a ow phonogram lesson to a child and I let out a “howl” and wanted her to spell the word. The kids got a big kick out of it and everyone was howling for a bit. Yea wolf mooon!

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