LeBron Liberates Saturn, Did He Break From His Handlers Or Is It All Going According to Script?

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Shedding the rings of Saturn.

LeBron James is one of the more fascinating people to follow in the world of sports and while his athletic prowess no doubt contributes to it, there’s also something about James that sets him apart from other uber stars like Jordan, Magic, Kobe and Dr. J when he’s compared to them. But it’s not just the too and fro, the tug and pull on his legacy by the ghosts of the NBA’s past and present, but it’s the aura of expectation that’s doggedly followed him since he was plastered on the cover of Sports Illustrated as a high school player. It was as if we were being groomed for the coming of the messiah and indeed, when he joined the ranks of professionally paid men, as opposed to professionally paid boys, he was dubbed, “King James” by the media but he has been treated unlike his namesake many times over his career.

Something interesting happened in age six of the NBA finals against the San Antonio Spurs. First, let me just get this out of the way; ALL SPORTS ARE FIXED. There, I said it. And I love sports. In my heart of hearts, I know that my beloved A’s will never win the world series again in my lifetime unless MLB deems it necessary that they even arrive there in the first place. Last year, they stormed their way from eight games under .500 to beat Texas on the final day of the season capping what was one of baseball’s most unlikely runs in recent memory. ESPN and most of the East Coast media did everything in their power to ignore the A’s considerable achievements. Keep in mind that ESPN is owned by Disney, the company that’s responsible for creating alternate realities for you from the day you are born.

The A’s wound up drawing the Tigers who were sporting the eventual triple crown winner and MVP in Miguel Cabrera along with a handsome fastballer named Justin Verlander who could get it up to 100+ on the radar gun, then snuggle up to swimsuit goddess Kate Upton after the game. Whoever thought Detroit could be glamorous?

In game one of their playoff series, Verlander was on the mound against the A’s in Commerica Field in Detroit. While he was in good form, the generous and movable strike zone made him even better. It was as if home plate ump, Jim Reynolds was trying to lock in a wobbly star gate behind home plate. This made an already elite pitcher nearly invincible. Verlander was getting strike calls a good foot off the plate and a team that is noted for working the count and walking to get men on base were taken out of their game. They swung at horrible pitches and let good ones drop in for strikes. Their heads were as messed up as Lindsay Loahan’s after a nitrous oxide and Patron binge with Andy Dick at the Chateau Marmont.

They lost that game and wound up losing to the Tigers 3 games to 2, with the final one in Oakland, where you know who and the incredibly expanding strike zone was pitching.

Once MLB had the Yankees and Tigers playing for the right to go to the World Series, they were playing with house money. On the Detroit side, they had stars. On the Yankee side, they had legacy and the largest fan base in the country. Ideally, I think MLB would have loved to have seen the Cardinals get in again, but the Giants and their strange magic foiled their plans. But it didn’t matter. They could sell Cabrera, Verlander and Prince Fielder no matter who the Tigers played.

I got off the beaten path here a bit and I promise I will get to astrology and LeBron, but I had to exorcise some demons here.

You see, game six of the NBA finals was fixed. I am not Spurs fan. In fact, I have mostly given up on pro basketball for this very reason. I remember when it really hit home. I think it was 2006 and the Lakers were playing the Suns in the playoffs. The Suns were on fire. Steve Nash and Amare were on fire. They were the better team, but i was noticing how the laker players were able to beat up on the Suns with very few fouls called against them. Meanwhile, if the Suns wanted to play the game the same way the Lakers did, they would be penalized to the max. In fact, I had never seen more phantom calls go against one team in a series. Let’s be perfectly clear; David Stern wanted to, needed to have the Lakers in the finals since it would elevate the star status of a young Kobe Bryant, while also ensuring that the country’s largest media market would be tuned in for every game along the way.

Kobe’s rise would mean more jersey sales and more money for the league as a result. Who in their right mind would want to buy a Kurt Thomas jersey?

Stern can run his sports mafia with the owners any way he wants. It’s their business. But please, don’t try to con us into believing that fair play and balanced officiating are the league’s golden rules. They are not. The league is manipulated for a nubbier of reasons, but most of which are purely monetary.

So it didn’t surprise me one bit when San Antonio lost in such a heart breaking fashion. They had the Lawrence O’Brien trophy at court side, ready to present it to the Spurs when The Heat made their “miraculous” comeback contributing to San Antonio’s epic collapse.

During the fourth quarter, our poster boy, LeBron James, yes him, took off his iconic headband and took the game over while doing so. It was a powerfully symbolic gesture that might have longterm repercussions for James’ life and career.

James is a Capricorn, born 12/30/84, however his time of birth is unusually hard to find. Most charts have him as an Aries rising which is often the default for setting a chart without the birth time. It’s an interesting sidelight because there are people who think that LeBron is much older than his birth certificate suggests. Some people think that he was actually around twenty when he graduated from high school. Certainly as a Capricorn, he would show both physical and emotional maturity at an early age. We know he’s a Capricorn but what else can we determine from his chart as we get into some rectification and how does it relate to the LeBron saga of the 2013 playoffs?

I decided to set his TN on the ASC just like Nostradamus would have and look at his chat from that perspective, but when I started playing around with the late Taurus ASC which would put his TN spot on it, I stopped at 0 Taurus for a number of reasons. The first being that his strength is often compared to that of a bull. It also places his TN at the end of the 1st, but allows him to actualize his identity through the TN and the first house. Taurus is also associated with $$$ and King James has plenty of it.

One of the things that we can use as a marker is the placement of his Moon, which is in the 12th House, in Aries. James was rocked by a bit of scandal a few years back as his Cavalier team mate, the crazy Delonte West was rumored to be having an affair with James’ mother. The Moon in the 12th is scandalous and West’s Leo Sun show’s up in James’ fourth house or the house of the mother.

Friends like Maverick Carter and Rich Paul have played a large role in his life, going all the way back to high school. James has Venus and Mars in the 11th house of friends. Carter set up “The Announcement” where James sat one-on-one with Jim Gray for 30 minutes to tell the world that he was not going to play for the Cavaliers and instead, “take his talents to South Beach.” This was an egregious error on the part of both James and Carter, but with Mars in Pisces in the 11th, better judgment with friends is often sacrificed and LeBron became a sacrificial goat with aggressive Mars in the sign of the ultimate sacrificer. Remember, the 11th House rules media.

We can see his long term commitment to his childhood sweetheart, Savannah Brinson in the 7th House of relationships, where he has Saturn in Scorpio. Yes, he is going through his Saturn Return and this is significant. He’ll either marry Brinson in the off-season or they will likely split.

Jove, the god of good fortune resides in his 10th House of Fame and Career. It’s in Capricorn, so we can see him playing for a very long time. His Cap Sun is in the 9th and also nicely poised for athletic achievement. And while he never went to college, he is smart and even philosophical. When asked about his performance or lack thereof in clutch situations, James responded to his critics that they would get up the next day and return to their trivial lives (I’m paraphrasing here) and he would go back to being LeBron James and being really okay with that. it was as brazen as it can get with a pro athlete, who has a complex love/hate relationship with fans. They love and need them for the power transference and yet cannot stand them and even resent them at times. James came as close to any athlete in recent memory in admitting it as such.

All of this makes for some substantiation in this version of the rectified chart. But let’s get to the really good stuff.

In the fourth quarter of game six, James discarded his customary head band. He’s conscious of his receding hairline and the headband hides it somewhat. But keep in mind that he’s also a capricorn and ruled by Saturn. The headband on the chrome dome is symbolic of the ring of Saturn and James unyoked himself from it. In doing so, he led the Heat on a furious comeback, with lots of help from weird Joey Crawford. There was something defiant and out of character in that moment for James.

It’s been rumored for a while that he’s part of the quote-un-quote Illuminati’s stable of pro athletes. His pyramid mudras and Baphomet gestures don’t do much to dispel those rumors and yet, he hasn’t had that soul compromising moment that all the other great ones have had. Michael Jordan was told to retire early by David Stern due to his wild and dangerous gambling addiction. The Jordan had to deal with the strange death of his father James that had all the earmarkings of an ugly payback.

Kobe had his rape charges in Colorado

Magic had to deal with not just HIV, but unseemly rumors about multiple bi-sexual relationships, including one with Lakers owner, Jerry Buss.

James hasn’t had to deal with these extremely compromising life situations . . .yet. He’s ridden the waves of his natural talent while flirting with the heat of the dark side, acting the role of the villain gone south, rather than staying on to be the local hero. But somehow, I can’t undo the thought that James broke with his handlers two nights ago. That the casting off of the headband was more than just some totemic adjustment. Perhaps in the dark and dank world of David Stern’s Babylonian sports court, LeBron just might have broken ranks. We’ll see how it unfolds tonight as we approach the Supermoon in James’ own sign; Capricorn over the weekend.

4 thoughts on “LeBron Liberates Saturn, Did He Break From His Handlers Or Is It All Going According to Script?”

  1. J

    Great post, Old Sport. The Cap Supermoon claimed a Great Dane driver during the 24 hours of Le Mans this past weekend. Allan Simonson’s GTE-AM class Aston Martin collided with the barrier at Tetre Rouge corner during the opening laps of the classic endurance race. A coincidence is that Bruno Senna is racing for Aston in the Pro class … too close … here in New England we have echoes of OJ with Aaron Hernandez looking very bad in connection with the murder of his girlfriend’s brother – and just after Johnny Jesus arrived from the Jets to understudy with Tom … looks like the Bruins faithful will get a Game 7 … the show goes on .. will it be enough to put the brakes on the impending bear market in stocks ? ? ?

    1. a

      It sure seems like it. They were getting all those BM peeps all bandaged, casted up and ready to go and uh oh, hold the invites. . . .

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