Kreayshawn, Tyler The Creator, Odd Futures, Pluto In Scorpio Kids; Luciferians Or Sin Eaters?

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

White girl flash mob

“We the niggas you scared of, like bad dentists

Flow is anthemic, dirty like it’s plants in it

Sick, spit a pandemic, crack and Cancer mixed with cannabis

To have a bitch, ready to stab a clit with some glass and shit”

The words are disturbing and devoid of any kind of ironic distance or nuance, without context or back story and narrative, they still present a chilling look into what could be the most dangerous generation this planet has ever seen. Those are lyrics from Tyler The Creator and Earl Sweatshirt. If you haven’t heard of them, you will, especially Tyler, the twenty-year-old leader of the L.A. hip hop collective(s) “The Wolf Gang” and “Odd Future.” Part skate rat, part devil-may-care situationist, his latest video/track, “Yonkers” makes Lady Gaga and Jay-Z’s presentation of running the town with little monsters look like Hallmark homilies set to Sesame Street beats. In “Yonkers” Tyler has the sole distinction of eating an enormous cockroach, spitting it up and vomiting, while talking explicitly about raping a woman. NWA used to rhyme about life in the hood. Tyler raps from the persona of a twisted psychopath. There is an enormous amount of danger and taboo in his music, imagery and rhymes. There’s also plenty of eye-gripping occult symbolism surrounding him and “Wolf Gang.” They wear shirts with upside down crosses on stage. Tyler will occasionally don a green ski mask with the same upside down cross inked between the eyes ala Charlie Manson.

They are dark, occasionally disgusting and dangerous, everything that rock and roll and punk were at one point in time. The difference between Tyler and Johnny Lydon (whom he admires) is that he and the Odd Future collective all range from the age of 17-20 and they are all born with Pluto in Scorpio. They have no trouble at all going over the edge, beyond any kind of propriety, because “they don’t give a fuck..”

Last night, it felt like I stepped through the looking glass–a distorted and cracked mirror actually. It was one of those odd Twitter moments, bouncing from one follower to a friend of theirs and so forth. Suddenly, I found myself staring at the punky yet slightly cherubic face of a young woman named. “Kreayshawn.” I looked at how many followers she had and peeped over 245,000. Then I saw she was from Oakland and I was really intrigued at this point. Then I went to her website and lo and behold, she’s a rapper, a white rapper and she makes no bones about this. In fact she has her own posse called, “The White Girl Mob” comprised of her, Lil’ Debbie (The DJ) and a piece of work named “V-Nasty” (more about her later). I watched Kreayshawn’s latest video, “Gucci, Gucci, Gucci.” The lyrics are outrageously funny. And how can you not like a song with lyrics like, “Gucci, Gucci, Louis, Louis, Fendi, Fendi, Prada, I’m looking like Maddona, but flossin’ like Ivana, Trump.” Its hilarious and fresh. Think blonde Eminem in B-cups. Its a put on and yet its not. Its not clear whether she’s straight or gay and at this point, what does it matter?

Everything is blurred, not with just Kreayshawn and her “White Girl Mob” but this whole emerging scene, where everyone feels like they’re the mutant offspring of Sandra Bernhard and Harmony Chorine. Its surreal. I was really taken with this track and then I saw that over 12 million people were also taken with it as well. Hello? This is beyond tipping point numbers. Kreayshawn, Tyler and the Odd Future collective have not only surpassed Gladwell’s magical event horizon, they’re going to destroy it, mutilate themselves with it, grind it into dust and throw it in a blender with with some “Death Juice” and knock it back. Kreayshawn and Tyler are both nominated for a VMA on MTV. They are about to go as mainstream as Taylor Swift.

I spent about an hour trying to wrap my head around Kreayshawn’s VC. She’s the daughter of a woman who was in a punk band called, “The Trashwomen” and was raised on the hard streets of East Oakland. She’s is legitimately from “The Hood.” The rhymes, the knowledge, the attitude are legit. She got herself a scholarship to UC Berkeley to study film and eventually formed “The White Girl Mob.” This isn’t like any kind of hip hop or urban scene you’d recognize. Kreayshawn talks about “snatching’ bitches” and smoking blunts, fronting the same kind of rhetoric that an urban male MC would. There’s no distinction.

Lines are blurred, drawn and blurred again. Its clearly bi-racial, maybe bi-sexual, maybe not. There’s no seeming demarcation, and no one really seems to care. Young women LOVE Kreayshawn. I spent about twenty minutes scrolling through her comments and there’s a lot of devotion being channeled. Kreayshawn seems to have mastered the art of interactivity on Twitter as well, holding court with thousands of followers, although she did drop this decidedly dark Twitter bomb; “k2345h4wN ︻╦╤─ Im the wicked murder the devil has chose.” Ahem. Now she may be a Libra, but this is pure, Pluto in Scorpio coming through, dialoging with the underworld. After I had absorbed as much as I could, I stepped through the Odd Future portal, since Odd Future is all over “Gucci, Gucci, Gucci” with an appearance of both “Left Brain” and Tyler. I wasn’t prepared for what I was about to take in.

Odd Future is a young collective of uber-talented and precocious kids. At the center is Tyler The Creator, (Taurus). Odd Future is comprised of designers, DJs, cartoonists, producers, rappers and writers. They’ve been putting out videos and singles for free for the past year, but now they’ve it the big time and Tyler’s “Goblin” is the first full length to blow up. I watched “Yonkers” for the first time last night. Its startling and memorable, very memorable, but not in any sort of inspirational way, more like a bad nightmare with a hangover sort of way.

Tyler strikes the pose of “The Thinker” in silhouette and then he launches into it. The easiest reference point might be the codeine beats and psychotic rhymes of Tricky, but Tyler is more articulate. His words and annunciation are sharp like razors. His gaze, maniacal and penetrating. He toys with a large cockroach, the size of my thumb. Then about a minute in, he pops the cockroach into his mouth and chews it, quickly followed by spit and vomit, but without missing a beat, he’s back into the monolog of the rapist. By the end of the track, his eyes are dark and blotted out, looking just a more than a little like Satan’s child.

The critics are all over Tyler and Odd Future. They’re claiming that this is a moment in time where something significant happens in music. They cite, The Sex Pistols, Nirvana and Public Enemy. They’re compared most often to Wu Tang. I’m not sure they’re wrong. But the hype and accolades come with caveats. Tyler, Earl and the other members of Wolf Gang use words like, “faggot” and “gay” constantly. They’ve been labeled “homophobic” Tyler’s raps about women are beyond misogynistic. And yet, are they? Is he really venting and spitting his frustration and rage at women or is he channeling darker, collective forces?

As I mentioned earlier they are part of a generation that is firmly entrenched in Pluto in Scorpio. Tyler in interviews says that he writes and rhymes about what we all think about at one time or another; dark thoughts, evil intentions, the id unleashed. There are five words that seem to be a motto for Odd Future and White Girl Mob; “I don’t give a fuck.” Its clear. They don’t. If you’re keeping score at home, its likely the same attitude displayed in London, Milwaukee and Philadelphia during the recent flash mobs and riots. We’re talking youth that is so disaffected and disconnected that they have a nearly homicidal pact with their own emotions and they’re not that concerned about yours.

In Tyler’s/Odd Future’s breakout piece in the LA Weekly, the one that really put him and Odd Future on the map, he’s seen sporting a t-shirt with Crowley on it; “Do As Thou Wilit.” Searches for “Is Tyler Illuminati?” are popping up on Google like magic mushrooms. People are hip to the illuminist tip, thanks to countless videos by people like Honor Lenon, breaking down the occult symbolism in videos by Jay-Z, Rhianna and Beyonce. The game is getting exposed. But two things really jump out at me when I look at Tyler through this particular prism. The first being how slick his video for “Yonkers” is. Its simple, but extremely high quality and cutting edge, not at all like their DIY efforts. Lets just say there’s money and some real direction behind it. Its the type of video that would make Henry Makow cream. In fact the whole scene would give him one, raging conspiratorial hard on and I haven’t even gotten to Cat Stacks or V-Nasty yet (oh man). He would see this as yet another blitzkrieg by the dispossessed foot soldiers of Lucifer himself, lesbian, pot smoking, degrading and debauched. And while I have certainly seen that theme as being very much alive and active, I’m not so sure about this movement is a franchise for the prince of darkness, although there are some striking parallels with Tyler and Robert Johnson, which I will share later.

I think the meme of what I would call, “The Luciferian Agenda” is already well in place, spread and co-mingling with the culture now, in a very transparent way. Its viral. The shadowy spores have spread across the dis-continent, fueled by a never ending series of wars, collapsing economies and a gaping void of leadership. Teens have finely tuned bullshit detectors and with this generation of Pluto in Scorpio kids, they have x-ray vision. They peer deep into the rot and they know the inherent hypocrisy all-too-well.

Tyler and his crew were around ten-years-old when 911 happened. In some ways, whatever innocence they had left was snatched. How would you feel if you were them? Especially if you thought you weren’t being told the truth. Would you feel ripped off and manipulated? How would you feel about adults who were supposed to understand these things and stand for something remotely just and right? Even if the subject matter of 911 conspiracy was never broached, somewhere in that deep, dark, collective soul, you’d be pissed . . . really pissed. And where would it come out? And how? You’d see the model of pure, naked, capitalistic grabs for power at work, without any sort of sentimentality. Its like the kid on the corner in the hood watching how gangs go about their business, but on a much bigger scale. You’d say, “Fuck that, I’m going to get me some motherfuckin’ money bitch.” Yep. And now the meme is spreading. Its becoming something that has enough momentum to perpetuate itself even if Tyler and his crew aren’t doing bongloads with Cthulu

These Pluto in Scorpio kids are going to digest every single taboo that older generations have objectified and locked down in the asylum of their consciousness. Its going to get more and more intense as Pluto moves through Capricorn, conjuncting Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn, which they have in their charts. This is extremely powerful as Pluto will deeply transform their concepts of spirituality and their engines of change. This is a generation to be reckoned with and you’d better treat them with some respect. They’ve got mad numbers. They are the largest generation since the Baby Boom and they are not afraid of much.

Tyler and Odd Future make Lady Gaga sound like “Up With People.” They, along with Kreayshawn are carpet bombing the computer speakers and headphones of a generation and guess what? This music isn’t for me or likely you. This is their Sex Pistols and that’s just fine with Tyler, who despite the accusations of misogyny, homophobia and illuminism lives at home with his mother, still rides his skateboard and doesn’t drink or smoke, not even coffee. But just when you think you’ve figured out the enigma inside of the contradiction, it turns back in on itself again and Tyler’s screaming on Twitter for Meth.

When I first looked at Tyler, Robert Johnson popped into my head. It might have been the dead look in the eyes at the beginning of “Yonkers” that mirrors a similar fifty-yard-stare in Johnson’s gaze. Or it might have been the psychic analog. But something about Tyler smacked of the man who sold his soul to rock and roll, down by the crossroads. Well guess what? Tyler was born on May 6th. Johnson, May 8th. Tyler and Johnson both have Venus in Gemini, separated by just one degree. They are nearly time twins. They are without a doubt, in my mind, spiritual doppelgangers. Listening to Tyler rant about being on MTV and being a mainstream superstar reveals a deeply ambitious personality, willing to do nearly anything, including eating cockroaches to ensure his fame. But make no mistake, Tyler is no sideshow freak. He’s incredibly smart and knows his music. One of his heroes is Ian Curtis of Joy Division. And he loves Roy Ayers. If we follow the cosmic arc of the Pluto in Scorpio generation, their role is to embody and explore the taboo, break every single rule and emerge, through the other side, integrated. They are the embodiment of shadow, the repositories of our complexes and obsessions and they are here to shove them right back into our faces and just when we think we have it and them all figured out, they flip the script and will ultimately be in possession of a truth and psychic wholeness that will be without reproach. Either that or they’ll burn the whole fucking place down.


One of the more bizarre back alleys I stumbled upon during this little cyber jaunt was the stories of these two young women. V-Nasty is part of Kreayshawn’s “White Girl Mob.” Every other word out of her mouth is “fuck” and “n*gga.” Her videos range from her viciously rhyming over the same beats about “Barbies” (white women with blonde hair) to getting out of Santa Rita for a six-month-bid. She’s made enemies of the old and not-so-old school hip hop guard. And she’s going to be a star, mostly on the vapors of Kreayshawn. I have yet to decode anything remotely worthwhile when it comes to anything creative I’ve seen/heard. There’s also something deeply disturbing about her. She’s devoid of any ironic distance, which Kreayshawn, to her credit has and she lacks the shocking intellect of Tyler. If Tyler is Johnny Rotten and Earl is Sid Vicious, she’s the Nancy Spungeon of this scene. She’s also a psychic miscegenation of some socially engineered experiment; a cultural transposition of a black, urban male into a young, white girl. Its shocking and maybe, just maybe that’s her point, even if its completely unconscious.

Kat Stacks is part of a groupie sub-culture that goes back to the Plaster Casters. But now, in her world, they’re called hip hop hoes. They sleep with rap artists and are not ashamed or guilty of their caste, in fact, Kat Stacks relishes it, like its celebrity and thanks to Youtube, unfortunately, it is. Her angle is sleeping with rappers and then spilling their secrets. Fuck and tell. Its truly sad. She thinks she’s busting scenes and telling the truth when in fact she’s parasitically leaching off of these young and sometimes not so young guys so that she can gain youtube numbers and then grab the attention of a network like MTV, to get her own show and get paid! Well, she’s in jail now. V-Nasty just got out of jail and Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler’s partner in rhyme got sent back to Samoa to spend time in a youth rehabilitation center. Even Tyler has been under house arrest. It is Pluto in Scorpio. What did you expect? Tomorrow, I’ll profile the reverse polarity of Pluto in Scorpio as I look at Colin Kaepernick, the young and massively talented quarterback for the San Francisco Forty Niners.

19 thoughts on “Kreayshawn, Tyler The Creator, Odd Futures, Pluto In Scorpio Kids; Luciferians Or Sin Eaters?”

  1. A

    “Its truly sad. She thinks she’s busting scenes and telling the truth when in fact she’s parasitically leaching off of these young and sometimes not so young guys so that she can gain youtube numbers and then grab the attention of a network like MTV, to get her own show and get paid! Well, she’s in jail now.” Pluto in Scorpio in its worst…
    Let’s wait to Pluto in Scorpio in its best…

  2. s

    Great writing again. Gotta disagree though, kinda. Thing is, you write about these “artists”, as if they’re artists, and, well, people. While they no doubt have some street smarts and are genuinely criminal minded, I’m willing to bet they didn’t write a single lyric, or a single beat. Never mind input on the production and music videos. Same goes with anyone who we’re told to think is cool, or cutting edge, or a genius. All the way back past Radiohead, Eminem, Nirvana, Lydon, the Beatles and Stones and Elvis and Buddy, Robert Johnson, through to Shakespeare. Yup, the conspiracy’s big alright, never mind Makow’s hard-on, and we’re all in on it.
    Not only that, but whole scenes are engineered. Think the “rap” of the eighties was “organic”, and “grass roots”? Nope. Heavy metal? Nope. How about Laurel Canyon, the whole birth of the hippie movement? No – check out Dave McGowan’s online series about that. And where did all the drugs come from? Could put that another way – where DO all the drugs come from?
    And then we have mind control. Plenty online about it, plenty in the conspiracy literature, Springmeier being one of the best – and the indications you get is that this is a far bigger and wider phenomenon that anyone would even dream. They’re dolls, plain and simple. Barbie girls in a barbie world. Anyone want to bet that Amy Winehouse wasn’t the product of trauma-based mind-control, ritually killed with a keen eye to the stars just like every other 27 year old Saturn-returner who peaked too soon? I mean, being a rock n roll star has to be the most hazardous occupation on earth! Oh, but it’s all coincidence, I’m sure. It’s just that they live such a crazy life, right?
    Even if you reject some of all this, with a bit of awareness you would still conclude that all “entertrainment” is tightly controlled, for agendas we are not privy to. And they work. I’ve seen the blackness behind the eyes of the Pluto in Scorpio generation. There’s something missing. Women have been programmed to be violent, men have been programmed to look and act like gay boys, or gay pimps. They get tattoos they don’t know the meaning of. And talk about how the psychopaths are sexy.
    There’s no “art” there (although one meaning of “art” is deception). They’re a programmed generation of automatons, like generations before, who are given their false idols. And the “artists” are neither venting their rage towards the opposite sex, nor channeling dark forces. They’re reading a script. The really meaty, juicy questions are: who’s writing the script? Who’s writing the real language, the real message, that of music and symbols? And why? These are the questions that I feel are going to define these times of Pluto in Capricorn. And Uranus in Aries, I fully expect some serious arse-kicking. True selves are emerging, I can feel it, a great unveiling. This goes for politicians too. There has to be, because if generations continue to be puppets dancing to the tune of puppets, this Pied Piper’s tune has us all going off a cliff.

    1. a

      Hi Sundaemon,

      I don’t know much about your background or if you’ve been in the music business but I have.

      I’ve signed dozens of labels and artists to deals and in fact I even signed Thievery Corporation to their first digital music deal. I’ve sat across from David Bowie at the board table of Virgin Records.

      Hell, I’ve even been to South Central sipping Kool-Aid, trying to hammer out a hip hop deal.

      I even know the people that signed Tyler; XL Records, a division of Beggar’s Banquet, an indie out of The UK, not some major US label.

      I can honestly say that there is an organic arc in the development of certain artists and movements. Not all of them are spiked. At least not initially. Rave was not cooked up at M16.

      I’ve read McGowan a long time ago. I’m familiar with John Coleman and The Beatles and Tavistock. Col. Tom Parker was neither a Col. nor even Tom Parker and what really happened to Elvis in the military? One of my first posts on this site is about Jay-Z and his illuminist connections. I’ve read The TRANCEformation of America and seen the hidden hand in Country and Western music. Hey, you’re talking to a guy that thinks Paul McCartney is dead.

      I guess what I’m saying here is that I am hip to the trip and I have been on the inside. Most of what we see and are fed is cooked up. I get it. But there are also organic (for the most part) movements.

      I don’t think that DARPA was scouring the streets of East Oakland trolling for Kreayshawn. She is creative, having fun and doing things that someone that digs music in their 20’s would do. Now that she has a seven-figure-deal with SONY, well that’s an entirely different story.

      I think the same could be said about Tyler. The whole Odd Future Collective is also modeled after the Z-Boys of Dogtown, who again were an organic movement of poor kids trucking around on skateboards and being pimped out by Jeff Ho and Skip Engblom, who could not compete with the major skateboard companies and thanks to Craig Stescyk who mythologized the scene and their innate talent, they influenced the world with skate boarding.

      I also think you’re being entirely dismissive of the creative process in youth.

      I have friends who have kids that are younger than Tyler’s crew that are really musical, into bands, etc, in fact one of them is being courted by Rick Rubin and Anthony Kiedis and I can assure you that their creativity is organic. What happens once they go through that door is an entirely different thing.

      I’ll give you one more example.

      Dave Chapelle and his show were all him. Well him and Rusty Cundieff and it blew up. Then Chapelle got a huge deal from Comedy Central and things went south. People got inside his head and he knew what was happening. He was in the early stages of being programmed. He split. Went to Africa and broke his deal. He’ll never work again, because he doesn’t have to for one, but he’s been shunned ever since.

      I also think you’re doing a significant dis-service to the astrology at work here. These kids are Pluto in Scorp and they are going to deal with the taboo in all areas of their lives. They are here to work out the shadow, even if it means that they will flirt with their puppet masters. Its all part of it.

      I’m not unconscious or unaware of the social memes and engineering. I could have easily written a piece like the one you outlined and I have before, but I am taking a long view, a Pluto in Capricorn view, the arc of the energy, symbolism and context.

      I’m leaving space for a more nuanced interpretation of it.

  3. s

    Maybe part of the flipside, I heard a lot of these critters, less of the road-kill variety, are not so oddly choosing Psychology as their college major.
    Some in the Pluto Scorpio generation may just become the best psychiatrists ever, able to help their not so sane and screwed up peers.

    1. a

      If you look at the the final table of the world series of poker last year. about half of the players were Pluto in Scorp kids playing for a final pot of millions of dollars. They are psychic and not risk averse. No wonder they dominated play last year in Vegas.

  4. A

    Hey Robert,

    Reading this post scared the shit out of me. Then I listened/watched the videos your posted. I watched Tyler’s video first and it was disturbing and did scare the shit out of me. The White Girl Mob is bullshit. The tone of her voice is so nasal and childish. Plus, that damn bitch sucks no matter what hype she is spewing from her tattooed chip-punk face….poser.
    On a separate note, My oldest son’s birthday is May 6,1997 and his father played guitar tracks on that Theivery album you helped sign. Small world hugh…

  5. A

    Ok….I saw the VNasty (emphasis on the nasty part) and she reminds me of the female version of Rich Hill….another Poser looser female. Oh wait….poor white people bullshit…Who doesn’t like Barbie? Also, love the Islamic shout out. She is a clueless wannabe. Not scary…trashy. The dude that ate the coackroach WAS scary….

  6. b

    as a lover of big-picture astrology & rap music (tho not necessarily this rap music. good god.), i say great article!

    as a member of the uranus in scorpio generation, i can absolutely see the value in these guys – a collective psychological mash up that includes the kitchen sink. i for one would not want to do any more spelunking in the collective psyche (pluto in libra, thank you very much). so thanks dudes. no stone left unturned. no wtf? left undone.

    (i do cringe for their older selves though : )!!)

    thank you for this. well-written and enjoyed.

    and btw, i will eternally love and respect david chappelle for his decision. serious integrity.

  7. T

    Interesting, Robert! I admit to not watching the videos though – enough’s enough. Luckily I’ll have trundled off this mortal coil by the time this Pluto in Scorpio generation reaches a point where they’ll be “in charge” to any extent.

    I clicked to read your post thinking “Tyler” would be dear Steven!
    LOL! How things have changed since the days when his activities with the mic stand were thought avant garde to disgusting.

    My husband has two grandsons with Pluto in Scorpio. They’re two lovely lads – one sporty, training to be a sports medical bod (don’t know correct title) the other artistic – an arts major – and has always, since very young, been drawn to dark subjects – zombies, vampires etc. I’d be wary of generalising too much about the vast Pluto in Scorpio generation if it were not for the fact that again and again I’ve found similarities in the Pluto in Gemini generation, when researching posts. some of the best and brightest communicators in writing, art, film etc.]

    We think these times are “interesting” – but wait until this lot get into their power!

  8. s

    Thanks for the reply. My Gemini rant had some kind of point which I half-forgot: it’s about authenticity. Astrological verities are eternal, but we’re not seeing the human expression of them when we listen to offerings from the commerce priests.
    I see commerce as Neptunian due to its seafaring origins, and his female aspect was the Furies, the triad of ladies of vengeance. And they’ve got it in for us. They avenge wrongful death, and they never stop. On this tip, by the way, ever noticed how many “stars” die in some way related to water? Even if it’s just on a toilet?
    Oh, and on the same digression, look at the London riots – you have them kicking off in the time of Neptunalia (the dog days of summer), created behind the scenes by Operation Trident, ostensibly sparked by the avenging of wrongful death! Juicy.
    Anyway, to find authenticity you have to look “between the cracks”, to what Kerouac called the “madmen.” The bumhole-obsessed Saturnian manipulator magicians know this, which is why they give us their version of madmen, actors working to scripts that give us the same old trite degenerative trash, updated according to the charts, undermining the human spirit, giving us all the rope we need to hang ourselves. Hey kids! Its a guy puking on a cockroach! Fuck yeah! Cutting edge shit! It’s eternally childish, and people today eternally children. Look at TV (but not for long) – real people over, say, 40, don’t really exist except as caricatures.
    What do we do when we say, “hey, look at these guys. They’re really cutting edge. They represent Pluto in Scorpio.” We give them attention energy. We give them respect energy. We give them credibility. And when we do this, the curse that is in them flows straight to us. Like the New Kids said on their behalf, “step by step, really want you in my world.” What a magnificent spell they cast, and how long it’s lasted.
    There is a positive spin to all this, though! Like I said before, it’s coming to it’s final end, right now – and what a bonfire it will be.

    1. a

      I’m not approving it. I’m not celebrating it. I’m looking at it from a Pluto in Scorpio perspective. I’m doing my best to see the bigger picture, darker dimensions, and ultimately the resolution to a non-dual perspective.

      That’s Jupiter in Sag in my first house trining Uranus in Leo in my 9th communicating to your Gemini.

      I think we agree more than we don’t on this.

      BTW, I can’t believe anyone hasn’t said anything about the Tyler/Robert Johnson analog.

  9. Em, Abra? If you grew up where I did, those cockroaches wouldn’t be so scary. He’s making a point.

    ‘Disturbing’ is A-OK in my book. Anything to change up the boring, ‘civilized’ vanilla stuff I’ll support.

    I agree that these kids are fine-tuned, smart, and can see through all the bull. I baby-sat a number of them :). Glad they don’t think I’m an a-hole!

    1. a

      I like “Gucci Gucci” as well. I think V-Nasty is pretty disturbing and I don’t think its a coincidence that she seems to be getting sorted out from Kreayshawn. Kreay has talent. V? I was in the music biz and have seen/heard a lot and she doesn’t pass the litmus (for me). Now for her generation/scene, well that’s another story. I also thought that many of the K-Records bands were precious and shite and it didn’t matter. The music wasn’t for me.

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