Kosmic Scopes For April — Find The Kosmic Hero For Your Sign

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

avengersHeroes aren’t hard to find.

I’ve been trying to come up with a fun little April Fools day prank to play on ya’ll, but I just can’t pull the trigger. So maybe I’ll save the prank for another month and a different installment of this column. Now that we’re eight days deep into Aries, I think it behooves us to have a little look at the sign itself.

Aries is The God Of War and no matter how nice Aries types are or can be, they are motivated by conflict, struggle and the application of will to overcome adversity and challenge. They are the true warriors of the zodiac and are not to be trifled with. Quick thinking, quick witted and quick tempered, they blow like volcanoes, or simply simmer like pools of lava, waiting for the right moment to explode. Like all signs, Aries types are also here to learn about the opposite sign’s virtues. That sign is Libra and while Aries is ready to rattle sabers at a moments notice, Libra wants to talk it out, understand one another and come to a balanced perspective. So Aries need to learn to apply these traits to their own lives and Libras…vice-versa.

Once they are both able to assimilate the others strengths, a wholeness begins to emerge that is truly compelling on an individual level. In fact, the fusion of Aries/Libra represents the psychic individuation of the human, on a strictly personal basis, because beyond the relational confines of Libra lies the dark and mysterious trenches of Scorpio, where the human experience drops off into the depths or murky psychological waters.

Scorpio represents the descent of the self into the collective ocean of thought, feeling and aspiration. In Scorpio, we lose ourselves in a sea of primordial influence where we eventually resurrect ourselves on the shores of religion, academia, law and philosophy through Sagittarius. But it’s the fusion of self and other, Aries and Libra, that makes us functional. Not just people of those two signs, but we as humans are always working on the Aries/Libra dynamic. It’s just that people who have heavy influence of Aries/Libra in their charts have even more of an emphasis on achieving some form of balance in these areas.

So Aries is martial, dynamic and even heroic at times. With Venus still retrograde in Aries, (it reverts to Pisces on the 12th) and Mars moving into Aries on the 26th, we’ll see this active/passive, outer/inner dynamic very much at play. Once Venus and Mars conjunct each other on the 25th, I see the release of a lot of hidden tensions and stress, especially on the psycho-sexual and erotic levels. The power of Spring will be flowing like sap through our veins and it will manifest in bold overtures, propositions and proclamations of ardor and love. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see some very high birth rates, come this January.
In order for you to look, feel and appear your best, I’ll be assigning each sign it’s very own warrior, protector and manifestation of Aries. Since I grew up with comic books. you’ll have to indulge my cosmology.

Jump on over to Kosmic, read your scope and find your hero.

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