Kosmic Forecast For March — All Signs

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

minchiate32You’re on the hook for this month.

One cannot look at the stars without understanding what’s now taking place on the planet and vice-versa. The inter-connectedness of both is essential to understanding and navigating the rapidly changing times ahead. While March features a key retrograde of Venus in Aries (more on this later) it also features three rapid shifts in Mercury as it moves from Aquarius to Aries in just 24 days. That means that there will be a number of modalities in how one communicates and interacts with the world from an intellectual standpoint.

As Mercury does its mad dash through three signs, personal positions will change and change again as a result. Unlike a Mercury Retrograde, which has embedded in it, an on-off switch of sorts, this flash of Mercury across the collective mind will bring out the Sybil in us all.

I’ve written about the upcoming Venus in Aries retrograde on my website and re-printed Lynda Hill’s Sabian Symbol forecast there as well. The overriding images are of power struggle between the sexes, smoldering sexuality, potent fantasy and revising positions in regard to relating.

One of the emerging stats coming out of the downturn is the amount of women versus men being laid off. It’s tilting heavily towards the male side of the job loss numbers. This is having a significant impact on families and relationships. It also reflects what I was referring to earlier about terrestrial and celestial conditions. When Venus goes retrograde right now, those dynamics of power, bread winner, masculine-feminine energy, gender roles, fear, security and resentment will all come rushing to the surface like some molten flow, viscous and liquefying the remnants of the past.

I recently watched a video of Sir Isaac Newton, where they explored Newton’s relationship to alchemy and how it deeply colored his view of the universe, which was not the popular view promulgated by the likes of Hobbes, Locke, etc. They isolated the mechanistic views of Newton to conform with the eventual rise of The Industrial Revolution. However, Newton was, above all else, a mystic, who sought to understand God and the universe in the crucibles of his laboratory and life.

The parable here is that it is essential that we rediscover (or uncover) the mystic element of our lives during the most mystical month of the year, learn about the power of alchemy and how it can transform our lives in ways that we cannot imagine, especially in relationships. What special element or compound can you add to your current relationship situation that allows you to transform it in ways that you had never conceived of before and in so doing, another secret of how the universe works is revealed.

In order to do so, you’ll need to let go of your conditioning and mix things up like an enlightened child. Allow the universe to co-create new realities in your life and relationships.

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