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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

mystic-arkListen to the angels, they might have something that you might want to hear.

Well, Mercury is now officially direct. Can you feel the shift? Have you found those car keys? Bought your plane tickets? Did you revisit your own well being? Start a cleanse or diet? Did you get your house in order during this last swing of Mercury in reverse?

Mercury retrograde, while being hailed as a malefic in older, more traditional definitions of this cosmic phenomenon, is actually very useful in revisiting, revising, reforming and re-evaluating where one is in ones life. This particular retrograde saw Mercury going direct on Sunday at 22 degrees, Taurus. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is a, “White dove flying over troubled waters.” The famed astrologer, Dane Rudhyar saw this symbol as one of spiritual guidance and the ability to overcome crisis through divine intervention. As Mercury moves forward, the ability to receive spiritual information to help solve one’s challenges and issues is available. It’s blowing in the breeze and all you have to do is attune to the quality of guidance that lovingly wants to express itself through our affairs.

There is a new movement in physics that explores dimensions of creation as they relate to innovation, complexity and novelty. It suggests scientifically that “natural law” actually does have a personal investment in our affairs, because its understanding of itself is dependent upon our creations and manifestations, which lead to the enrichment of the life process. We can see Mercury going direct at its current degree/symbol as an opening to blend with these natural energies that want us to affirm, create, and love — qualities that go far beyond “hope.”

Where have you been stuck? What relationship has been challenging you? Where and how can you become both more emotionally and materially prosperous? This is a prime time to take time out, meditate, pray and the quality of the solutions and answers that are awaiting, just beyond the periphery of your consciousness will make themselves known — then, all you have to do is have the courage to act upon them.

The continued conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius is congruent with this type of involutionary energy and expression.

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    The angels spoke to me through Quan Yin, sometime around the beginning of Mercury in Retrograde, and they said: “Be patient.”

    This Retrograde was an ordeal for me, and so many other dear ones in my life. What made it more intense than the usual Retrograde, not just for me, but for so many others? I have friends who lost their homes to foreclosure, folded up their businesses…ended their relationships…I have friends who went into debilitating illnesses, had their cars reposessed, divorced, separated and went to funerals for their parents and closest friends. Everyone, everything, seemed to get unglued.

    There were moments when I almost gave up, moments when I became so unglued from the Earth, and so lost and confused, and when virtually everything in my life went off track. (A massive mildew problem in my house not only destroyed all of my possessions, rendering my archives, paperwork, precious family photos, journals and books almost unreadable, but it also forced me to clean, Feng Shui, simplify and reorganize my life. I was so sick and dizzy from mold that I couldn’t think or work. My career was derailed, I had problems with the law and courts, keys were lost, my cellphone went on the fritz… it was like God took my the Etch a Sketch of my life and shook it hard until everything was a clean slate — and a big chaotic pile of dust that needed to be sorted out.

    And yet, now, so much beauty, hope, new opportunities… emerging from the rubble…it’s like the clean, fresh, young blades of velvety grass that emerge after a forest fire and a devastating rainstorm. It seems that this was a retrograde unlike any other.

    I find you creative, glorious, and divine. This column is more elegant, poetic, eloquently scribed than your previous ones–a sign that the Cleansing of this retrograde has had a rejeuvenating effect on you as well? Please do let me know how I may continue to support the glory and wonder of YOU, dear one, as you take this hopeful and inspiring Astrology to the world and focus your talents on spreading the light.

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