Katniss Everdeen Photo As Artemis Released On Sag Moon, Hunger Games To Open On Tight Aries Stellium

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Enter Artemis

The Hunger Games is heating up. It will open like cosmic clockwork on 3/23, when there will be a mega-stellium in the sign of Aries, with Sun, Moon, Mercury and Uranus within a ten-degree-orb. The Sun and Mercury will be separated by one degree, launching the Hunger Games like a flaming arrow into the collective mind. Aries is the warrior. There are no mistakes. In fact, the image above was released as a press photo for the film on the Sag Moon. Here we see Artemis personified in the guise of Katniss Everdeen, the film’s heroine.

I wrote about the generational programming via the outer planets in a previous post and talked about the Hunger Games at length. It will have the power, like mercury to quicken the already molten, adolescent transformation of young women in progress.

With the Hunger Games, we will witness a temporal ripple emanating outward from from the subterranean cult of Isis as personified by Madonna Rhianna and Gaga, high priestesses of death, pole dancing on the grave of the Piscean Age, to a future projection of our current world, now dead, where survival is the dominant theme. The new archetype is much more rugged, shedding the decaying feminine attributes that are a luxury in a semi-rural dystopian future. The arrival of Katniss Everdeen as Artemis is significant in that during the mid-twentieth century, the Babylonian illusionists conjured Aphrodite up and onto the silver screen with Marilyn Monroe. Monroe/Aphrodite was a significant departure from Ceres, the goddess of grain, the predominant and more traditional expression of women up to the 1950’s.

With Monroe, Mansfield, Bardot and Loren, Aphrodite was incarnate on a global level. They eventually gave way to the vamps of the underworld; Aphrodite as goth. Now get ready for Artemis.

It doesn’t take a Nostradamus to figure out that the Hunger Games are going to be big. Really big. And I’ll tell you why. While Twilight packed prodigious numbers of Millenial fannies in the seats, they were just that for the most part; millenials, Pluto in Scorp kids.

The Hunger Games has a much wider demographic to draw from, including fans of the Sci-Fi genre, post-world fiction and even conspiracy theorists. Its going to destroy box office records, especially during the opening weekend. It will open 111 days before XXX The London Olympics. I’m sure Ellis will factor this into the Mega-Spell.

Let the Hunger Games begin.

8 thoughts on “Katniss Everdeen Photo As Artemis Released On Sag Moon, Hunger Games To Open On Tight Aries Stellium”

  1. t

    Great snag Robert. Bravo! You mentioned the new cartoons on that interview from 2010 with Weidner… having children does expose you to all kinds of things we miss out on left to our adult selves. It was when my Sag son was about five that I got into Xena Princess Warrior and that short lived series like Beetlejuice… WHOA! good stuff and he was also into all kinds of mythological cartoon shows around 2004/2005-very powerful. I was impressed.

  2. D

    i have noticed something, the reoccuring theme of the bow and arrow and also the centaur. In america for instance there is a Progressive Insurance ( an insurance company ) commercial breifly showing a centaur to express their new policy of combining two separate things into one. also i’ve noticed video game commercials, media and adds, lots of passing and very little things that include mainly the reoccuring bow and arrow phenomena as of late ( as i call it ), literal pictures like in the hunger games and also as symbols that mostly the subconcious i beleive would pick up. the only real connection i can make would be the connections you have made in this post but also i wonder if there is a relation to this: i have heard ( and i wish i had a program or some type of way of verifying this further than reading via the internet ) that during 2012 an alignment will occure where the arrow of sagittarius ( the centaur ) will be pointing towards the center of our galaxy. i’ve read a few posts on this site and seen that you respond to comments left, i was wondering if you think this is a relevant or though provoking note, if you had noticed anything similiar and also to see whatyou had to say if anything, thanks and great website, great posts, points of view and i’m greatful when someone “astrologically endowed ( 😛 )” comes and shares himself in such a public way.

    1. a

      Funny, I was going back and forth with some people around the age of Aquarius and if this is true. One of my colleagues speculated that we might be entering the Age of Aries instead and that the procession of the equinoxes could in fact be a lie. Why backwards and not forwards? Its a thought, but the wars from 850 BC to roughly 900 AD play out as the bloodies era of our history. Most certainly fits the age of Aries. I fwd’d your question to my friend, Molly Hall and see what she has to say. I’ll add my own two cents as well. Thanks for dropping in.

  3. R

    Have not had a chance to review the Hunger Games, but with all the woman-bashing going down lately-perhaps Artemis is a much timely and needed archetype to draw from.

  4. D

    morphing woman with stallion as warrior amazonian in the centaurian realms of aurthur’s camelot. also, hate to say it but there’s easily available stuff instructing ‘horse lovers’ on how to mate with these animals. with avatar, the meld of man, mind, machine and beast was accomplished in one.

  5. p

    I suspect that among the Mothers of Darkness and higher order elite cults, the candidates compete against each other as depicted in The Hunger Games. The film as a weird recruiting and reinforcing tool for the Oligarchy, while also serving as a meme that they wish to inflict on the mass of humanity. Survival of the fittest , or rather whoever survives, without remorse. Death struggles as inherent to human existence. This social programming was evident in much anti-Renaissance, Nietzschean sci fi, more recently in Alias, Lost, computer games, and all these Vampire films & shows. Do we really want to return to a predominantly fear-based world, as in the world wars and the cold war’s proxy wars. Perhaps we might do best to observe but not welcome the reintroduction of what Thomas Hobbes called the state of nature in which the life of man is poor, solitary, nasty, brutish, and short. All the more so because the protection from such a state of nature, to which the elite wish to reduce the mass of humanity, is the Leviathan – the State, one that for Hobbes and for our present elite, rules by force & fraud – denying universal morality. In short, the Hunger Games falsely portrays humanity as inherently animal, bereft of any ennobling sparks of divinity.

  6. P

    Id like to correct the twillight fans as just pluto in scorp kids… that’s a large generation. I’m part of it, but cringed about it. It’s another High School Musical geared towards some demographic of our generation. It’s there to make money, especially to a lot of high schoolers. Some of us can see through it right away and want no part of it.

    I personally like Dracula by Bam Stroker. I even wrote a 20 page paper about it.

    Now that’s some REAL vampire.

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