Jupiter/Neptune In Aquarius On The Rise, Chiron’s Feel Good Shadow And Showdown With Saturn In Virgo

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

aquarian_summerIs this The Summer Of The Beloved?

Through a confluence of a number of events like attending last weeks Harmony Fest in Santa Rosa, Jah Levi’s birthday bash and adding a whole new host of Facebook friends, I can certainly claim that Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius is broadcasting it’s blissed out message in full effect. Raw food radicals, tantric tricksters and ecstatic mechanics are reveling in the feel good vibe. Facebook is brimming with light and love, praise and ahhhs, awe for the electric miracle of life, bleeding green and kissing the old paradigms a sweet goodbye. Compassionate communication reigns supreme and raw cacao is passed about like the new holy sacrament. It’s the new soma, passed down from the Mayan time lords, the sweet sustenance of lunation and harmonic cycles, raw and ready to go off in roughly three years.

2012 has become the new age rapture and anything that remotely smacks of negativity is eschewed; It’s a comedown, a trip into an old rat hole, a self-fulfilling prophecy of yesterdays doom. Michael Beckwith shares the glories of the secret as amethyst hosannas rise up from the masses. Kirtan is the new rock and roll and the call and response of ancient bhajans, the language of sound is ready to be commodified. Suits are smelling profit and dropping in for the ride, donning the robes of holy brothers in lieu of Brothers Brooks. The scene is swelling and the summer, rife with festivals and escape velocity is just about to enter the transcendental curve of the elliptical orbit.

Can it really be happening? Are enough positive vibes simply going to negate the gravity of other social conditions like a possible intervention in Iran, North Korea’s nuclear chest thump, deeper penetration and more war into Pakistan, the eventual demise of the dollar and perhaps forced vaccinations based on the constantly mutating swine flu? Is the innocence and agape of the times enough to shift other forces or are they simply an expression childlike denial and magical thnking?

Sandwiched between Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius, is Chiron in Aquarius–the wounded healer of the zodiac, Chiron points to the achilles heal of the sign it occupies and here in Aquarius it can reveal the shadow side of the new age, the soft underbelly where hope isn’t a sinewy and defined enough muscular response to the times at hand. Chiron in Aquarius in many regards is The Fool in Tarot. The Fool as the 0 and 22nd card in the major arcana has always been associated with Uranus and Aquarius. Here with Chiron in Aquarius, we see the fools folly on display with it’s best and worst traits of trust and innocence. Chiron in Aquarius can illicit a cultural naivete that borders on narcissistic solipsism. Jupiter and Neptune create a field of vast potential. Chiron urges careful examination and an almost surgical perspective in the light of the situation. Adding to all of this is of course Saturn in Virgo.

Whle the abundance of Aquarian energy is really coalescing, Saturn in Virgo is demanding that we don’t try to escape the details, the nitty gritty, the not-so-sexy matter of facts like the skyrocketing price of food and gas, the escalation of war, the chemtrails constantly accruing in our skies, the weird weather and pesky little things like Obama’s plan for preventative detention and so on. Saturn in Virgo drills down into the fractal schema of bad vibes, bad weather and bad karma. It squares off against the raging utopia that’s being erected in the imagination of the sky dreamers, berry eaters and bliss merchants. Where will it all congeal and meet in a confluence of the spirit and the will? My best guess is when Saturn ramps up to 22 degrees in Virgo, in an exact quinqunx Jupiter in Aquarius and Neptune with an orb of 2 degrees, opposing Uranus in Pisces, yet again (thanks Kit). This is where the rubber will meet the road as they say, when idealism confronts realism head on, where the social condition sparks against the imaginal and the magical. Who will prevail? I think it all depends on the quality of the imagination, the potency of the dream and the will to activate it. A head in the clouds approach works best with the feet on the ground.

Make it real children of Aquarius. Build your communities now. Stay in the flow of love, but don’t take your eye off the ball. A wise man once said, “be wise like serpents” and as the serpentine fire flows from the root to the fruit as you chant and twirl, let it rest at your eyes for a while and gaze into things as they are as much as you’d wish them to be.

4 thoughts on “Jupiter/Neptune In Aquarius On The Rise, Chiron’s Feel Good Shadow And Showdown With Saturn In Virgo”

  1. T

    Yes, I echo Renee! Evocative words and a very good read, Robert. 🙂

    I can’t help thinking that those sky dreamers and bliss merchants are just copy-catting the hippie era proper. They need to do something new, different.
    We are becoming so used to re-makes in movies and TV that it’s beginning to spill over into real life. Aquarius is supposed to represent new stuff not makeovers and re-hashes. Perhaps when Uranus enters Aries we’ll see something fresh, new and inspiring.

  2. a

    Thanks Renee and Twilight. What strikes me the most about the culture is it’s inability to observe itself, question it’s own ethos and self-examine. It doesn’t matter if it’s mainstream or new age, a culture that does not partake in it’s own ability to self-reflect is susceptible to it’s own assumptions and even gullibility regarding it’s own importance.

    There is also this strange modality of self-policing that borders on the group think exhibited in Huxley’s “Brave New World” where “negative thinking,” which encapsulates criticism and analysis is not only intolerable, but borders on a cultural sin. We can thank “The Secret” for this kind of conditioning of the collective. That’s not to say that I am against affirmation and celebration, but not at the expense of other perceptions which are not automatically viewed as positive.

    Uranus in Aries is going to be very, very interesting. I see the rise of anarchic energy and some truly pioneering possibilities, amongst a growing tide of global aggression.

    We live in interesting times.

  3. e

    As the light increases…so does the darkness. The brightest light casts the darkest longest shadow. There is always a shadow in the presence of light, and light in the presence of darkness. I think things are getting better despite what seems to be chaos tumbling down all around us. Things are changing because they need to change. It’s going to suck for a while as we make that monumental shift. Any shift (think about packing up and moving, giving birth to a child, remodeling a home) creates momentary chaos in its wake. I think if we look at these times from the future we’ll see that in fact, everything is perfect, and what looks like madness right now is just the chaos in the wake of great change…a change that could bring us to an equilibrium of both modern conveniance and a balance with nature.

    I for one would prefer to spend my time waking people up, opening their hearts, promoting CHANGE and conscious awareness, and dissolving the illusions of separation, rather than promoting scare tactics, paranoia, darkness and fear.

    Is your glass half empty or half full?

    And what is it full of? Something the numbs the mind and the senses, something that pollutes the brain cells and dims the light–or something life-giving and thirst quenching?

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