Jupiter In Gemini, The Obsession With Novelty, Pinball Economics, Future Trends And Astrologer, William Stickevers On FAR

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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Jupiter hasn’t been in Gemini a day and I’ve got people hitting me from all sides with MLMs and spiritual pyramids. They’re flying at me like winged chimeras in all directions at obtuse angles with veering pitches. Jupiter in Gemini is the micro-economy and its alive on arrival. Forget 100k per year. How about five-hundred $10 payments with one hundred people sitting below you, summoning whales into harbor? That’s where its headed. If you haven’t been approached yet. You will. Trust me.

Jupiter in Taurus was largesse. Maybe it was just gristle on the bone, but compared to Jupiter in Gemini’s pie-in-the-sky, get rich quickery with one hundred of your best friends, it will feel like six-course-meal.

Jupiter in Gemini is all speed and blurry motions, making moves that aren’t always in a straight line. When I think of Jupiter in Gemini, I think of pinball.

In the wooden and glass portal of bumpers and paddles, chrome bridges and flashing targets pulse and strobe over comic myths, 2D Pinups, devlish faces and other worlds. We’re lost in the rattle and the buzz of kinetic strategies, hips grinding, pelvises thrusting, hands fingering steely buttons that send the flippers flailing like legs, caressing, crashing and crushing the silvery orb, shooting it upwards into the nether regions of the machine, where we can breath until it descends again, in a path strewn with chaos and opportunity. And what do we get? Maybe an extra game–if we’re good and lucky.

That’s Jupiter in Gemini. In 1871, British inventor, Montegue Redgrave was granted US Patent #115,357 for his “Improvements in Bagatelle”. This was essentially the first pinball machine. Guess where Jupiter was from January to July of 1871? If you guessed Jupiter in Gemini, score 10,000 and get an extra ball.

This country has always been about amusement. The USA has Uranus and Mars, both in Gemini according to the Sibley chart, both of which are in the 7th House. Remember, this is the country where the conquest of the west was re-played by cowboys and indians in big, rambling, traveling road shows, featuring many of the same “indians” that had just been defeated. Pastimes, distractions and amusements are embedded into our cultural and astrological DNA.

Just wait till Obama and Romney get rolling in the next few months. They’re going to make the Kardashians look like Masterpiece Theater. That’s the nature of the beast in America as we’re dazzled by the spectacle of society.

The early pinball games were mechanical ponzi schemes unto themselves. A person would fire a ball to the top of the machine and it would make its way down. If it landed in a safe hole, you got paid out. If it didn’t, you’d lose your money. Of course the machines were built to take more than they gave and eventually pinball was outlawed. It wasn’t until flippers were designed and integrated to give the shooter a fighting chance did they allow them to be manufactured again. By this time though, the games had gone from gambling devices to games of skill, where pimply faced nerds spent hours in auto-erotic trances, mastering the electric chaos while the appollonian future pledges of the establishment wore lettermen jackets and dated on Saturday nights. Pinball is Hermes’ game and Gemini is the trickster messenger of the gods.

There’s absolutely nothing redemptive about pinball and therein lies its beauty. There are no transferrable skills that you can take from pinball and apply them to ones life, except maybe stronger wrists. Don’t go there. Distilling something useful about pinball is Virgo’s trip–not Gemini’s.

So what can we expect with Jupiter in Gemini? Well, there will be no lack of entertainment value, both programmed and improvised. Synchronicities are going to be off the charts–especially for all air signs. Information is going to explode. I expect Apple to unveil their proposed, radical set-box TV, which will own the TV space in ways that we can’t even begin to imagine. Apple owns the music space, the phone space, the personal tablet space and when they get their hands on TV, they’ll do everything in their power to eliminate the likes of Comcast, Time-Warner and Netflix. It will also be a time where they’ll likely face their first anti-trust suit due to monopolization of the market place.

We’ll see the very first, very real, android/robot lovers to hit the market. Of course the LGBT vector will be off the charts. It will encounter resistance though as Jupiter opposes the USA ascendant in Sag at 13 degrees, so we will see it later this year.


There will be a bit of a revolution in education as parents will seek out alternatives to public schools that are failing and flailing in debt. Community schooling will start resonate with people as an idea, a seed planted in Jupiter in Gem, coming to fruition in Jupiter in Cancer.

While the global economy lurches towards the brink of disaster with Greece, Spain and Italy (soon Portugal) sliding off the cliff of solvency, there will be a breakthrough of sorts with people beginning to understand how the books are kept and cooked. It starts at a local level and then begins to spread like wild fire as creative accounting and hidden assets emerge from the coffers of first municipal, then county, then state, then federal books. The great heroes of this phase will be armed with spreadsheets and power points. This however accelerates the dominator control paradigm to exert more effort on maintaining the status quo. As a result of which we’ll see the insertion of drone technology. Remember, Gemini is related to spy craft and the accrual of information. Americans have no idea whats about to hit them with drones and when they do, they won’t be too happy, which will then take mounting tension to another level.

Chaos will be rampant in Jupiter in Gem and don’t think its all just some astrological projection onto the canvas of the collective.

It won’t be.

But at the end of the cycle, before we settle into the major Jupiter transit of our time in 2013 (Jupiter in Cancer), we’ll all have experienced a helluva a lot; Multiple lifetimes mashed into one celestial season, more experience than we could ever process, tripping off symbols and metaphors like they’re the new drugs and yet, we’ll wonder what it was all about and what the hell just took place.

In the meantime, if you send me $10, you’ll have a great position with a dozen open slots below you and you won’t just get your money and then some back–oh no–I give you paradise!!!


Please join me on my show today, 9 AM PST, where I will be interviewing William Stickevers, NYC’s high-tech astrologer. William blends algorithms, forecasting models and astrology to predict macro-economnic trends. We’ll be looking at what’s happening in Europe with the collapse of the Euro, how it impacts the dollar and if it will dovetail with the upcoming Uranus/Pluto Square.

3 thoughts on “Jupiter In Gemini, The Obsession With Novelty, Pinball Economics, Future Trends And Astrologer, William Stickevers On FAR”

  1. I don’t do fb, so i’m sharing here, just cause. These CMEs are killer right now. Anyone else? I feel like an elephant is sitting on me.

  2. d

    Imagine…had that stage collapsed with Radiohead on stage ? toronto 40,000 sold out show ?
    …another Angelic intervention? Bill Hicks says YES!

  3. I LOVE this perspective! I was awesome at pinball – the reigning champ for the one in our house. The multi ball extravaganza – ya baby. We flowed as one. Hmmm, makes me think of when I worked in a factory – I would take over from the earlier shift, the person would complain how awful the machine had run for her, but within 15 minutes it was running smooth for me. Must be an Aquarius in the 1st thing.

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