Jupiter In Cancer, The Final Rays Of Expansive Third Eye Moonbeams, Borderline Insanity, The Crab Digs In

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

murrieta-4-jul-1Entering the shadow of the 29th degree

As “immigrants” get shuttled back and forth between Texas and Murrieta, as Jupiter cycles out of it’s last degrees of Cancer, the intensity gets dialed up. When the last rays of Jove shine through the prismatic, pearl white lens of the Moonchild’s third-eye, the effect is intensified. The basic rule of astrology is that the sign loses it’s power when it gets to the final degrees. While I believe that is true for the degree of the Sun sign, I think that it’s likely the opposite when it comes to transits. As a major planet (Mars through Pluto) reaches the last degrees, like a super nova, it cascades into a peak of intensity and heat, particularly at the 28th degree. The 29th/30th degree is the collapse into the celestial void, to be rapidly recreated into the zero point of the next sign.

A historical case in point would be the disaster that took place at the Daichi power plant, in Fukushima, which has become the worst, nuclear disaster in history. On 3/11/11, Uranus was in the sign of Pisces at 29 degrees and Neptune was in Aquarius, also at 29 degrees. These two, anoretic degrees, are at the critical and most volatile stage, the interzone between cosmic forces that shift from one archetypal essence to the next. When it comes to the outer planets, these shifts and fissures of energy release can be catalytic and even cataclysmic. On 3/11/11, the whole of Eastern Japan was convulsed by a major, tectonic shift, which caused a massive tsunami and flooding the Daichi, nuclear facility.


The Tusnami signaled the arrival of Neptune in Pisces, which would officially occur, on the 5th of April. This dramatic entrance signaled the elemental power of Neptune’s next incarnation in it’s own sign.

Meanwhile, Uranus in Aries was also making itself rapidly acquainted with the populace at large. Uranus is connected both etymologically and symbolically to Uranium, which of course, along with Plutonium, fuels reactors like the one at Daichi. The shift from Pisces to Aries is like a heat flash over the ocean. What was once cool and aqueous (Pisces) explodes into the fiery essence of the very core of the Earth itself in Aries.

One of the more unspoken elements of this event and sign shift is the potential of a covert war (Aries) being carried out on the planet and the inhabitants of the Northern Hemisphere. But now that Neptune is in Pisces, it’s become more difficult to ascertain the truth at the foggy bottom.

In October, 2008, the month that many in the country would label the most devastating, economic tsunami of our lifetime, hit. Pluto had already been in Capricorn earlier in the year and the tectonic rumblings of a faltering economy, based on shaky toxic debt, was about to reach 10.0 on the economic Richter scale.

What happened was that Americans burned up their phone lines, doing everything in their power to have their congressman and senators to stand down. In a rare show of force, they made their elective representatives vote “no” on the bailout. This was Pluto in Sag in a rampant explosion of rights and collective indignation, the last gasp perhaps as a dying republic as well, since I believe that Sag is the rising sign of the USA chart.

Once Pluto in Cap finally kicked in, the corporacratic forces settled. The bottom of the economy dropped out, the bailout occurred and the United States became financial partners with AIG, GM and Fanny Mae.

Bernanke And Paulson Testify On State Of The Economy

Pluto in Sag at 28 degrees was the final, triumphal blast that was muted into a flat note when Ben Bernanke and Henry “Hologram” Paulson strong armed congress when they actually voted a second time to pass the economic recovery act, which would later be known as TARP. Again, what we’re trying to establish is what takes place in the final degrees, the last flash of light, the final breaths as the life of the sign expires and is reborn into it’s next station.

Currently, what we are witnessing in the 28th degree of Jupiter in Cancer, is being manifest in the drama at the swollen distended border between Mexico and Texas. The drama exists on both sides of the broken fence. In places like El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, a mass exodus unlike anything we’ve seen in recent memory joined up with the usual human traffic from Mexico to produce staggering numbers. Of course children are taking the center stage, this is the ingress of Jupiter in Leo, the vibrations of which are mounting on the fringes of the Southwest.


Leo rules children, so children’s issues will be highlighted and expanded the days, weeks and months to come. But these things do not happen in a bubble. There isn’t just some internal signal in people that goes off, much like the swallows return to Capistrano. No, this was a highly advanced and planned out operation. We’ll return to this point later.

So we have hordes of people leaving their home (Cancer), trying to expand and travel (Jupiter). Meanwhile, here in the states, there has been growing and vocal opposition to what is taking place at the borders. In Murrieta, California, DHS buses packed with human overflow have been turned back by people who have had enough of the federal government, and it’s constant intrusion into their lives. Remember, the USA is a Cancer country, which ultimately opposes the Pluto in Capricorn, machine-like rise of the will to corporate power. The truth of the matter and it’s a heartbreaking one is that the El Salvadorians, Hondurans, Guatemalens and Mexicans are being used as pawns in a highly orchestrated, Pluto In Capricornian putsch. They were essentially told by marketing and propaganda in their countries that Obama would accept them if they brought their children to the borders. Now the administration is asking for $3.4 billion to deal with the issue. Meanwhile, on the other side of the fence, lending and credit numbers soared over the past sixty days, not because people were borrowing money to start new businesses, no they were borrowing just to stay alive and keep their lives afloat, which brings us back to 2008.

The economic numbers are all smoke and mirrors. The uber-wealthy who have been able to borrow large amounts of cheap, Bernanke reserve notes thanks to quantitative easing have done incredibly well, while the middle class sinks deeper and deeper into the nether zones of diminishing resources and faded dreams. $3.4 billion as part of a small business, stimulus package with low interest loans would go a long ways towards strengthening the economic immune system, but that would never occur. It’s the perfect tryst of government and big business sucking each other off. Fifty-thousand-plus people are no small number to add to a government that wants to get bigger. They also ultimately translate into ridiculously cheap labor, which keeps wages down. It’s a major win for the mutant-beast of proto-corporate, federated-fascism.

Pluto is also the planet of death, which means that this Sauronic blitz in our midst will not succeed. It, by virtue of Pluto, is doomed to fail as it is manifesting in its current incarnation.


Transforming governance is what this is all about and it will happen.

I predict that between now and the 17th, in just eight, short days, that there will be a much more vocal (and perhaps physical) resistance by Americans regarding this issue. As a people, Americans get a bad rap thanks in part to the insanely destructive, hegemonic strategies of Bush and his Neocons. But by and large, we are a generous people, who rush to the aid of others where disasters take place, both nationally and internationally. When Katrina hit, first responders from all over the country raced to New Orleans to help. They didn’t care if the residents were black, white, brown or pink. They were needed.

Cancer, by and large, as a sign is not aggressive—it is defensive. The crab uses its claws to keep it’s threats at bay. Only when it or it’s brood is threatened, does it fight for its life. This is the very position that America (Cancer) is in, with Jupiter expanding both it’s borders and it’s own, internal response.

Stay tuned.

Let me do a Neal-like epilogue here so I can beat him to the punch; In the desert we are all dust and our DNA is just the tape loop from other worlds. The Mastodon once infringed upon the savannah of the fading Brachiosaur amidst the Earth’s shifting axis. In the company of gypsies, you learn about the slow procession of home as a moveable destination into the infinite.

8 thoughts on “Jupiter In Cancer, The Final Rays Of Expansive Third Eye Moonbeams, Borderline Insanity, The Crab Digs In”

  1. Very well written post, covering all key points, both astrologically and sociologically. Very interesting the comments about the supernova burst of the last degrees of a sign, especially with the outer planets. I believe this to be very accurate. And had not noticed it about Fukushima and the 2008 crisis. Excellent observations. Thank you.

  2. M

    Great post… and agree that the division and disparities seem to be increasing in many instances. However, there are many bright points, including much attention to this problem by the media (which usually means some ulterior motive)
    Im reminded by another astrological reading on how Jupiter is especially supportive of these economic bubbles by being off alone in the sky for much of these past few years, and for a couple more. The inflation that many of us are feeling (and which the Fed and govt will not admit to) may help push this bubble to another popping point by the latter end of the decade.
    Then we get to see the solution to this manufactured problem!

  3. T

    Thanks for this, Robert. The border/immigrant situation is dire (did a post on it myself today as we now have a center for young South American would-be immigrants at Fort Sill close to where I live).

    Your observation that “Leo rules children, so children’s issues will be highlighted and expanded the days, weeks and months to come” hit home to me especially – I hadn’t noticed that aspect of Leo/Jupiter myself, but had noticed a flurry of child-related news items in the past week or so, as well as coincidental movies we watched, all unknowingly. I almost did a post on that too, but thought – ah no , it’s coincidence only.

    The UK is (as you no doubt know) currently running down evidence of past child molestation and abuse by celebrity figures and high-placed individuals – via Operation Yewtree and Operation Fernbridge. Then – we’ve accidentally watched two films on successive night about child abduction, not realising they were so similar: “Changeling” (was on HBO couple nights ago) and “Keane” I bought a used DVD recently because I’m a fan of Damian Lewis – hadn’t researched the subject matter at all and was quite amazed to find it was similar to the last film we’d watched. Then there’s this child immigrant thing. Hmmmm!

    1. a

      Twy, Saturn in Scorpio was ushered in by the Sandusky scandal, almost to the day and we’ve been dealing with these dark and troubling revelations of child sex rings, including Mr. Savile since. More, big time revelations to come.

  4. p

    hey bro – your point here “the whole of Eastern Japan was convulsed by a major, tectonic shift, which caused a massive tsunami and flooding the Daichi, nuclear facility.” feels er, i dont know, 45 to 90 degrees off center 🙂

    according to these videos http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/collagesm.jpg and the japanese themselves, there was no (actual) earthquake, just a tsunami triggered by a shallow nuke, a strategy perfected by the russians and copied by the americans during the cold war. the japanese started doing many things new, out of their americanized characters right before 3/11 like trying to make amends with their chinese cousins, told the US military to get the F out of okinawa, the People elected an alternative to the post WW2 US puppet party and then US SecDef Gates came out and flat stated publicly, there will be consequences for leaving the US (sphere of protection)!

    Then 3/11 happened just a few short weeks later! now Abe (PM) is totally showing public US support by agitating chinese relations publicly and printing more money to go along with western wishes. further it appears this could be accomplished successfully because the japanese were actively attempting their own nuke weapons program at fuku and they can’t have that come out due to government restraints enshrined post WW2. this is partly why they needed to continue to lie about levels of radiation still present as they had too much material for alternative ends…

    re: the fake immigration problem – http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/scammerstrainoflies.html why was there an RFP by DHS for PLANES AND BUSES (mostly) to transport immigrants 6 months ago????? http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/06/20/govt-confirms-authenticity-of-contract-request-for-escort-services-for-unaccompanied-alien-children-at-the-border/ ROPE A DOPE FOLKS!

    the videos are fake…the photos are mostly fake…(almost all of it is, when u begin pulling @ that thread)…but what they did to real children to bring them up here is SICKening…what they are really after is the children and probably the parent’s (private) Estates though on how that ties into the FRN/treasury public but private money system and valuing collateralize assets…let this be my stand starting now, not waiting till the 17th in true Aries style (in truer style u know i started YEARS ago) 🙂

    i’m really starting to wonder if public consumption stories are molded to fit astro narratives since the rulers of today may in fact be OF Babylon (by descent and they probably have the records to prove it privately); astrology is their craft from recent diggings on where astrology/astrotheology fits into history. i mean it would make sense given celestial energies and their ANGLES/angels changing from moment to moment so certain (his)stories are more palatable in the public at certain times due to astro energy and the fog it provides…

    long story short – they will keep trying deception, they will keep failing until the rubber band snaps…back…into (its rightful) position 🙂

    1. a

      I don’t have a problem with the Stone narrative around Fukushima and I don’t think his version of the event and what happened are mutually exclusive, especially if there was a nuke that was set off, it’s still uranus/neptune, etc.. To me, it still coheres to the 28th and 29th degrees of a sign being explosive. I have friends that are connected to what’s happening at the borders and there are real issues. It’s not staged for our consumption. BTW, I don’t fully trust Stone. His work on the flight 370 material I thought was bogus and suspect, but if you want to use him as your barometer for truth, go right ahead.

  5. n

    Um, how does Cetus factor in, with the tomb of Jonah being sacked?
    And the border thing. When the waters receeded, the blood cults tried to establish in North America. That is why Chicago and other places are reverting to form.

    There was War, and most of that was driven down south. Lost tribal refugees, Sons of Belial, crazy stuff. Cetaceans were involved in that. Patterns over time.

    Now they have been beaching, and are not producing any shiny prophets, these days. Seems like a certain dynamic is trying to happen. Probably Cetus stuff, a lot of the other things are important. Very aquatic, not a frame of reference for the desert, just thunder.

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