Jupiter In Cancer, Nostalgia And The Collective Projection Of Memory, Plus Jupiter In Cancer Scopes For All Signs

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Cancerian proportion maneyefests

Cancer is the most nostalgic sign. It is the soothing carrier wave that calls us home. It’s no coincidence that it rises at the time of the Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s a seasonal reminder of where we came from. In the summer of our minds the Sun was more golden than today, days longer, cares less burdened and the dream of youth would go on forever. In most of our minds at least, it’s a sentimental journey into a type of innocence that is deeply Cancerian, deeply Summer.

On FB I asked people what their best memories were of Summer when they were young. It was fairly universal; bike riding, catching some form of reptile or bug, the cool ocean, the creek, the woods, good times.

Those days are over for most of us and in many ways, long gone. It’s not as if we exaggerate the changes, like generations often do saying it was better or harder when they were young and in the case of my generation, it was. There was never a sense that the world is a dangerous place. We didn’t do playmates. We usually walked over to another kid’s house, knocked on the door and see if they wanted to play.

We didn’t have to wear helmets when we biked.

We weren’t basted with sun screen.

AM radio was worth at least 1-2 hours of entertainment.

Parents weren’t challenged by an existential dread that accompanies that trip today. We’ve been so bombarded by what could or might happen that it seems like our kids have missed out on the breezy rules of those times. Was it the first wave of young faces plastered on the backs of milk cartons that upped the ante on fear and concern? From a Bernaysian perspective, there couldn’t have been a better meme to spike us all with a mornings dose of anxiety. Think about it. You’re going to the refrigerator to get the most feminine of all essences, even if it did come from a cow–yes milk sourced from the teat of life no matter what species. It connects you back to your most innocent and primordial state; coffee, tea, or Fruit Loops. And there, just as we subliminally re-connected, we’re hit with a photo of some child who might not be drinking milk or maybe in some other place, far from the one that they use to.

Was it a well meant method of keeping these faces in front of us or was it a way for us to drink in the fear. Was this the beginning of the end of the innocence?

My good friend Lawrence Hultberg just told me about Catherine Austin Fitts’ “Popsicle Index.” Here’s Fitt’s explanation of the “PI”; “The Popsicle Index is the % of people who believe a child can leave their home, go to the nearest place to buy a popsicle or snack, and come home alone safely. For example, if you feel that 50% of your neighbors believe a child in your neighborhood would be safe, then your Popsicle Index is 50%. The Popsicle Index is based on gut level feelings of the people who have intimate knowledge of a place, rather than facts and figures.

The purpose of the Popsicle Index is to inspire continuos conversation and learning in every neighborhood and village on earth about what it means to feel safe and secure where you live and work, to be physically free to wander and roam without concern and to identify and shift the people and things that contribute or drain that feeling.”

I’d say the global PI at this time is pretty low

But Jupiter in Cancer summons our memories from a different time, memories of a less complicated world. Imagine the NSA scandal happening in 1973? Nixon wouldn’t have just been impeached, he would have done time in San Quentin. And now, our president vacations in Africa where his popularity is not in question. When things are hard at home, ya gotta hit the road.

Jupiter in Cancer has the power to retrieve memory in such a way that it can change and transform the social landscape. The last time it was in Cancer was in 2001, hitting on July 13th, a Friday, just mere months before 911. The power of this exalted influence was hijacked and we were given, no, force-fed a type of patriotism that rose in response to 911. We ate freedom fries instead of French Fries and were now forced to stand for “God Bless America” at every 7th inning, at every baseball game across the country. Bush, a Cancer was the folksy symbol for this faux-sentimentality.

This is how powerful Jupiter in Cancer is. The arch-mages casting charts on checkered floors in the courts of the royal bloodlines know this, especially as it sits in opposition of Pluto in Capricorn, the corporarcratic behemoth that was given an unholy birth in October of 2008, when the banking crisis hit this country like a green plague. It spawned “Too big too fail” whereas Jupiter in Cancer is popsicles for all.

From the jump, the energy itself was co-opted as quickly as could be the SCOTUS as they wasted no time in voting down DOMA. Now it could be seen as a different type of family that was defined on that day with the Moon in Aquarius, but the actual legal ground on which DOMA was repealed is shaky at best. It had nothing to do with constitutionality of DOMA, but was ruled that there was a moral animus against homosexual couples. Where is the basis of the legal writ? There is none. The ruling itself is a byproduct of subjective morality and that morality was determined by five people for the rest of us. The slippery slope here is that the court can use this type of “moral animus” for just about anything.

This happened with Mercury stationary, just about to go retrograde. They squeezed it in.

So from the jump, we were already dealing with an impacting aspect surrounding Jupiter in Cancer, but this is not the nostalgia of Cancer–that has yet to be played out. Thirteen years ago, we were shocked and traumatized by 911 and the Project For The New American Century was installed quickly in the aftermath of of collective bewilderment. And in the ensuing years, people are waking up and wising up, however, there’s a downside to our wakefulness and that’s a type of vigilance that’s a lot like waiting for the next show to drop. It’s like the kid that was beaten by a parent and tip toes around, wondering when the next lashing will occur. We’re awakening and it’s coming at a price.

However, we’re more in a place than we were in 2001 to appreciate the simple things like community, a shared meal over an open flame on a warm Summer day, a cold beer, a popsicle. It sounds trite and perhaps a tad-too-sentimental, but it’s only when we open ourselves to positive memories of caring, sharing and trusting can we escort them into this domain again, because the greatest weapon we have against the tyranny of the machine is kindness and looking after one another. That is the essence of Jupiter in Cancer. It expands into our conscious awareness and allows us to seefeel through the eyeheart of another. As a result, we can make amends for our past errors and address the grievances we have or are held against us.

One of my major concerns right now is the Zimmernan trial taking place in Florida. Between Paula Deen’s massive deconstruction with race as the ICBM that scored a direct hit to reputation and Jamie Foxx sporting his Trayvon Martin at the BET awards, I’m concerned that the racial fires are being stoked and that if Zimmerman walks, America might be in peril even though that Zimmerman isn’t Caucasian. He’s actually mixed. His mother is Afro-Peruvian, with black ancestry according to Wikipedia. Let’s hope that the waters of Jupiter in Cancer will wash away any moral animus in the wake of this case, no matter what happens. Our immediate future might depend upon it. By the way, Martin is Martian, which of course is derivation of Mars, the God of War.

So what’s it going to be like for all signs over the next twelve months with Jupiter in Cancer? Read on and discover your destiny:


Quite simply Aries, plant yourself wherever you are. Your meanderings and restless heart need solid ground no matter what’s taking place in your life. If the soil is hard, work it. Break it down and build it up. There’s no guarantee that the next stop will be any better. The sooner you start, the faster your process will take place. By the time Jupiter moves into the more amenable sign of Leo, you’ll be ready to claim the royal bounty as a result of your willingness to face yourself by staying where you are.


Expand your ability to think and communicate. If you ever wanted to learn a second or a third language, this would be a very good time. This Jupiter is oh-so mutually receptive to you. It loosens up your hard pack clay and you are supple, pliable and even moist. For those of you that are entrepreneurially inclined, starting your own business could be a good thing. Just make sure it includes flowers, scents and delicious things to eat. If you do, success is almost guaranteed.


It’s an astrological cliche that when Jupiter swings into the second house that ones providence rises in proportion to it’s snug position. So Gems and Gem rising, rest assured that the struggle to survive gets a twelve-month-reprieve and its not anything you’ll do, but what you’ve already done. Just make sure you finish the big ticket items and then sit back and watch the blessings roll in like the tide.


You’ve been waiting for this season for the last four years. Your Hejira has come to end of sorts. The hard cardinal angles are still going to bear down upon you, but you have a significant shield that makes life just a little easier, a little more trustworthy than it has been in recent memory. Dare I say that you’ll even be lucky? Luck is not some mystical force for the most part. It’s a type of mental/spiritual/emotional concordance that when achieved, allows for miracle and magic to manifest. Luck at it’s highest form is grace and you’ve got it. Stay humble and expand into what you do best. Love.


A spiritual home is just as important as a physical domain and for the next twelve months you’re in search of yours. It could lead you to Katmandu or The Alley Kat Bar & Grill, it doesn’t matter where, what does matter is how you feel when you are there or anywhere for that matter. Reality will be an inside out affair for you, so honor it and allow your inner life to bless you with a feeling of coming home, again and again and again.


Everyone needs a community and you are about to find yours. While you are not the consummate loner, your number is nine, the number of the hermit in the major arcana, so you do have your hermetic tendencies, which is not the same as being a loner. You’re okay with yourself and doing the things you like. Loners make choices to be separate and that’s another discussion altogether. That said, you are about to be met by others that are like minded and hearted and guess what? You’re prickly Virgo ass is gonna have some fun with your new found friends and if you’re paying attention, you’ll start something interesting with them, like a co-op, a farm or a film company that specializes in documentaries.


This cardinal magic hits you where you need it most–in your chosen profession–but not in a way that you think. You might think that this might mean a new job, a promotion, maybe even a new career. Well, those are all possible, but not the immediate payoff here. This aspect is about going deeply into what you do. Libra has a bit a of a bad rap as being an auteur, versus an artist and not knowing the difference between the two. You can bridge that gap by dropping down into your art/work and channeling as much empathy as possible. In so doing, your airy ideas are filled with thunderstorms and clouds of joy alike. Allow yourself to be touched and give your all, in all you do.


Activating your higher purpose has everything to do with your being able to transform the intensity of your life experience into something resembling faith. I look at someone like AAron Hernandez, the Patriots TE with the troubled past who is in jail awaiting a murder trial. Sometimes I wonder if the likes of Hernandez are here to channel the darkest parts of our nature, taking on our collective psychopathology like deadly empaths with brutal karma. I wonder this because he’s a Scorpio and somehow couldn’t transform the suffering of when he lost his father as a teen into some greater realization and higher ground. But that’s what you’re all about for the next 12 months. Don’t worry, you’re not going to want to kill anyone and it’s going to be easier than you think. You’re out of the darkness. Round up to the next, most positive emotion and oh, get away if you can. You need a really good vacation.


Jim Morrison was credited with being rock’s first shaman, though I think that’s being a tad generous. Shamans actually care about the life of the tribe and yet while there’s no doubt that the Lizard King could descend into raging fugue states, often with the help of powerful psychedelics and alcohol, I never got the sense he gave a shit about anyone other than Jim. Think of yourself as Morrison but without the heavy trips. Your plunge into the nether regions of the psyche will do you well. Regard it as an amazing journey into a psycho-spiritual realm, where you are renewed by sacral forces that bring with them sublime knowledge and an overwhelming sense of well being. But here’s the catch–unlike Morrison you have to care. If you don’t the sleeping dragon will not be kind to you–trust me.


Everyone’s heart has to melt sometime and guess what? This time is yours. Yes, your polar ice caps are gonna, drip, drip, drip away. That means the waters rise and with it, your emotional state as well. When that happens, people will sit up and take notice. You’ll be accessible and even approachable. Guess what that means? People get to see your softer side, you know, the one that’s actually interested in others. If you don’t play with this energy, well, you’ll miss out on a lot of meaningful emotions and maybe, just maybe true love. The other option? Well, you could remain steadfast in your in your serious profile, but you’d miss 12 months that could take 12 years off your life with the right person. Sounds like a good tradeoff to me.


I’m hard on Aquarius sometimes as I’ve seen not much good coming out of the manufactured revolutionary cycles and personalities that history has given us, like the Bolshevik Revolution, Saul Alinsky and The Beatles, but I refuse to give up on you since I have Chiron in Aquarius. I have to embrace my own revolutionary wound. Here’s something that might help us both; Radical Service. Ponder that one for a moment, because that’s your mission. Find ways to use your brilliance on behalf of others, not an ideal, but a real purpose. Bring some much needed compassion and you’ll dazzle the world with a new brand of care, an ideology that is love in action.


We come to the dreamer, the lover, the martyr, the paranoid, the saint. Yes, that’s you. What if I told you that you were going to get all that you want and more over the next twelve months, however, there would be one, simple caveat and that is that you would have to be unabashedly you. Yep. That’s right. No more hiding out or trying to fit in. Can’t get the prize wearing a disguise. Your triple-hot fudge-happiness-sunday cannot be savored unless you are willing to take the risk of the rest of the world seeing just how marvelous, kooky, spooky, weird sweet you are. If you do that, I promise that the next year will exceed even your wildest expectations.

8 thoughts on “Jupiter In Cancer, Nostalgia And The Collective Projection Of Memory, Plus Jupiter In Cancer Scopes For All Signs”

  1. J

    Thank you…I mean, what do you mean I have to be myself and acknowledge it? Good lord…I cant wait for the world to be ready because I am.

  2. C

    Yes, let’s work to cultivate an awake and discerning love and respect for the past, for tradition, for our family and nation. Not sentimentality — but love, gratitude, and appreciation.

    This time of year while the Sun is in Cancer (and now with Jupiter there as well) is a perfect time to own and claim our true rootedness — physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

    A time to anchor ourselves in what is real, meaningful, and lasting.

  3. F

    I have Venus @29 Gemini, Mercury @00 Cancer, and Moon @5 Cancer…So far it has been a very pleasant ride. A welcome respite from the intensity of the square.

    Always a pleasure to read your thoughts. Thank you.


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