Jupiter In Aries Early Signature Moments

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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Flame on!

First it was disgruntled Bears fans burning Jay Cutler’s jersey. Then it got a lot more serious. Abdou Abdel-Monaam Hamadah, 48, a restaurant owner from Qantara, Egypt, set himself ablaze as a form of protest for not getting flour subsidies. According to The Telegraph; “He was said to have been complaining that he was unable to get bread coupons for his restaurant – Egypt has a system of flour subsidies in place in an attempt to combat widespread poverty.”

Setting himself on fire? Now that’s commitment.

But he was not alone. Also from The Telegraph;

“The incident was followed by a Mauritanian setting himself alight in Nouakchott. Yavoub Ould Dahoud, 42, stopped his car in front of the Senate, which is several feet from the presidency in the capital Nouakchott, before setting himself on fire.

Four Algerian men have also set themselves alight in the last week, all apparently inspired by the incident which set off the protests that culminated in the overthrow of Zine al-Abedine Ben Ali, Tunisia’s President, on Friday.”

It all started when Mohamed Bouazizi immolated himself in Tunisia on 12/12, as a precursor to Jupiter in Aries. In it’s most raw and potent sense, the individual as represented by Jupiter in Aries is literally on fire.

Volcano In Japan

Apparently, burning humans aren’t the only hot topic in the early days of Jupiter in Aries. Mt. Kirishima, one of Japan’s 100 great mountains became active for the first time in 50 years. We’re talking ash, fire. exploding rocks, etc. Yet another Jupiter in Aries related event. The shift from Uranus in Pisces to Aries on March 12th, will likely reflect even more intense volcanic and geo-thermal activity. Let’s hope whole communities decide to pass on the new rage, “The Immolation Sensation.”

Mt. Kirishima.

2 thoughts on “Jupiter In Aries Early Signature Moments”

  1. L

    Hey, you’re all fired up too, I see. Nice to have a slew of posts.

    Just thinking Michael Lutin may not get to Bali this year if Uranus really lights up this volcano.

    ‘The eruption of 2329m-high Tengger Caldera, in east Java, forced the cancellation of flights for two days straight, stranding passengers bound for Bali from Australia, as well as those headed in the opposite direction.’ Sydney Morning Herald

  2. A

    Interestingly the hot Jupiter in Aries with teh cold Pluto in capricorn and Saturn in Libra: Cold Fusion… It has been found in Italy, in University of Bologna, a perhaps possible way to use this chemical reaction in order to **concretely** produce energy… A sort of “Mistah Fusion” (“Return to The Future”) do it yourselves…
    We will see how will this discovery develop…

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