Jupiter In Aries 0 Degrees And The Cutler Burn

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Notice the “6,” six stripes and six letters in Cutler.

Jay Cutler (Taurus) became one of the first, public expressions of Jupiter in Aries and not in a flattering way. Cutler plays quarterback for The Chicago Bears, who played The Green Bay Packers this past Sunday, for the championship of the NFC, aka as “The Halas Trophy.” The trophy is named after George Halas, former coach and owner of the very same Bears, one of footballs founding fathers.

Cutler is not known for his warm and engaging personality. Nor is he known for his fiery spirit. He’s more known for being a type 2 diabetic, with a rocket arm and a reality star girl friend (Kristin Cavallari). After being traded from The Denver Broncos, he bombed in is first season as a Bear. There were audible whispers in Chicago that Cutler was approaching bust level. He was also rumored to not take care of his body and party a little too much, especially for someone with diabetes. But this year was a different story. Under the tutelage of Mike Martz (Taurus) his new offensive coordinator, Cutler regained the form he flashed in one, scintillating season in Denver. He did this while being sacked a league high 55 times, suffering one concussion. In essence, Jay Cutler took a beating this year. His reward? He got to play in at least two more games.

Two weeks ago, he and Martz carved up the Seattle defense and Cutler was being mentioned in the same discussion as Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger. All that changed on Sunday.

In the frigid air of Chicago, two bitter, regional rivals staged a war on the permafrost shores of Lake Michigan. The Packers were not The Seahawks though. They were a far more talented team than Seattle, giving Cutler sophisticated and cagey looks on defense, stifling his ability to throw, harassing him on every play, pounding him into the icy dirt of Soldier Field. One sack however changed Jay Cutler and maybe how we exchange information, thanks to the martial thrust of Jupiter in Aries.

Near the end of the second quarter, close to mid-field Cutler was flattened. He arose with a bloodied elbow and a balky knee. He wound up going to the locker room early, then after halftime, emerging from the locker room, he jumped on a stationary bike, tried to loosen the knee and came in for the first series of the third quarter, where he was horrible. But he had been horrible for most of the game anyway. However after that series, he didn’t take another snap. Instead second stringer Todd Collins, then third stringer, Caleb Hanie quarterbacked for The Bears. Cutler was on the sidelines, looking disinterested, bored and slightly bothered. That is when Jupiter in Aries kicked in.

Before the game was even over, the Twitterverse was exploding with judgments regarding Cutler’s inability to play with a bad knee in a big game. He was being called out in real time, not just by fans, but by his peers. Serial Tweeters, Darnell Dockett, Ray Lewis and Maurice Jones-Drew all called Cutler’s leadership and manhood into question. Jones-Drew (Aries) was the most vocal; “Hey I think the urban meyer rule is effect right now… When the going gets tough……..QUIT.”

Players rarely throw one of their own under the bus. They support each other in contract disputes and are almost free-masonic, when it comes to protecting locker room secrecy, so it was a little shocking to see them literally tear Cutler’s dangling reputation to shreds, without giving him the benefit of the doubt, like maybe he really could be injured.

This 140 character firestorm took place at Jupiter/Aries, 0 degrees. Aries of course is the God of War, and Mars rules football, since of all the major sports, it is the most like war, using phrases like bomb, blitz with regularity. It’s a game about capturing turf and taking no prisoners. It is also representative of the individual effort under duress; the heroic and the fallen.

Last Sunday, it was Cutler’s laconic image, slouching on the sidelines while his team was getting their brains kicked in, while a gutsy third stringer made it much more of a game than Cutler had, that was burning a negative in the collective mind’s eye. So much so that Cutler’s jersey was burned in effigies around Chicago. Talk about symbolic! We’re talking fire, Aries, Jupiter and Jay Cutler’s scorched career. But there is a lesson in here somewhere.

Seems like he was really hurt (grade two sprain of the medial collateral ligament). People like Jones-Drew had to have very public moments of retraction. Ironically, Jones-Drew, the quickest and maybe deepest cutter of Cutler, really only had one leg to stand on, because in the last two games of the season, his team, The Jacksonville Jaguars were fighting for a play off spot and Jones-Drew, their stare running back was not on the field. You see, he had a knee injury on his own. But lucky for him, he was not alone. Deion Sanders, one of the great loudmouths in all of sports, spent two days questioning Cutler’s manhood, not understanding why he wasn’t playing until his knee cap was falling off. Yet this is the same Deion Sanders that pulled a hammy on his way into the end zone, dancing and celebrating while scoring a touch down. So in essence fellas, think thrice before you hit send.

It was literally an unprecedented, uncontrollable torrent of criticism for Cutler, ushering in the fire of Jupiter in Aries and Twitter was the trigger that started. Look for Twitter to play an important role in the impulsive energy that symbolizes Jupiter and later Uranus in Aries.

And what of Jay Cutler? In typical Cutler fashion, he said little as his team mates and coach surrounded and supported him, touting his toughness. Later, he was seen at Mastro’s in Chicago with Cavallari and nine others for dinner, sporting a bit of limp, no crutches, using the stairs instead of the elevator.

Jupiter in Aries might have burned Cutler’s reputation, but it sure didn’t curb his appetite nor dampen his dinner plans.

if I were him, I’d lay low until Jupiter transits into to Taurus where his natal Sun lies.

Be like a real Bear Jay and hibernate until next season..

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