Jupiter In Aquarius — The Currency Of Light — Re-Imagining The Self

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

silversurferPlug into the possibility.

I was talking with my pal Chris over at Kosmic and I was trying to translate the concept of the “Currency Of Light” and he struggled slightly and thought it might be instructive to provide some examples to understand what I was talking about. So I thought about and what I came up with was a series of events that took place in my life in 1995, just as Pluto was touching my ascendant.

I was managing an apartment building in East Oakland and it had been an incredibly enlightening, yet more than occasionally sad experience. I was a witness to certain version of Black American life close up. It was the WIC, AFDC, single-mother version. I saw many, many things in that neighborhood that made me a much better person in many ways, but as I mentioned it was rarely easy. Two of the things that I had to do was evict people and manage their public behavior so that others in the building could live a mostly normal life. There was a series of events that took place over a three-week-stretch that for me was the uplink to the source that would eventually plug me into “The Currency Of Light.”

There was a young couple that lived in one of the bottom units. The guy that lived there smoked meth and was always drawing lots of trouble to himself and his quite lovely, yet unfortunate girlfriend. They covered their rent, but he was a REAL problem. So one day, I said to myself, “What if they had a small fire in their kitchen, no one gets hurt, minimal damage and it let’s us move them out?” Well, just a few days later, it happened and sure enough, they were on their way out.

Then, there was another woman on the same floor, whose sister would park her “hooptie” in the back, where only residents could park. I had asked her repeatedly to move the car and i always got the same answer which was “ok” and the car would remain. So as I passed her car, I actually thought about slashing her tire to teach her a lesson, but didn’t. I returned in the morning to find her tire slashed. She never parked in the back again.

Then, there was the big moment.

I had been working on one of the units and was shutting down for the night. The apartment below me was partying and loudly carrying on. I wasn’t into it. Not coincidentally, they were getting evicted. So I walked downstairs, asked them to turn their music down and they shined me on. I thought about going into the basement to shut their power off, but thought better. Then I said to myself, “What if there was a little power outage in the hood and they ended their party as a result?” Well, just a few minutes later, you guessed it–out went the lights and the party broke up. I was feeling a little weirded out at this point. I tuned into Art Bell on my battery powered radio and found out that there had been a major black out/power surge all over the Western US. Then I found out that the source of the blackout was . . . “Oakland.” I managed to call into Bell and told him my story. He said; “Well there you go ladies and gentleman, it’s all the man in Oakland’s fault.”

I began to look at how reality was conforming to my thoughts and realized that in each situation, I never asked for anyone to get hurt. Some might call all of this high strangeness just weird coincidences and yet, I knew that this was directly linked to my consciousness and was illustrating to me how we can have far more control over our environment than we had ever imagined, if we re-imagined ourselves and our capabilities.

Well I eventually experienced the backlash of this power when I decided to make it personal. I was clearly shown that I could not cross that line without consequences.

To me, this is one manifestation of “The Currency Of Light,” to be able to practice holistic and non-threatening magic. What if hundreds, thousands of us were able to tap into that powerful vortex? What could we do if our will and intentions were aligned in the highest and most loving way? What kind of magic could we wield? How quickly would we be able to re-imagine what’s possible? This is one aspect of what I am talking about when I mention “The Currency Of Light.” By tapping into the deep, cosmic reservoir of possibility and sharing it amongst ourselves, trading in the diversity of what each of us has to offer one another in relationship with the quantum universe, we interact with the quantum reality and accrue interest through the continued participation in this realm, especially in conjunction with others. That is the psycho-electrical throughput for “The Currency Of Light.”

For me, the possibility to link up on these subtle networks which allows the currency to flow freely and manifest in form is here and now with Jupiter in Aquarius. We can begin this collective practice by noticing it in ourselves, in our lives, in action in the world around us and empowering it’s presence. Twilight brought up the transit of Uranus into Aries and to me, that phase is the radical activation of will. It is the on switch for those that haven’t quite plugged in yet.

I’ll have more concrete examples in the not-too-distant future.

8 thoughts on “Jupiter In Aquarius — The Currency Of Light — Re-Imagining The Self”

  1. s

    Interesting that your experiences coincided with Pluto to your AC. Obviously, something happened that brought home the lesson that the power of Pluto cannot be used for purely personal ends without backlash. Would like to hear “the rest of the story”.

  2. T

    I echo what shawn has said……”rest of story”?

    This was a fascinating read, Robert. Thanks. One thing popped into my mind just as I finished reading….how can you tell whether what you experienced wasn’t precognition – a flash of the future, rather than a thought of yours which turned into fact? I suspect that if something like that happened to me, I’d immediately look on it as a bit of a psychic experience – me having observed something before it happened, rather than me having “caused” it to happen. Pluto on the ascendant could relate to the experience either way, couldn’t it? :-)

    Is what you describe more or less the same as magic? (Without the spells and bells and whistles)

  3. a


    The answer to your question is that I don’t know.

    But whatever was taking place, it was something that did not conform with reality as I knew it. I had many other experiences during this time, such as OBE’s, etc.

    I also had some very dark times there as well.

    Pluto was not only sitting near my ascendant, it was trining my natal Pluto near my mid-heaven.

    The next day, the story changed and they said that the power outage was in Central California, whereas the night before it was in Oakland, where I was, which made it even stranger.

    So the rest of the story goes like this.

    I lived 50 feet off the grounds (four stories) and behind me I had a young woman whose brother was in and out of jail. One day he is there with the mother of his children and he beat her up so bad that she feared for her life and jumped out the window, falling fifty feet. She suffered multiple injuries including brain damage. When I saw her again, she was like a child.

    I was furious at the guy and began to use my “new found powers” on seeing him jump out the same window. I put A LOT of energy into it.

    I had a dog at the time and one day before I drove off to work I left my window, big with no screen open because it was so hto. I had the feeling that I should close it, but didn’t listen.

    When I got home that night, I was greeted by a tenant who told me that my dog had fallen out the window and fell fiftty feet onto conrete. I knew two things immediately; One, that he was okay and two, that this was a psychic backlash of wishing ill will upon another.

    I went to the vet where someone had taken him and he had only broken a small bone in his hindquarters. When I told the vet what had happened, she was incredulous.

    He fully recovered.

    Is it magic? I believe so, but only in way that allows us to interact with the quantum universe in an intimate fashion.

    I believe that co-creating with these states is a our true nature and that my experiences during this time were more about human potential than me.

    I defer to Dr. William Tiler’s expereiments in intention and creating a new sub-atomic reality within the confines of his lab based on repeated experiments.

    Reality as we know it is far more malleable and fluid than we understand, only because most people are locked into a very rigid and structured set of beliefs which continue to define and determine the rules of existence as it is shared on a mostly conesensual level and yet there is something far deeper happening.

    This is what aborignal and western magical culture is aware of; access to the dreamtime, interplay with the elements, shapeshifting, bi-location, etc.

    I believe that we are reaching a tipping point where the game is changing rapidly and our old paradigm is being systematically shut down.

    We have a choice of accpeting a new, socially engineered paradigm that’s already in the works, or creating something entirely new and essentially stepping into the vast expanse of possibility, miracles, magic and love for one another and the planet as a whole.

    But, that’s another story. :-)

  4. e

    YES yes yes – thank you so much for this, Robert – the reminder that “reality as we know it is far more malleable and fluid than we understand.” In terms of what’s happening with “the economy,” what you are talking about here is so important. “The economy” is largely an imagined construct – as we all know, most of what’s going on financially doesn’t really exist. So I think a lot of our collective task right now is to be conscious enough to unplug from the imagined economy that isn’t really working for anyone (except the handful of people who are pulling the strings) and create an economy based on what’s real and sustainable (as Pluto in Capricorn will eventually compel us to do anyway – or destroy ourselves).

    This reminds me of Carolyn Myss’s work and her advice that we need to be conscious of what we’re “plugging our circuits into” – which current and future realities, which beliefs, are we energizing with our vital life juice? Like, what if they held a Depression and no one came?

    I also didn’t entirely get what you were talking about in your first post about the Currency of Light and really appreciate your follow-up, clarifying post. But in a way, I didn’t mind not understanding the first one, because I was just so grateful for the term Currency of Light. We’re so in need of alternative, positive visions for our future, and this phrase helped open my mind to the possibilities.

  5. a

    Emily, the great thing is that this can look so different, in so many ways. It can also simply manifest in some form of deeply shared perspective with another, some form of communion that feeds our soul and nourishes our well being in ways that aren’t quantifiable by some measure of income, outcome, debt or doubt. Reframing value, possibility and true wealth is so important right now.

    Last night I had a conversation with a stranger that lasted three hours and gave me some very potent insight into my currrent situation. This trans-action was increidbly valuable to me and now I get to convert it into some other form of action, insight or creative act.

    We need to radically re-appraise the entire notion of what is worthy and worthwhile.

  6. s

    Hi Robert,
    That was a crazy story! As Shakespeare wrote, “There are more things of heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” I am glad there are pioneers like you who are pushing the limits of coonsciousness. I tried some withcraft stuff years ago, but it wasn’t really for me. I am a Sun / Saturn type who is hopelessly hidebound. You, on the other hand, are more of a Jupiter / Uranus type and have greater understanding and appreciation for the subtle realms than others. I am also on board with the concepts of dreamtime, reincarnation, and other invisible phenomena. For some of us, tho, these remain more abstract and theoretical than the living breathing reality that you describe. Glad you’re sharing your journey on this crazy, mixed-up planet earth.

  7. a

    It’s pretty interesting and strange at times, though I have to say that it is not the most fortifying state if ones partner is looking for security. That said, I think that we are all learning and feeding into some greater consciousness, whether we’re Jupiter/Uranian or Sun/Saturn types, we’re all doing our parts and I for one appreciate your consistency.


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