Jupiter Goes Direct, Facebook Gets Down, Revelation Stage One Commences

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

rootchakrahCome on baby, light our fire.

Whenever I sit down to write the blog, it’s always like getting ready to climb a very steep hill. I walk around it for a while, try to find the clearest path up, notice footholds, remember the last time I climbed and how long it took, how much focus I had to use, then I walk around some more, maybe go to the store in the village and have an ale as I summon the energy and even courage it will take in certain spots. Then, after I have exhausted nearly every local distraction, I set out.

It’s tiring, adventuresome, plodding in parts, searching for a path that has vanished for a moment or two, then occasionally I’ll spot a magical and dark cave and climb in, exploring the depths, with no idea of how I’m going to get out. Many times I do. Sometimes I just trudge ahead and hope the view is worth it from the top and have some sense of exhilaration when I get there. So it is with this one as well.

Anyone who writes for some form of creative outlet, especially a blog, knows the sense of relief, if not gratitude when one of these things is finished. For me, it makes it passable to live again for a day or so, knowing that I have fulfilled some sort of obligation, from who knows where to get these things done.

Moving forward is now the key as Jupiter, the great gas ball in the sky does so as well, going direct at 17 degrees Aquarius. Remember this degree. It’s critical.

I spent a fair amount of time this Summer posting and connecting on Facebook. I would say that almost all of it has been worth it. I have made some dear new friends, soul connections that I hope to cherish and nurture for however long we choose to. I reconnected with an old flame and she reminded me of what tenderness and femininity is. I went out on a blind date, a very good date by my standards and even she agreed, but the pheremones apparently weren’t as phresh as anothers. But what I really witnessed on Facebook was a tidal shift in perception and outlook.

Early Summer, the party was on. Festivals were popping up like toadstools and there was always some buzz happening about Harmony, Mystic, Symbiosis, Earthdance and of course Burning Man. Everyone was high on hope and offering up Obamaste at every passing turn. The Green Wave hit FB when Iran had their elections and riots. People posted and re-posted a demand for healthcare reform. The Summer of 2009, an eleven year, underscored by Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron, all in Aquarius was the year that social networking was imbued with a sense of consciousness and possibility. But it wasn’t just a platform, it also became a support group, a cheerleading squad, a deathwatch, an affirmation. I didn’t always agree with it or the sentiments that were extremely popular on the new age tip, but I saw how potent a media it had the possibility to be. But is it just a virtual chimera of the mind? A closed loop experiment? A sneaky, digital-bardo onto itself?

FB gives people the feeling that they are making a difference in some ways by posting, affirming, reaffirming, re-posting, etc, but like the Healthcare debate or the strong and ardent, yet short lived support for the people of Iran, it didn’t make much of a difference. Healthcare is still mired in the muck of capitalist special interests in one camp and the zealous bioethecism of people like Zeke Emanuel and Stephen Holdren on the other. Iran is flashing missiles and could very well be the next Iraq. Despite the best intentions, the rapid fire communication and the almost hive-like, self-organizing principles that FB facilitates, these things did not change due to the fervor of Facebook. However something else might be changing as a result.

I began posting Swine Flu info early on. I was then promptly followed and supported by a woman in Marin County, whom I am sure took some heat from her, “don’t get negative” social circle. Then another posted more info, then another, and now there are groups forming that are really educating people not just around the Swine Flu vaccinations, but vaccinations in general. Lawrence, my wild art bud from planet Kangen got into the act and when an April Fool kicks it into gear, look out. A great video of Robert F. Kennedy JR. against vaccines is now making the rounds. Something is happening. I say this because one of my FB friends is like a canary in a coal mine. It’s not like she is a muckraker or a cryptologist. in fact, she’s a “festival gal,” her words. Not only is she a “festival gal” but she’s as progressive as it gets. She just posted some anti-vax info and it was a confirmation for me, that something is really happening here.

I’m going to say something that some of you might find offensive while aI run the risk of over-generalizing without nuance or context, but the reason I think that her post really means something, is that the majority of progressives don’t get their hands dirty in these places, especially when supposedly one of their own occupies the oval orifice. You see, progressives are in some ways burdened by hope and the ideal that people who are in positions of power hold the same, mostly secular humanist, occasionally, cross-culturally sacred values that they themselves hold near and dear. Unless it’s the other team, there could be little wrongdoing in the majority of their ideological reps and agents of change. However, when there appears to be, there is always a handy justification or rationalization that promptly fills the void, like; “It’s only been nine months.” or “Yeah, but look at the mess that was left behind,” or “They can’t change everything overnight.” or “If they have to give here, they’ll take over there.” But rarely, is theirs the purview of the conspiritorial or the seamy side of psychopathic politics. No, that kind of paranoia is now being channeled by the right, which looks downright mean and nasty to the left, who then want to re-affirm their own position against the ugliness that stares back at them in their distorted reflection. So when “festival gal” posted that warning, I knew things were shifting and I don’t think it’s going to stop. What does that have to do with Jupiter in Aquarius? Plenty.

Jupiter goes direct in Aquarius at 17 degrees. In The Sabian Symbols, the meaning of the degree in our time could not be clearer:

The development of the capacity to protect oneself and to safeguard one’s individual rights under complex social pressures.

Could there be a more fitting Sabian Symbol for this phase? And as we move forward with Jupiter, I see this safeguarding really heating up, not just on Facebook but in all forms of communication in our world, gaining profound momentum, that may trigger other reactions. It’s fascinating. It’s like we are responding as an actual immune system. WE ARE BECOMING THE ANTI-BODIES OF OUR SOCIAL AND POLITICAL BODY, COMING TO THE RESCUE OF OUR GREATER IMMUNITY, FORTIFYING OUR PSYCHIC HEALTH AND FREEDOM. We cannot lose sight of the sweet irony we are participating in. The Swine Flu and it’s attendant vaccines are appearing because our social order has been weakened, compomised and in some cases, demoralized. Here comes the nasties and voila, our collective immunity gets turned on and swings into action. This is an Aquarian event of the highest order. We are now participating the neural network of the global brain, responding to the calamity we face and out go the agents of protecting the sanctity of our sacred domain . . . our bodies. But this is just the beginning.

As people have stared into the Squalene fever dreams of the H1N1 vaccine, they are getting a full dose of education regarding vaccines in general upon the body and especially our sweet babies. This has the potential to be an extremely catalytic event, one that no doubt will fan the flames of debate between families and friends, but this is the baseline of revelation–it’s first chakra related–survival. But the revelation has begun. It’s started. The catalyst has been introduced into the system and we’re off. The process of revelation will then ascend through each and every chakra, uncovering the illusion at the next level and then the one after that and the one after that.

There seems to be an inherent intelligence unfolding that is sheer genius, because let’s say we went straight up to 6th/7th chakra revelations that are so abstract and mind-bending that most people would crack under the weight of their illumination, the whole process could be a genuine waste and a tragedy. So we start at the bottom and work our way up together, so that when we get to the “heart of the matter” we will be ready to experience the grief of our disconnection and the realization that the world is indeed built on a tragic stage of illusion, constructed mostly for our bondage and the feasting upon our precious emotions, by forces unseen. When we arrive there, together, we will be ready and as one, but it starts now, at Jupiter in Aquarius, 17 degrees.

Thank you “festival gal.”

13 thoughts on “Jupiter Goes Direct, Facebook Gets Down, Revelation Stage One Commences”

  1. J

    Robert, not to rain on your (as ever) most interesting and informative parade but (at 17 deg 9 min) would the Sabian Symbol not be that for Aquarius 18 – A MAN BEING UNMASKED AT A MASQUERADE ? And who might he be?

    1. a

      Hey Julian,

      I work off of Dane Rudhyar’s “Astrological Mandala” versus the exact Wheeler/Jones version of the symbols and Dane has 17 degrees Aquarius as “A Watchdog Stands Guard” while “A Man’s Secret Motives” is at 18 degrees Aquarius for Rudhyar. I find it easier to lock in on the symbol/degree via his system and interpretation. Perhaps, in this instance, both could hopefully, equally, apply.

      Thanks for commenting and keeping me on my toes. :-).

      I think I’ll shoot out an email to Lynda Hill and get her perspective as well.


  2. Thanks for climbing the hill once again, Robert. I’ve been trying to connect the dots the best I can, and something in the Freeman video you posted last time sticks in my head about 10/13 being a ritual date for the Templars, as the date in 1307 when King Phillip of France initiated his actions against the order. Freeman links this to the Fed and Treasury unleashing TARP on the US Banking system, as the Templars & paper currency are intimately tied.

    One thing that interests me regarding this is the connection to the Knights Hospitaller. After the Templars fell from grace, the Hospitallers took over as the premier military order of the church. Now we see the fall of the US financial system and a shift to mandatory health care as the Baucus Bill passes the Senate finance committee today, 10/13/2009. I’ve read that during Jacque de Molay’s visit to Paris on 10/13/1307 he transferred a large sum of bullion to the Hospitallers, supposedly to secure Malta as a base of operations for the soon-to-be underground order.

    One thing that keeps nagging at me, especially as we return time and again to the Mayan calendar, is that how do we really understand the age that is coming to an end when there is so much uncertainty as to it’s beginning? The idea that our commonly accepted chronology has gaps of “Phantom Time” that only exist in historical forgeries cannot easily be dismissed in my mind. Heribert Illig’s work in the middle ages and David’s Roth work on the Egyptian chronologies give about 438 years that are added to our timeline (two periods, 141 years, and then 297 years). This puts the Mayan’s creation date close to 3552 BC on the Gregorian calendar.

    I don’t know what kind of implications this has… I’ve spent enough nights trying to figure it out, but I’m missing something significant. Maybe someone else can use this information and piece together the puzzle a bit better.

  3. R

    “We are becoming anti-bodies of our social and political body coming to the rescue of our greater immunity, fortifying our psychic health and freedom.”
    Brilliant ! This will become my new mantra. As you may know NY has made it mandatory to recieve the flu and H1N1 vaccine for all healthcare workers or
    be fired unless medically exempt. They came around with a cart last week to our unit in the hospital to herd us in and make sure we all complied.
    A NY nurse is going to court today Oct 14 and sue to block mandatory flu vaccines in a Manhattan court. Everyone must keep abreast of this as what plays out here will determine our futures.

    1. a


      Thanks so much sharing this. As you know, NJ had a landmark decision about the illegality of forced inoculations and I hope that this can be used as some sort of precedent. It all hinges on the judge and I pray that you get one of conscience and integrity.

  4. Very intersting read Robert, love the sabian symbol for Aquarius at 17 degrees, that is where my Chiron is in oppostion to Uranus in the 10th. I am a dog in Chinese astrology, so I am guarding? Oh yeah.

  5. D

    Thank you for such in-depth, thought provoking perspective. I’d say that Gloria’s Chiron conjunct tr Jupiter in opposition to Uranus may experience watching/guarding of sudden perspective on self-healing/channeling of healing energy depending on the houses involved.

  6. v

    Hi Robert, someone posted a feed for this on FB, it’s wonderful. I love this — “We are becoming the anti-bodies of our social and political body, coming to the rescue of our immunity.” I have noticed the “festival gal” phenomenon also, in both directions! Folks that are nominally rather conservative, pushing back on the capitalist a*holes, not just mouthing the party line, and making their human hopes and fears more visible, reaching out, being open. As well as “progressives” seeming to “cross the line” and support things like Ron Paul’s audit of the Federal Reserve, while honestly questioning the rationale behind Obama’s Nobel Prize.

    Since my Moon and Asc both are at 18 Aquarius, it makes sense that I would like all this. The view I take is that the old “right vs. left” model is being exposed as a ruse, a decoy, something that has been luring us all into a hypnotic trance — see the pendulum? Left, right, left, right, left, right…. Our issues and problems are *not* horizontal, they are vertical!! Michael Moore has been the loudest to date putting it on the line. There are corrupt fatcats at the top of both left and right, whose motto must surely be — divide and conquer. Because in our separation lies their power.

    So we are complete suckers to waste our energy pointing fingers across at people not so different than us, who have been manipulated and traumatized by The Machine and who grasp tightly onto whatever reasoning is sold or pushed their way, just to survive. Many conservatives are truly good-hearted people, who are wound tight into defensiveness, and manipulated into offensiveness, not as a willful act but in reaction to what is happening around every one of us. But a light is beginning to shine, the antibodies are beginning to work. Our problem is vertical, not horizontal, we have been lied to.

    And the relative safety and forced brevity of FB means that well-intended people on the right or left, at the grass roots level, can actually connect and learn this, in bite sized digestible morsels, not be overtaken as usual by the tsunami of corporate media propaganda. Hello, we are actually talking to EACH OTHER. I confess to actually becoming a bit of a teabagger myself!! And that would not have happened before Facebook.

    Jupiter moves pretty fast, its next station retrograde is in July, not long after it conjuncts Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in June. I would look ahead to those degrees to see what happens next!

    1. a

      Thanks for stopping by. I truly appreciate your visit and your comments. The first step that you clearly define is moving from the horizontal polarity to a affix our gaze upwards in terms of power, class and economy. The next step is to then see the appropriate cause, not the one that we are given as some sort of supplication. During the French Revolution, the proletariat went after a group of landed elite in a mob frenzy, while the insiders, strategizing the revolution itself, left the country while their competition was taken out by the rabble, quietly returning and consolidating both wealth and position after the government had incorporated the radical energies into new rules and bye-laws. In essence, when enough people get hip, we’ll no doubt be given a few transgressors ala Madoff and theoretically that would be enough to slate our thirst for social justice.

      Don’t be a stranger. 🙂

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