Jay Z, The New Robert Johnson? Deal With Illuminati? Nas and Kanye, Masons?

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Jay Devil ZJust in case you are totally unfamiliar with the legend of Robert Johnson, let’s do a quick re-cap on quite possibly one of the most important and controversial figures in music.

Born in Hazelhurst, Mississippi on May 8th in 1891, Robert Johnson was a middling guitarist, plucking the strains of Mississippi Delta Blues as a young man, without any real recognizable talent for playing. Then, at the age of nineteen, Johnson dissapeared and later returned to Hazelhurst, playing infinitely better than he had before he left. In fact, his playing quickly took on the stuff of legend, a legend now deeply woven into the fabric of the american music tapestry. You see, Johnson travelled down to a place called “The Crossroads” where he allegedly met up with Ole Lou himself. Legend has it that Johnson made a Faustian pact with the devil, in exchange for the ability to play, like, ahem a demon. All he would have to do would be to exchange his soul.

What gave the legend legs was the amazing transformation that Johnson seemed to undergo, flashing new and impressive powers with the six string. Penning tunes like “Me and The Devil Blues” also went a long way towards sealing Johnson’s fate as a supernatural figure of note. He eventually wound up dying at a house party at the age of twenty-seven. Some said he was poisoned, others stabbed, but no matter how he died, they all agreed that just before his death, he crawled down the street on all fours, howling like a wounded beast. Unless you count Paganini, Johnson became the first man to have sold his soul to rock and roll.

Fast forward to 2008, July 28th, it’s close to 3am and I am transfixed, I mean transfixed by a slough of videos detailing Jay-Z’s involvemet with The Illuminati, you know, the guys in The Da Vinci Code. World conquest, total enslavement, you get the picture.So the videos range from laughable to compelling, some even link Kanye and Nas to Jay-Z and indict them both as Illuminists. In fact there are even a number of videos that show Jay-Z, Nas and Kanye, not flashing gang signs, oh no, but exchanging Masonic handshakes on stage. Then there’s a lot of detail around J-Hovva’s pyramid sign that he’s always flashing, of course with his left eye, peering through the top of the pyramid.

On top of the visuals, there’s the subliminals, lyrics and symbolism in the videos, and backwards masking in the songs, one stretch of lyrics is clearly audible and you can hear Jay-Z say, “Murda, Murda, Murda, Jesus, 666.” There’s also a lot of rampant speculation that Diddy is in on the game as well and in fact a guy by the name of “Armed MC” breaks down Tupac’s Don Killuminati album indicting Diddy and Bad Boy also as tools of the illuminati. Keep in mind that Shakur was raised by a Black Panther mother and knew all about agencies like COINTELPRO and the power structures that back covert ops.

All of this blowback hitting Jay-Z and Kanye doesn’t surprise me. Whenever I look in Jay-Z’s eyes, I see a dead man and I have never found his rhymes to be inspirational or even remotely compelling or groundbreaking. I had held out hope for West, thinking him to be the link between the underground and mainstream, adding some headiness and politcal savvy to the game, especially after he called out George Bush on the Katrina fundraiser, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he’s crossed over as well.

It makes total sense that Jay-Z would be up to his buggy eyeballs in Masonic/Illuminist influence and favor. Just like Robert Johnson, Jay’s rise to the top of the game was meteoric and he’s been on top far longer than most MC’s. He would be a very key asset to have, to reach out and influence a nations youth, keep them pre-occupied with the quest for cash, their upwardly mobile material status and not engaged in any kind of internal dialog regarding the merits of such a lifestyle. In fact there was once a time when black music had a social conscience. Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, The Last Poets, Gil Scott Heron all had voices that questioned the status quo with more than just occasional frequency. That type of fury and debate cannot be heard in the mainstream rap arena and hasn’t been since the demise of Public Enemy.

If you were a small cabal of insanely rich men with a plan to subjugate those less evolved than you to a life of soft slavery glossed up like the cheap whore of consumerism, wouldn’t you want voices in the world? Voices that would reach out into the minds of the youth? Voices that would speak their language and inject ideas and memes into the mainstream? And if you were a kid like Jay-Z, coming up from the streets, wouldn’t you want to work with the biggest and baddest (or so you thought) dons on the block? And wouldn’t you do it if they promised to make you insanely rich and gift you with the sweetest pussy on the planet? I don’t know of many poor kids that wouldn’t take that deal in a Bedstuy minute. But when it comes to sell out, we’re not just talking about the forfeiture of one’s creative vision for the immediacy of financial reward by dumbing it down for mass consumption. No, we’re talking about selling out the most precious gift of all.

I guess that’s why they don’t all it “soul music” anymore.

15 thoughts on “Jay Z, The New Robert Johnson? Deal With Illuminati? Nas and Kanye, Masons?”

  1. m

    another one bites the dust, you-tube is owned by the darknatis, theres nothing illuminating about thier system. they dont light up my life!

  2. P


  3. s

    well… i really liked jay-z but now that he’s involved… and every one else i washed ma hands of the whole music industry…. I’ll stick to gospel.

  4. M

    I think jay z has his life to live. He should be left to walk on the path he has chosen. He has the right to do that. Let me say here that that is his chosen religion!

    1. a

      Okay. . .If he promotes death, avarice, ego, and power, while fronting for his illuminist slave masters to millions of people, propelled and powered by ancient symbols and futuristic high tech, then its no longer just a personal choice and a private matter of conscience.

  5. G

    I don’t learn about you, but I feel these Globalists have gotten a lot more ultra powerful day to day. We have to avoid the Globalists and their evil Globalist Agenda. The Globalist Agenda is genuine and you need to know about it.

    1. a

      I did this post seven-years-ago when the connections to Jay and the so-called Illuminati were not being as openly discussed as they are now. Yes, he did a deal. They all do to get to the top of the charts, get sweetheart contracts, manufacturing lines hyping occult symbolism, etc., etc.. Now, he’s playing second fiddle as the handler to his MK Ultra, Royal Arch X wife. And you’re right, his skills have deteriorated and his voice has no soul anymore, so how else could we rationalize his success sans any obvious talent at this point?

  6. yo if there IS any real illuminati i think they’re a lot more desperate people presume. no self-respecting secret society would allow their shit to be put on blast in such a manner as, for instance, jay z throwing the triangle sign, unless they were trying really hard to distract from something they don’t think they can pull off. that being said, i have quite literally met “the devil at the crossroads”. it was a crude, flashy, unintelligent force of energy that was easy for me to control/banish (all you gotta do is sing). it promised me power and showed me the history of oppression and i was like “fuck that. leave.” faust was a pussy.
    i’m a mc/dj with a healthy interest in the occult. both music and magic involve power over others. the power of influence. whether it’s healing or predatory is a big question that any artist or magician should ask themselves constantly. what i think this whole deal with the devil thing probably is: the sociopath in all of us saying “hey, stop giving a fuck about everyone around you and i’ll show you how to work at the peak of your capacities. you could be the best ever at what you do”. and if there’s a number of these high-powered sociopaths running around, they’re bound to crew in one way or another. like europe’s anaemic royalty. i think the occult symbology in the mainstream comes in part from people who have had these otherworldly “crossroads” experiences (because, believe me, it’s pretty fucking otherworldly) and now fancy themselves magicians because of their new abilities. that and the fact that these symbols date back probably to prehistory and the fascination they inspire in us can totally be used to sell shit.
    my point: don’t stress it, homies. jay z doesn’t have magic devil-powers. but he may have had an experience like mine, said “yes” where i said “no”, and now he can do things he hadn’t thought he could because he thinks his powers are from a higher source; when really they’e his, just being activated by a lesser demon or archetype in his unconscious (call them whatever).
    but on the other hand: really, yall??? if jay sold his soul, how come his rapping’s gotten so shitty over the years? guess it doesn’t matter as long as he gets up on all tracks . . .
    not that i care too much, just a curiosity about my own experiences leading me wandering through the internet on some spare time. none of it matters as long as we know that all of us are as big, loud and important as jay z or anyone else. we’ve all got a lot of fuckin soul.
    {ps: don’t read the comments}

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