Jay Cutler’s Fixed Staredown With Josh McDaniels

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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jay_cutlerHe’s a bucking Bronco.

Jay Cutler, a quarterback for The Denver Broncos is embattled in a bitter stand-off with his new coach, young Josh McDaniels, formerly the offensive coordinator for The New England Patriots. McDaniels tried to trade for his former QB at New England, Matt Cassell, who filled in quite admirably in the absence of the ailing Tom Brady.

His often spectacular play earned him a franchise tag, a higher salary and the ability for New England to trade him and get some compensation for Cassell. Of course, his old coach came-a-knockin’ and tried to orchestrate a three-way-deal with a number of teams, which would have included Cutler, the current Bronco QB.

Once Cutler got wind of what was happening, he wanted no part of McDaniels or The Broncos, especially since his former QB coach, Jeremy Bates along with his former head, Mike Shanahan, were not retained. I essence, Cutler was pissed.

I looked at Cutler’s chart and he has three key planets in the very stubborn and fixed sign of Taurus including the all important Mars (planet of action), Mercury (planet of thought and communication) and Sun (planet of expression). With those, three, personal planets in the determined bull (bullheaded) he will not budge one iota from his current position. He’ll never play another down for The Broncos.

He also has two planets in Scorpio (Moon and Saturn). Scorpio is opposite Taurus and also a fixed sign, meaning that there is very little room for revising and changing the course of ones direction or position, once the mind is made up. This can be a blessing if it’s committed towards achieving some end goal. There is an inherent tenacity and stubborness in his chart that could really propel him to achieve great things, but could also be a detriment if his position is faulty, which may or may not be the case right now.

His Scorpio Moon is in it’s fall, and it makes him touchy, suspicious and jealous. It’s a moon of great psychic depth and power, but until the individual can come to grips with it’s potency, it can rule them in not-so-flattering ways. With a Scorpio Moon, Cutler could easily read McDaniels incongruency and not be inspired by it, but then attach personal meaning (like hurt) which may not be appropriate. That’s when the Taurus planets kick in and conspire to make him an immoveable object. Saturn in Scorpio only intensifies the energy of The Moon even more, clinging and holding on, even if it’s to ones detriment.

Saturn is often called the planet of karma and life lessons. Since it is in the same sign as his moon, he needs to not take things so personally. Somewhere inside of Jay Cutler is kid that has not yet learned how to gain some distance from the events in his life. Objectivity is not his strong suit and won’t be for at least another 5-7 years, when he experiences his Saturn Return in Scorpio, which will force him to really look at his role in the events of his life, from a deep, psychological perspective.

However, that said, his natal Jupiter in Sag is conjunct his natal Uranus in Sag. Extremely rare. Some of the greatest athletes have Jupiter in Sag. Jupiter rules Sag and is expansive, athletic, quick thinking, philosophical and quite generous. It also cannot stand people and situations that aren’t truthful, so yet again, The McDaniels method, even if well meaning on the “agressive coaching” tip does not play well with Cutler’s inherent in sense of honor and honesty. Uranus rules communication, hyper-reflex, rebellion, icconosclasm, magnetism and genius amongst other things. In Sag these qualities are steered towards philosophy, law, religion, sports and athletic performamce. Wherever Uranus shows up in a chart it adds uniqueness and sense of personal style.

Jupiter and Uranus in the same sign, at such close proximity indicates that Cutler can become one of the true great ones, possessing an uncanny ability to make the right play at the right time, fusing instincts with skills at a very high degree and finding moment after moment to shine.

Once Cutler cuts through the thicket of hurt and indigantion in his life, he’ll be major player in the league at his position, for years to come and could even be mentioned in the same sentence as his agent’s other star client, Brett Favre.

However, with all that Taurus in his chart, the kid wants to get paid. The Bull loves his money and this heel digging is as much about cash as it is a breach of faith in Cutler’s mind.

Ironically, McDaniels is also a Taurus (4/22/76) and is capable of his own fixed and standoffish positions. HIs Moon is in Aquarius and it squares Cutler’s Moon in Scorpio, again, both fixed signs and loathe to compromise. I think McDaniels, based on his chart, is capable of big things, with a 22 vibration (master number) and born in The Year Of The Dragon. Look for McDaniels to peak in 2012, but with a different QB at the helm.

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