(Twin) Jason Collins (JC) Gets Skrunked By Saturn, Chris(t) Broussard Genuflexes His Belief Guns And Tim Tebow Perp Walks From The Shadows Of Babylon

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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Jason Collins played for the Wizards.

In case you missed it, the most heroic act of courage since Aquarian, Rosa Parks took all of her Highlander training and put it in the front seat of a public bus in Montgomery just happened. Jason Collins became the first, openly gay player in a major sport to announce that he did indeed, prefer the company of men. He immediately received almost nothing but warm and fuzzes from the White House on down. A few moral holdouts like ESPN’s Chris Broussard had a very different take on Collins’ confessional. Broussard is one of ESPN’s hoops pundits, and as they say in the biz, “an insider.” Well Broussard was asked what he thought about Collins’ tell all moment and what came out of his mouth was something that I don’t think anyone at ESPN was prepared for, Broussard said, “I’m a Christian. I don’t agree with homosexuality,” Broussard said. “I think it’s a sin, as I think all sex outside of marriage between a man and a woman is. If you’re openly living in unrepentant sin … that’s walking in open rebellion to God and to Jesus Christ,”


What makes this all just a bit more interesting is that ESPN is owned by Disney, which has a dirty little history of using just barely subliminal imagery in their films to inject a poly-sexual consciousness into young children around the globe.

It’s Disney that gave us Brittney, Christina, Justin and Miley. So for one of their own to go rogue in a moment like this, is, just well, great.

I don’t necessarily agree with Broussard’s moral assertions about what passes for God’s judgment, but I sure as hell agree with his right to say what he feels and believes in. What makes this even more interesting is that Broussard happens to be African-American, like Collins. This has posed a problem for ESPN/Disney. If they suspend or fire Broussard, they’re open to criticism coming at them from religious groups. And while hoops columnist, Kelly Dwyer is attempting to re-frame Broussard as a bigot, based on his beliefs, Broussard, by being African-American also dodges the crosshairs of being a racist. Had he been white, I seriously doubt that he would have a job today.

What I love about a situation like this is, is that he was asked his opinion and that’s what they got. It’s not the first time Broussard has gone on the public record about his faith and beliefs. So, if ESPN knew that he would deliver a sermon on the round, then why did they bring him into the discussion on “Outside The Lines’? Was it due to the fact that they forgot about his fundamental stance on homosexuality? Was it a carefully crafted ploy to allow him to speak power to “his” truth and thus make Collins appear even more human? Or is it some other factor than Mickey Mouse’s high priests of pervy pleasure going sleepy on the job?

Shall we crack open a fresh can of Astrowhip and see what lies beneath the surface?

Without having a real chart for Broussard and Collins, I must rely on the solar ephemeris and frankly, there’s enough cosmic forensics (and then some) there to make some sense of this.

First of all, rolling along with the duality script, perfectly drawn up by the off-off-off Broadway playwrights of the theamatrix, Jason Collins is a twin. Yup. Jupiter in Gemini is the gift that keeps on giving. In fact, his brother Jaron, had no idea about his brother’s sexual preference until a year ago. They’re both 34, so at the magic age of “33” Jason tells Jaron. But Jaron wasn’t the only person living in the dark when it came to Jason’s secret life. Jason was involved in an LTR with Carolyn Moos, a former WNBA player. Collins was with her for eight years and at one point, they were engaged. So it came as a surprise to her as well.

Collins is a Sag (12/2/78) at 9 degrees. He has Moon in Capricorn, which can signal in men, trouble with women stemming from a cool and business-like relationship with the mother. Often, men with the Capricorn Moon come to some sort of reconciliation with this later in life, which seems to be the case with Collins, though instead of embracing the feminine, he in some ways is rejecting it entirely in his open declaration in his preference for men. It should be noted that the story broke on 4/29 at 11:01 AM, where the Moon had just entered . . .Capricorn.

Collins’ aspects, in some ways are fairly unremarkable. He has a nice, Sun/Jupiter trine (Sag/Leo) which is good for sports, but his Jupiter is retrograde. Here we see Leo, the male principle in retreat. He also has Mercury in Sag in a wide orb (9 degrees) to both Jupiter and the Sun. It too is retrograde. So given the retrograde motion of both planets, it actually makes a lot of sense that he would go about his bizness in this sort of confusing and roundabout fashion.

When we look at relationships, Venus is always the first stop and Collins has it in Scorpio at 7 degrees. With Saturn at 8 degrees on 4/29, something had to give for him and it did. The compression of Saturn on Venus forced him to go public with his sex (Scorpio) preference. However, this was likely not easy for him with Chiron in Taurus at 5 opposing his natal Venus. Chiron is the vicar of shame in the chart and for Collins it was obviously around the body and ultimately, what turns him on. With Mars at 6 Taurus, squatting right on his Chiron as well, it was high noon for “The Center of Attention.” Yes, that’s a play on words, since Collins plays center in the NBA or perhaps played, because you see, while there was a cosmic expediency at work, he has just finished his last contract with Washington and at 34, with a resume that reeks of career back-up, it’s doubtful that he would have seen another six-figure-payday. So in some ways, the timing couldn’t be better for the seven-foot-cause-celbre. He can now transition from hoops to fifteen-minutes-of-forever, the jolly-gay-giant, part Rosa Parks, part Jackie Robinson, part Johnny Mathis. With socially primed pumps, when opportunity knocks, you bend over slightly, make sure your head doesn’t hit the top of the door frame and you step through it. That’s just what he did.

Now Chris Broussard plays his role too. Broussard just happens to be a Scorpio (10/28/68) and his Sun, at 4 degrees, just 3 degrees off of Collins’ Venus, was also being hit by stormy Saturn. Compression, meet expression. Broussard unleashed his his thoughts regarding not just Collins’ sexual preference, but sex in general, since Broussard also damned sex-loving, out-of-wedlock sinners in his all-purpose damnation (This in fact is likely what might have saved his job). But we can also see where his moral purity comes from in his chart. He has both Mars and Jupiter in Virgo, the sign of course of Mother Mary (The Virgin). What we have here is the pie of piety. Broussard also has Moon in Aquarius, and while that Moon can be rather kinky (I like to watch) it is also emotionally iconoclastic. Don’t ever tell an Aquarian Moon person what to feel. They’ll likely hit you upside the head with a clenched fist of contrary and make sure you’ll never do it again.

So what we have here is the heavy hand of Saturn pressing down, forcing out the moral, sexual and personal motivations and justifications for choosing a code to live and perhaps professionally die bye. In essence, Collins and Broussard are actors in a cosmic passion play, sparking the flux field of duality even more. And then, there’s Tim Tebow . . .

While Jason Collins was being feted about, the toast of the feel-good-media-mafia, held up as an exemplar for courage and honesty, Tim Tebow was being given his walking papers by the New York Jets. The image of Tebow leaving the Jets facility, alone, with a simple rucksack gave the impression of him as more of a homeless person, than a professional quarterback without a home team. It’s a stark contrast to Collins’ mile-wide-smile and depiction of utter beatitude. Just a little over-a-year-ago, Tebow became the starter for a Denver Bronco team that was going south faster than Nazis after WWII. All Tebow did was win. It wasn’t always pretty, but there were times that were utterly supernatural. Known for wearing John 3:16 eyeblack under his eyes, Tebow’s playoff win against the Steelers provided some miraculous numerology. On that day, when Tebow led his team to victory and a chance to play the New England Patriots in the AFC championship game, some of the key stats were as follows; He threw for 316 yards, he averaged 31.6 yards per pass and the Neilsen ratings were 31.6. What did it get him? A one-way-ticket to Babylon, playing QB for Jets owner, Woody Johnson, who had just lost his daughter, Casey, under very strange circumstances. Casey’s last lover was Tila Tequila, who hasn’t stopped yammering about the dangers of the illuminati ever since Casey Johnson’s death.

That’s where Tim Tebow wound up.

Tebow is a modern, imitation of Christ, performing miracles, sixty-minutes on Sunday and now, he’s been banished into the wilderness. No team wants him and the media is more than willing to spear him with their depiction of his bleak destiny. They mock and laugh him when the Lingerie League offers him a contract when there’s not one NFL team that has. But another JC (Jason Collins) who never averaged more than seven points per game for seven different teams, is socailly canonized not anything that he’s done, but simply because he’s gone public with where he puts his junk, in a sport that he might not ever play in again at a professional level. Oh yeah, while we’re focusing on this, Harry Reid is slipping the national ID card in the immigration reform bill.

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5 thoughts on “(Twin) Jason Collins (JC) Gets Skrunked By Saturn, Chris(t) Broussard Genuflexes His Belief Guns And Tim Tebow Perp Walks From The Shadows Of Babylon”

  1. p


    you had me at your recent “Pluto in Cap” — dazzling.

    In the past month, i have had a few new astrology teachers meeting me on my path — it was about that time.

    you are the first astrologer i’ve met up with who is brave enough to link alternative theories of history & astrology —
    most skim around these issues.

    thanks very much for your important contribution.
    you give a lot of food for thought.

    Warm regards,
    libra sun & rising/sag moon.

  2. L

    Good post. Saw Iron Man 3 over the weekend. Talk about cinematrix there. It was packed with innuendo of patriotism, transhumanism, bombings, false flags with actors and believe it or not, ex-military amputees are even one of the less obvious focal points of the storyline. It’s a fun flick but I couldn’t help but keep seeing these connections to reality all over.

    Probably just me over thinking but weird nevertheless.

  3. K

    He has Moon in Capricorn, which can signal in men, trouble with women stemming from a cool and business-like relationship with the mother. Often, men with the Capricorn Moon come to some sort of reconciliation with this later in life, which seems to be the case with Collins, though instead of embracing the feminine, he in some ways is rejecting it entirely in his open declaration in his preference for men.

    Oh what bullshit, Robert. It’s always so entertaining to hear what presumably straight men believe about what’s going on in a gay man’s mind. I’ve got Moon in Cap also, but my relationship with my mother is perfectly warm and cordial, as is that with my father. They’re still married, still love me, accept my 15-year (and counting) relationship with the same man, blah blah blah. Do I need to “reconcile” this somehow, in your assessment? And being gay I automatically don’t embrace the feminine, just because I don’t choose to stick my junk into a female orifice? Seriously? Bit obsessed with who’s doing what with who, Robert? I’ve long noted your attitudes toward gender and sex are a bit dated, but haven’t said anything til now, since it’s your blog and you can say whatever you want. I’ll defend your right to say what you think (just as I would for Mr. Broussard), but that doesn’t preclude calling you out for blanket statements on things you know little about.

    1. a

      My blog, my opinion. I don’t give a rats ass about who’s doing who or what. From a cultural perspective the lionization of making open gender choices the same as Patrick Henry or Rosa Parks doesn’t cut it for me. I think it’s propagandistic and agenda driven. There’s plenty of info and material out there Kieron that overshadows and outshouts mine from both a mainstream and alternative perspective and in fact, I’m likely a minority. I notice how you danced around the rest of the post and came at me personally and a few aspects I put out there and quite frankly, you’re the one that’s a little hot under the collar. If you don’t like my stuff, go somewhere else. Eric Francis might be more to your liking.

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