Jason Aldean’s Nodal Crisis, Stephen Paddock’s Birth Time & Chart, Aries, Aquarius Reign

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

VIVA2The ghost of Stephen Paddock materializes in Atlantic City, flanked by Asian dolls at his elbows, the women match his dating profile. Like Elvis, a fixture in Vegas during his life and after his death, Paddock seems destined to haunt casinos, taunting digital sleuths. Much like Eliot Rodger who seemed to pop up almost immediately after the travesty of Santa Barbara.

Piscean Jason Aldean flows from Vegas to Rockefeller Plaza, opening for SNL, abducting the spirit of the late Tom Petty, staring straight into the camera, telling us all, “that he won’t back down.” Once he did that, he appropriated Petty’s song, and grabbed in a way that bordered on the banal. Who won’t we back down from? Mental illness? A phantasm patsy? Some middle-aged white guy that simply had enough?

SNL is a progressive incubator and the likes of Aldean rarely show up at 30 Rock, their brand Americana more suited CMT, than NBC, but this is the crossover moment, the moment that The Left seduces the Lite Right, the millennial edge that’s open to being swayed by tragedy, abdicating their so-called birth right of God, guns and country.

Aldean’s the pied piper, moving them, left of center. While he didn’t come right out and denounce the second amendment, that’s the re-frame that’s taking place.

Aldean has Chiron in Aries at 28 degrees and on the night of the shooting, transiting Uranus in Aries, was conjunct Aldean’s Chiron/South Node/Venus. This is the nature of Uranus. It happens suddenly, swiftly, like machine gun fire sprayed against the night sky, assassins cloaked in the guise of security, literally wearing the apparel of false flags.

Chiron is ruled by the god of conformity and duty (Saturn) and radical disruption (Uranus). The event in Las Vegas, primed to be a precursor of the coming revolution of masculine energy as Chiron shifts into Aries on 4/19 of 2018, marking Chiron’s return to the sign of the Ram, where it was last seen in 1969, making it’s annual seven-year-stay. Even before we can begin to determine what this new, male energy is, it’s being hijacked in a psychological operation, jumping the timeline, guiding the collective emotional signal.

Aldean, with his True Node at the end of Libra (26 degrees) will have Jupiter exactly conjuncting it in the next few days. Uranus of course will be occupying not just his South Node, but also the aforementioned Chrion in Aries. This a complex aspect taking place in Aldean’s life. Is he supposed to instantaneously become a bridge, the social equivalent of Libra’s scales, a symbol of balance between the left and the right? Or, is he being played by an anti-gun agenda with Uranus and Chiron, exploiting the weakness and vulnerability of his South Node? Already there is backlash coming at Aldean as he was supposed to open for Dana White’s MMA event(Aries/warriors) and White is pissed that Aldean ditched his commitment to open for SNL instead. In White’s own words, “He needs to stay out of Vegas.”

Aldean has Mercury in Aquarius at 27 degrees (also Mars in Aquarius at 14 degrees and Venus in Aries at 20 degrees), which was conjunct both transiting Moon in Aquarius, and the MC for the Vegas shooting. Its no coincidence that it was Aldean’s voice (Mercury) that was heard under the bap, bap, bap of machine gun fire, or at least a sonic facsimile, because, quite frankly, the gun shots raining down upon the concert aka the “Killing Field” likely weren’t the only ones, if they originated there at all. We’re talking boots on the ground. We’re talking “friendly fire.”

astro_24gw_stephen_paddock_2017108.58973.19503Images and symbols of Mars/Uranus/Aries/Aquarius predominate the night of 10/1/17, especially as it relates to the chart of Stephen Paddock.

I recently came in possession of Stephen Paddock’s birth time. Born at 11:05 AM, in Clinton, Iowa, on April 9th, 1953, Paddock is an Aries, but now, with the time of birth, we also know that he’s a Cancer rising, with Sun/Venus in Aries in the 10th House. This aligns with the Aries/Aquarius symbols/energy throughout the charts of the moment and key players in the unfurling of this false flag.


Besides the obvious connection to Aries, guns, violence, the odd conjunction between Jason Aldean’s Venus at 20 Aries in conjunction with Paddock’s Sun at 19 Aries, are the two Yod’s that bisect Paddock’s chart like slices of enigma. A Yod is made up of two inconjuncts that are connected by a sextile. The inconjunct is a 150 degree aspect where two planets/planetoids/aspects are separated by 150 degrees and a two-degree orb max. The opposing planets/signs have nothing to do with one another. In this case, it’s Mercury in Pisces inconjunct with Pluto and Saturn/Neptune. The broken line of the inconjunct indicates the fuzzy path that’s laid out between the two points. Mercury here is also in the 9th House, which is travel. Mercury is the messenger of the gods and in the 9th House it gives us some clues about Paddock’s supposed activities as a pilot involved in any number of illicit and illegal sorties. One of Paddock’s pals was Geary Danley of Fayetteville, Arkansas. There have been hints that Danley and Paddock were connected to the Air CIA flights that originated in Mena, Arkansas. While this is still in the realm of speculation, it’s also part of the inconjunct between Mercury in the 9th (foreign travel) and Neptune/Saturn which is the fuzzy interface connecting that odd conjunction of authority/worldly structure (Saturn) and nebulousness/drugs (Neptune). The other side of the inconjunct is Pluto, which is intensity and the underworld. Mercury is both the focal point of one Yod while Neptune/Saturn the focal point of the other Yod.

Transiting Chiron in Pisces has been hovering over Paddock’s natal Mercury, which as we’ve seen before in Jason Aldean’s chart, is an aspect of vulnerability. Pisces is the Alpha and Omega of the chart, the sacred and profane. Over the past few months, it’s been triggering Paddock’s Yod. Did he become unstable? Or did he himself drop down some type of rabbit hole, as just another company construct and cut out popping up in Atlantic City? Running guns and drugs via his two private planes, one of which is registered in Virginia (CIA country), traveling to the Middle East on cruise ships with Marilou Danley, supposedly converting Islam?

Paddock is an enigma, a regular Joe who just played video poker down at the local bar. He and his gal got lattes at Starbucks. But he was also worth over $5 million with two planes and multiple properties. Understanding Stephen Paddock and what took place in Las Vegas can’t be solely accomplished by logical deduction. The inconjunct requires us to take leaps. We haven’t even dove into Rapiscan, Sheldon Adelson and Michael Chertoff, all of which is an after effect of what’s gone down in Vegas.

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  1. M

    To many mysteries
    But your getting somewhere in some of these possible and intriguing mentions.
    NFL/ music/ Hollywood/ all truth and depth is under the microscope now.
    Hoping people are awaking to the false idolatry of the culture that is entitled and self serving. They only occupy a very crowded space already on this planet. Prefer to tilt toward the positive and make the powerful and negative forces re examine their purpose here on earth.
    Tired of sell outs
    I don’t support popular culture and shelter my family from it.
    Thanks for your writing Robert.

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