Japan, Brazil, The Antipode Equation, Uranus In Aries And The New Atlantis

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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I am deeply fascinated by the concept of antipodes, meaning the opposite side of something, particularly geographically. With Saturn in Libra, as we do a our best to achieve balance in our lives, even while a gang of agents from Mars seeks to instigate radical change on our beings, the concept of antipodes (also shared by Gemini) is in play. Balancing the opposite. When the quake hit Japan, I looked for it’s antipode and it just happens to be Brazil, where of course Barack Obama retreated to, just a week after what is just the latest mega-disaster to plague the northern hemisphere in the past year. Brazil, in true, antipodal fashion is also home to the largest Japanese community in the world, outside of Japan itself. Sao Paolo, where Brazilian Jiu Jitisu evolved, is it’s center.

The Japanese were drawn to Brazil in the early 1900’s. Once slavery ended in Brazil, the Brazilian plantation owners needed to employ workers on their coffee plantations. Europeans were the first to arrive, but many didn’t stay, due to the intensity of the climate, low wages and harsh working conditions. Around the same time, Japan was emerging from a feudalist state and as a result, there was immense poverty in Japan. Immigration was subsidized to help combat low wages and the Japanese arrived at their antipodal point on the planet. Japan also happens to be a Libra country and it makes a great deal of sense, that they would be doing everything in their power now, to balance the intensity of Uranus in Aries and the power of the Pluto (Uranium/Plutonium) now ravaging their land and culture.

In Brazil, there was a fair amount of antipathy held towards the Japanese, since their cultural enclaves have been nearly impenetrable and Brazil has long proven to be a country that is malleable by internationalist ideology and dictum. In 1934, this resolution was passed into Brazilian constitutional law; “”The concentration of immigrants anywhere in the country is prohibited, the law should govern the selection, location and assimilation of the alien.” In essence, the Brazilian government would decide who would live where and force interracial and intercultural mixing onto it’s immigrant community. It was called, “The Whitening Project” where they hoped that the darker people of Brazil would lighten and get closer to the European hue, but the antipodal equation also exists in that there would be a darkening of the white race as well. The Japanese however have remained mostly steadfast in their cultural hegemony. In fact Oliveira Viana, a jurist, sociologist and historian had this to say about the Japanese; “”They (Japanese) are like sulfur: insoluble”. I’m sure that they’ll need to tap some of that insoluble nature in their homeland right now. This type of social engineering isn’t anything new for Brazil (Virgo country). In addition to the “whitening project” there is also the town of twins (more antipodal manifestation/Gemini)


The DOJ has recently revealed that a lot of Nazi brain power was flown out of Germany just before the end of the war. They wound up at places like Lockheed, Grauman, IBM and Rand. Argentina and Brazil also provided shelter for the dispossessed, including one Josef Mengele, who kept on working the genetic angle in places like Candido Godoi, a small town in Brazil, that has the highest incidence of twins on the planet. Most of the twins have blond hair and blue eyes. Argentine historian, Jorge Camarasa wrote a book called, “The Angel Of Death In South America” where he traces Mengele’s presence and influence. From the The Telegraph, here is what he has to say about Mengele’s experiments in Candido Godoi; “I think Candido Godoi may have been Mengele’s laboratory, where he finally managed to fulfill his dreams of creating a master race of blond haired, blue eyed Aryans. There is testimony that he attended women, followed their pregnancies, treated them with new types of drugs and preparations, that he talked of artificial insemination in human beings, and that he continued working with animals, proclaiming that he was capable of getting cows to produce male twins.” This type of purity and at the very least, hacking the chain of the DNA code, can be seen in Brazil’s Virgoan matrix. But there is another layer of social engineering now emerging in Brazil that might be even more in line with the archetype of Virgo/Gemini (purity/duality), this archetype is much more aligned with the hermaphroditic manifestation of Mercury and as most turned on and twisted cryptographers have figured out, the hermaphrodite is the image of the new wo/man, a synthetic blending of physical characteristics that theoretically bridges the material duality of the sexes, thus, at a base level, approaches a genetic singularity. It also reinforces man as god and the progenitor of a new species. The psychological and physical conditioning towards this end seem to be well under way in Brazil.


Brazil has recently unloosened $178 million dollars to essentially promote “homosexuality” as a mainstream life style option. They are also writing anti-homosexual hate laws into their constitution. While all of this might sound endearingly progressive, based on the track record of social and genetic conditioning in Brazil, I believe something else is afoot. The concept of same sex relationships takes organic procreation out of the equation and opens the door to science stepping in as absent daddy, artificially inseminating people perceptions about what is natural. Let’s say you’re a same sex couple and you desire a child, which the system has provided you the means to experience without cultural or religious restrictions. Now, wouldn’t you want the healthiest child, with the highest degree of genetic pedigree that you could match and find? Isn’t this just another cover for the type of eugenics that people have railed against since the 1930s? And what type of beings will be produced as a result?


“Lea T” previously known as “Leandro Cerezo” son of famous footballer, Toninho Cerezo debuted as a transsexual model at one of Brazil’s most prestigious fashion shows. She grabbed headlines the world over and not just in the fashion press. Kate Moss and Lea T made headlines by kissing on the cover of “Love Magazine.” Setting all the warm and fuzzies aside for a moment, again, I want you to ponder where the signal is coming from and why? Is it some antipodal manifestation of Saturn/Libra, desperately trying to achieve some form of balance? Or is it emanating from Pluto in Capricorn, which I have stated before, is potently Baphometric in it’s overtones and Baphomet is usually portrayed as hermaphroditic. Is the gender neuter/neutral model dancing to the tune of a different god?

As someone doing my best to recover from a lifetime of politically correct conditioning, I am asking myself these questions, always through an enculturation of filters such as my PC filter, my latent Christian filter, my para-conspiratorial filter, my MK Ultra induced new age filter, none of which will ever truly go away and somehow, I keep coming back to the most basic position; It’s not organic. We are tampering with the code of life, at a seed level. We’ll bitch and bemoan Monsanto for tampering with our food sources and yet many of the same people will readily applaud companies for paying for sex augmentation and artificially hacking our own life processes. I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but I’m not sure we can have it both ways. I am a proponent of freedom and this is your Earth life. You can choose what you want to do. But I wonder how many of us are choosing as freely as we think we are?

There is an emerging school of thought that says we really don’t have any thoughts at all, that our thoughts only exist in the spaces between us and another, which means the space of the signal is critical. Choose your signal wisely.


Uranus in Aries is an echo of Atlantis. We see this in the HAARP technology and if you believe in Edgar Cayce’s material, the Atlantean crystal weapons were directed against the Asian continent, mainly what is now known as China. One of the other, predominant themes that emerges from Atlantis is the creation of hybrid species, many of which are written about in our mythology. From the centaur, to the griffin, we have been regaled with tales of strange creatures that are a mix of animal DNA. Again, Cayce mentions this as well. If we are living in an Atlantean analog, then it makes sense that hybrids and chimeras will begin to emerge. The hermaphrodite hybrid is just one version. In the trans-humanist wonder world, we could simply dial up gills one day and start swimming around like the Sub-Mariner, who, incidentally hailed from Atlantis. His name was “Namor” which is “Roman” backwards and Rome via extension of Babylon, Egypt and Greece was a cultural iteration of Atlantis, a hyper-dimensional bus stop along the way to the New Atlantis, which appears to be now moving south, towards resource rich and decidedly experimental Brazil.

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