January Cancer Full Moon — As Close It Gets — The Maiden In Waiting

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

blue-crab.jpgThe full moon in Cancer is upon us.How do I know this beyond taking my nose out of my navel and looking up in the sky? My black cat, “Amos” is acting like an idiot. This is a very powerful fool moon if he’s already bouncing around like he’s been on a three-day-nip-bender. It”s in Cancer, so it’s power is going to be pure and undiluted, uncut Moon funk, coming acha through the roof of your mind. It’s going to be sheer lunacy this weekend–trust me. But it won’t be all bad–just make sure that if you do go nuts, that you’ve signed some sort of waiver or are with friends that are deeply complicit in your desire to emancipate yourself from the mundane. emotional landscape that you have been trudging through for the last 21 lifetimes. This is your moon my friend.

I have a net pen pal, one of the best astrologers you’ve probably never heard of, Linda Hill, author of 360 Degrees Of Wisdom the most modern, up-to-date, authoritative treatise of The Sabian Symbols. Linda sent out her email regarding this moon and I have to give her some love. Here is what she says about this full moon:

“This full Moon is a very interesting one. Not only is it in Cancer, which is the sign the Moon rules (it speaks of home and family and emotions and mother and sense and sensibilities), but it has some very interesting Sabian Symbols illuminating it. The Sabian Symbol for the Moon is Cancer 22: A Woman Awaiting a Sailboat. “How much of a human life is lost in waiting?” Ralph Waldo Emerson. This Sabian Symbol is so much about waiting, but not only waiting, awaiting , it’s also about dreaming, wishing, often in a wistful kind of manner; the ‘Woman’ may be looking out to sea, staring out a window or staring into space. Regardless, she’s waiting for something, perhaps that special person who’ll change her life, that job, that special vocation, that windfall of good luck, that gust of wind at her back to push her forward. Gazing into the future, she looks out – “things will be alright when….” So there is a wistful madness to this full moon. Indulge, dissolve and cultivate a sense of expectancy, the titillated state of waiting.

Let’s look at the full moon for the rest of you loonies.

Batten down the hatches matey. This moon gets into your head like a virus. You think about what it was like to be five-years-old, that little kid that was on the chasm of blank slate and socially indoctrinated self. It’s a bittersweet time where you see your life through a deeply emotional lens. I think that if you have ever struggled with any sort of inconsistencies around your emotional nature and how you present yourself to the world, this moon offers you deep insight into how to bridge the disparity those two disparate states. For all male Aries, simply surrender and lift the veil of tears, which will in turn bring you into the laughter of your soul. For female Aries, claim your righteous state of being ninja-daycare-goddess and fiercely love all of your most intimate relations.

The veil between your world is mighty thin over the next 48 hours. The Bull is a sweet control freak, You know what I’m talking about. Everything is cool up to a point and then, when it gets weird or slightly out of control, Taurus will either charge into the center of the ring, or retreat to the periphery. This full moon is calling you into the center, the place where you dissolve into the space of non-control. Open your mind to the vast possibility that you are not lone when ic comes to your particular brand of madness. Go deep. Go long, Go to the places where you fear to lose your sense of control, but particularly as it applies to your thoughts.

Let’s just say that you are not the only freaked out around money these days. If you can get over your seemingly paralytic spasms, you will find an eternal pulse that binds (and bonds) you to eternal cycles of plenty, but you have to trust and breath into the unknowing. If I could order up the perfect day for you over the weekend, it would look something like this; Lox and bagels in the morning (insert nurturing beverage of choice), which would be your getaway fuel for a day trip to a spa with the mud bath from heaven, fresh and warm, like an earthy cupcake that you could lose your form in. There, with you the center of the planetary sweet, you would have the epiphany that you are the creamy center of the cupcake, the frosting and the cake itself. Get out of your head. We’re all in the batter together.

Well, well. well. This weekend is a well deserved respite from that oppressive Pluto in Capricorn, industrial squalor. No, you are leading the phantom orchestra with an invisible baton and it sounds oh so great to the rest of us. Don’t worry if you feel like the rest of the world sees you as a raisin in a Cesar’s salad. Screw them. You just have to follow your own indiscriminate beat and let your instincts guide your for the next 48 hours. You’ll either write the next version The Constitution or come up with the ultimate, nutritional cocktail, where you can get everything you need, while you get all the essential vitamins and nutrients available for the day, In essence, lose your friggin’ mind for a while. You can pick it up again come Monday.

The power of the moon moves you in mysterious ways–you’re just a big cat after all. Right? So instead of running around and chasing your tail (leave that for Scorpio), find constructive ways to lose your mind. I’m totally serious about this. Go into this weekend with as much permission to mess things up that you possibly need. This moon urges you to lose control with a purpose. Does that sound like an oxymoron. Well it is, sort of. If I could dial up the perfect activity for you to do, it would be to go to a party dressed in a costume, while everyone else was attired in their normal party garb. Then simply relate to everyone from that characters/costume perspective. The people that you connect with will play a significant role in your life moving forward. It wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

Normally, the full moon messes with your sense of order that it’s almost a cruel reprieve that God has set aside for you every thirty days, a mixed blessing, depending on the sign it falls in. Luckily, for you, this month’s moon places firmly in the company of others that are similarly challenged. This is truly cause for celebration. Think of this moon as a 48 hour romp in group therapy and shared schizophrenia. From the grocery store, to the gym, to local, you’ll be reminded time and again, that we’re all bozos on this bus. How liberating this will be for you. At some point, someone even crazier and more uptight than you will confirm just how sane you actually are.

You’re oh so fortunate that this full moon falls on a weekend, because the amount of sheer insanity that you would have to put up with at work would tax even the most diplomatic of Libras. That doesn’t mean that you are immune from all nutty contact though. There is this thing called “email” and cell phones, and IM and Facebook. You get my drift. You are the ultimate counselor, mediator and in most cases friend and your zen-like, diplomatic, psychology is in high demand this weekend from co-workers getting the boot, or freaked out that they will. This is why you’re here in some ways, to learn through others, so don’t be too harsh if after hours demands are placed on you time, but make sure that you save some precious time for yourself, since you might have to stare down the exact same dilemmas others are having to deal with.


Your life takes on a symbolic nature this weekend that is so powerful, that distinguishing the real from the unreal is going to take a little effort on your part, When reality, dreams and synchronicities all bleed together, you’re going to have to figure out what’s meaningful, more than what’s real and since that is a totally subjective call, I’d almost say you’re on your own–but you’re not. If you should venture out tonight on the biggest, brightest, closest and most powerful of full moons, you’ll meet fellow travelers that will help you make sense of it all. Pay very, very close attention to your dreams. There’s a mystery about who you are in relation to a greater family of all things, which will become much clearer if you can remember and grasp all the intricate details.

Of all the signs this month, you have the lucky date with the goddess, the feminine principle in all of it’s deep and mysterious glory. From your mother to a popular porn star to an anonymous saint you meet on the street, this moon will tell you in no uncertain terms where you on in dealing with issues regarding the power of the female. If you have any unresolved issues in this area, watch out, because the cosmic finger of fate is ready to pull that trigger and set off your greatest fears, desires, longings and ultimately ask you, how well are you taking care of yourself, especially as it relates to the feminine forces in your life. Are they soothing allies or demon witches that point to where you need to do a better job of nurturing and protecting your heart? You’ll find out soon enough.

In the great run up to world domination and power, there will always be a few hiccups along the way and this weekend is just one of those times. Much like Sag, you’ll have to the forces of relating, however, while theirs is an archetypal meeting of hearts and minds, yours is most likely going to take place in the flesh. You get to sort it out with your significant other and I mean sort it out, everything from shared property and resources to bed space and what you do in bed. Yes, it might seem taxing and even absurd at times, but this is a critical period for you to sort these murky and often painful issues so that you can get back to the business of world domination on Tuesday, a better, wiser and more fair person than before.

Take some time out to purge over the weekend. From tears and fears, to taxed kidneys, drink enough water and healthy juice (wheat grass?) To allow some of the rare negativity you’ve allowed to attach to yourself to pass over, around and through you. Staying fluid is the name of the game for you this weekend, especially around situations where you have to deal with critics, both within and without. Like the moon, which passes from phase to phase, so will this crazy and challenging period of your life. Go to the ocean and witness the rise and fall of the tides to give you some perspective, This weekend is the high water mark. Get through it.

Some enchanted day, you will meet a stranger. Well that day might be here this weekend. Allow yourself to indulge in the most romantic flights of fancy that you can summon. Now, I’m not saying that you’ll meet prince or princess charming, you might actually meet the proverbial frog or three, but don’t let that deter you. It’s the story, in all of it’s glorious and mythical details that you will revel in. From thew angle of the moons light falling on your window pane, to the shadows that come to life and dance the merengue on your front lawn. Simply surrender the magical pageant of mystery and the promise of glamor and love.

6 thoughts on “January Cancer Full Moon — As Close It Gets — The Maiden In Waiting”

  1. e

    Last night my cat Pinky was TRIPPING OUT and I couldn’t figure out what he was trying to tell me. Then I remembered the Full Moon and it all made sense… Thanks, as always, Robert for your words of wisdom. I’ll look forward to encountering someone crazier and more uptight than myself!

  2. q

    You column, or rather Linda Hill’s speaks to something I’ve always wondered about the Sabian Symbols/ If the full moon was at 21 02, how does it become the Sabian Symbol for Cancer 22?

    Does this mean that in using the symbols, you round up?

    So if the degree of my natal Sun is 16 20 Scorpio, is the Sabian symbol for my sun Scorpio 17?

  3. a

    So in the moon, there is obviously a peak moment when it’s reached it’s zenith. From what I know about symbols, there is no zero degree affiliation for any sign/planet. So for instance, in my chart, I have Mars at zero degrees, which is then shifted to one degree. I think you can count up from there using one degree as a reference. If you want a more detailed explanation, you should reach out to Linda. She’s really nice and responsive when it comes to emails. You can reach here through her site at http://www.sabiansymbols.com.

  4. e

    When a friend gave me a copy of Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala (his reinterpretation of the Sabian Symbols) some years ago, he told me that the rule with Sabian Symbols was to always round up to the next degree. So I’ve always worked with them that way. I just browsed through the book looking for an explanation of WHY they work that way, but couldn’t find one – though I did come across examples where he looks at the Symbols in people’s charts, and he does round up.

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