James O’Keefe’s Solar Aspects, Gemini Spy, and Scorpio As Revelator

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

images-1Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood signs in the zodiac and it’s upon us. On today’s Fifteen Minutes of Flame, I talk about how Scorpio is the sign of the revelator, the individual who can journey deep into the belly of the beast, aka the 8th House and emerge on the other side, 9th House, with an uncomfortable truth, a blazing revelation. As we head into the stretch run of one of the most bizarre, election cycles ever, the hits just keep on coming.

James O’Keefe, might be the most hated man in America by liberals and democrats as he lays waste to their corrupt, political machine in his brilliant undercover videos, exposing the grimy connections between Hillary, the DNC, Democracy Partners and Americans for Change. This is true, Scorpionic, deep cover work and with a deeper glance at O’Keefe’s chart it’s blatantly clear where this motivation comes from and how it reflects the revelations of the Scorpion.

O’Keefe was born on June 28th, 1984. Of course, there’s the Orwellian connection. A Cancer, he’s tied to traditional moral values. This is a theme we hear over and over again with Trump and his chart features that Cancerian stellium of Mercury/Venus/Saturn in his 11th House. In fact, O’Keefe’s Sun at 6 Cancer conjunct’s Trump’s Mercury at 8 Cancer. These are first decan degrees, so deeply rooted in the traditional earth of the Crab.

Here is where it gets really interesting with O’Keefe’s chart. He was born on a Gemini Moon, deep balsamic, dissolving into the last moments prior to its rebirth in New Moon of Cancer. People of the Balsamic Moon tend to be very old souls, based on my perception of them and their actions, life path and behaviors. O’Keefe falls into this camp, and might even be able to give his own life away in true, balsamic fashion.

His Moon is in mutable, changeable Gemini, along with his natal Mercury at 12 degrees. There are two signs that are associated with spy craft and that’s Gemini and Scorpio. O’Keefe has them in spades. He’s a shapeshifter par excellence and his ability to go into deep cover, whether it’s him or others, comes through in the chart. It’s amazing that Scott Foval from Americans for Change is constantly blowing his own horn about how crafty and radical he is, pulling it over on the Republicans like Pence and Trump and meanwhile O’Keefe and his team are out foxing this arrogant dimwit at every turn. It’s beyond schadenfreude. O’Keefe should be nominated for an Oscar and best short documentary. The essence of the trickster god, Hermes, is fused into O’Keefe’s mind and emotional center.

His Venus is at 9 Cancer, again exemplifying conservative values, conservative relationships. His Venus, like his Sun is also in close orb with Trump’s Mercury. There’s a connection, and I wouldn’t doubt if Trump bankrolled Veritas to into deep cover and expose the Clinton campaign.

Remember, Scorpio is the sign of revelation and O’Keefe not only has Mars in Scorpio at 12 degrees, it’s conjunct his Saturn, also in Scorpio at 9 degrees. The Mars/Saturn conjunction is one that is driven and in the fixed sign of Scorpio, it’s relentless. O’Keefe will not stop until he gets whatever it is he is looking for and that’s the bottom of a truth.

Zooming out, he only has one, earth sign in his chart and that’s Capricorn, governed here by Jupiter at 9 degrees, in opposition to his Sun in Cancer. It’s James O’Keefe against the Capricornian Oligarchs. One gets the sense that this duel is what defines him, and that if and when the tides of social justice have turned towards O’Keefe and his charges, he might feel like a man without a mission.

With his Uranus at 10 Sag (retro) and trans Saturn in Sag conjuncting it, O’Keefe is bringing a radical message to the masses in a mainstream fashion, through this alignment, we ses the collision of the traditional (Saturn) with the new (Uranus). Alt media and youtube crashes through the mainstream.

The final, two planets in O’Keefe’s chart are very interesting. Here we see the sign of Sag, the truth teller again, but this time it’s Neptune governing it, and it too is retrograde, landing on the 29th degree, the anoretic factor, and even though its an outer planet, a generational force, it still has an impact on the personal chart, an indicator of a deep mission, one of spiritual import and unfinished business. Getting to the truth of the matter is something of a religious quest here. Now comes Pluto, also at 29 degrees, again, retrograde, in Libra, the scales of justice, the deep reminder to balance the scales. Almost all of O’Keefe’s planets are 1st and 2nd decan, with the exception of these two., deep into 3rd decan, anoretic and a reminder of unfinished business.

Finally, the last and most interesting piece of O’Keefe’s celestial puzzle is his True Node in Gemini, and his Chiron in Gemini, conjunct. O’Keefe, is part of a long line of tricksters, and muckrackers stirring shit up. Thirty years ago, he would have been Michael Moore, trying to bag Roger Smith and his plan to evacuate GM from Flint, Michigan.

O’Keefe had been targeted by the Leadership Institute, in Arlington, Virginia to get trained in the ways of all things conservative and good. Former VI charges
Include; Ralph Reed, Grover Norquist, Mitch McConnell and Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence. However, it’s another trainee of LI that really stands out; Jeff Gannon, aka James Guckert, aka Johnny Gosch, the bald, military escort that spent quite a few nights at the White House as a guest of George Bush and might be the adult version of Johnny Gosch, one of the more famous abductee cases of the 80’s.

LI didn’t mesh well with O’Keefe’s activism and he bolted the conservative leadership prep club to go behind the veil.

The fourth installment of the Veritas videos has just been released. Here is the link to the Project Veritas youtube page.

2 thoughts on “James O’Keefe’s Solar Aspects, Gemini Spy, and Scorpio As Revelator”

  1. super piece robert….penetrating insight to the penetrator himself. unfortunately i agree that his time here could very well be cut-short as were snowden’s and assange’s…..they’ll just go down the line as they do.
    cancer’s willingness to be sacrificed as was the crab which wounded achilles’-heel, for the sake of protecting his gorgon-medusa and was therefor honored by zeus for his valor with his place in the constellation….as was george bush2 for the sake of poppy and dick and donald and the rest of the cartel….as was mike tyson for don king’s sordid empire….as was oj for florida oranges and the NFL…thank god and bless those like james o’keefe who choose better sponsors. in my opinion a VERY RARE breed….thanks for the brilliant article.

  2. A

    So glad you broke this down on o’keeffe
    My fellow Scorpio, truth dweller
    And muck racker
    The time is ripe for truth and he is brave (not egotistical ) for putting truth on the platter while his head is on the Clinton chopping block.
    Bravo Robert for shedding a light on what we love to know “more” about and digging into what the truth is.
    Love and look forward to your probing as the truth seems to unwind itself in your analysis of past and present.
    Thank you for giving your heart and mind to us all

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