Jade Goody’s Deathwatch Ends Under Uranus Opposed Saturn

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

jade-goodyJade Goody returns to the ultimate reality show.

Back on Februrary, 23rd, I wrote and published a piece on Jade Goody, the British, rags-to-riches, reality TV star, who captured the heart of a nation on her first stint on Big Brother. Goody’s combination of guilesss honesty and naivete earned her a place in the hearts of many a Brit. She was “the real” in “reality.” Her popularity did not go unnoticed by sponsors and advertisers. Even though she did not win on Big Brother, she was reewarded with her own fragrance and other commercial opportunities.

Things started going south for the young, single mother of two boys when she went back to the The Big Brother house for another go round, on Celebrity Big Brother. It was there that her honesty got her into trouble. She insulted the Indian actress, Shilpa Shetty and was accused of being a racist. The tabloids had a field day and soon, Goddy was not only out of the Big Brother house, but also out of any other kind of job, as her lines were pulled, her spokeswoman roles cut off. This would be the least of her problems.

Goody had acquired quite the reputation as a party girl. Her ample bust and carefree attitude netted many paparazi shots on beaches and nights out on the town.

Seems like Brits like a good comeback story as much as their American counterparts as Goody made a redemptive appearance on The Indian version of Big Brother. I believe it was around this time, that found out that she had cervical cancer. Jade Goody’s life became an entirely new reality series onto itself, a deathwatch, where people could live and feel through this woman, many of whom had already indentified with her as a common gal.

Back in that piece I looked at the role of Neptune in Aquarius and how it morphed into a sort of collective channel of grief, projection, emotion and reaction. I alos wrote abput how Goody’s life and now death, mirrored a film, Deathwatch” by Bertrand Travernier, a scathing look into the future of humanity’s inability to feel any sort of emotion, unless it was experienced vicariously through a reality show. I won’t recount the details of the movie here, but you can feel free to view the original post in order to do so.

Jade Goody has passed away, leaving two, young, sons, with a man that she had married just prior to her death. She did as much reality based programming during her illness as she could in order to provide for her sons. Ironically, her death almost coincides with that of Natasha Richardson, who has also left two boys behind. Goody and Richardson could not have come from any different backgrounds and yet, their respective deaths leave the lives of their boys in their wake.

A reader, Angela, had commented on my first post about the gardasil jab, though I believe that Goody had received the Cervarix jab. Angela postulated that the jab itself was responsible for Goody’s cancer. She is not alone in this assumption. There are others, whom believe that the amount of aluminum in the jab is beyond toxic, ironically though, the public furor isn’t about the safety of the jab itself, but that Goody had receiveed the supposedly inferior and less expensive, Cervarix. The thinking goes that if she had recived the “better” and more expensive Gardasil, that this would not have happened. Unfortunately, Goody’s death is potentially the biggest marketing coup that Merck could have ever imagined. In death, Goody will no doubt help Merck move millions of vials of the vaccine, cashing in on the fear that her rapid descent and ultimately death, was brought on by an inferior vaccine. Merck should pay Goody’s sons a hefty, annual, stipend for life.

When I looked at Morgellons and Uranus in Pisces, I noted that Morgellons swims in the blood and dwells, just beneath the skin. We looked at the watery connection between Morgellons and Darwin under Uranus in Pisces cycles, especially as it relates to the currnet opposition between Uranus in Pisces and Saturn in Virgo. Uranus in Pisces can be powerful transmitter of illusion, hope and promise but it can also occlude and veil. Saturn in Virgo (health and karma) tugs on the reality of Uranus in Pisces and demands information, data, analysis, results. In the realm of public opinion, we’ll be left to sift through the contradictions, contraindications and contrary stances of big pharma, more than willing to sell us yet another, often undertested vaccine to naively accept and introduce into the sanctity of our bodies.

If Jade Goody’s life can have long lasting meaning, far beyond the ephemeral instant gratification that her celebrity provided her with, it will be raising the dialog and debate around vaccines for cervical cancer and the debate shouldn’t be about the merits of Gardasil over Cervarix, but if we should even have them at all.

5 thoughts on “Jade Goody’s Deathwatch Ends Under Uranus Opposed Saturn”

  1. W

    Merck (makers of Gardasil) is already being sued on behalf of 50,000 people who took its arthritis drug Vioxx – which causes heart attacks and strokes, among other fun things. There is evidence Merck knew about these effects and kept the drug on the market. So this is the company currently schlepping the cervical cancer vaccine all over the world, which leaves death and destruction of health in young women in its wake. They are currently lobbying the Harper government in Canada to make it an across-the-board vaccination for school girls. I believe 10 years old is the target age – an age group it has never been tested on, incidentally. Gardasil was fast-track approved by the FDA after only being tested on something like 2,000 girls. It’s also the most expensive vaccine ever produced (about $300 US per person). Hmm…trying to pay off all those Vioxx lawsuits by pushing more toxic medicine? Sounds as if they just want to be one step ahead in the game and don’t really give a rat’s ass about the Gardasil fallout catching up to them. By that time, they’ll be onto some other manufactured “health threat” and their deadly answer to it.

    So to your surmising if we should have these vaccines at all? Helllllllll no.

  2. a

    Wliiow, your point is well taken and vaccines in my opinion are all about making sure that there is recurring revenue throughout the life of the individual. My father recently passed away and I was shocked by the continued upsell of more pills, many times without even really having a clear view of what was really wrong with him. The whole thing is utterly disgusting.

  3. W

    Agreed. It’s completely out of control. I’m sorry your Dad had to go through that…and your whole family because it takes a toll on everyone. My sincere condolences. The current system is not designed for healing and actually inhibits a human being’s natural healing abilities, as you know.

    My 93-year-old grandmother was horribly overdosed with morphine when she went into the hospital with kidney pain in December. From the ambulance ride on, everyone who passed by seemed to dose her with more of the stuff, not even looking into how much she had already had. Left her hallucinating for ten days and very weak for months after. At the same time, I was prescribed the antibiotic Cipro for what was a very, very mild infection. Turns out it’s in a group of antibiotics called fluoroquinolones that should be prescribed only as an absolute last resprt. Cipro was designed by Bayer (IG Farben company) to ward off anthrax…now that that scare is over, it’s being “repurposed” as a cure-all for uti/prostate and other things leaving a wake of long-term toxic reactions in people that are quite debilitating. Medical doctors refuse to admit it’s happening or that it can cause the damage it does for as long as it does and keep doling it out like Chicklets.

    At the time, the H1N1 scare was just starting to quiet down, and I’m sure the collective subconscious hysteria constantly being stirred is leading doctors to prescribe almost lethal doses of drugs for every ache and pain, no matter how minor. It’s out of character for me to even visit a doctor, and that’s a whole other story in my mind related to the coercive techniques being employed to get people into that system…

    It truly scares me how far this has gone. Pluto in Virgos, we need your wrath on this one! 🙂

  4. W

    Oh, and of course, this was all kicked up just as Uranus started moving direct at 22 Pisces…trine my natal Venus and conjunct my S. Node in the 8th house. Blind spots! Grrrr.

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