It’s Time For A Change — Jupiter Moves Into Aquarius — 2009 & The Eleven Vibration — Inspiration & Revelation — Yearly Forecasts

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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jupiter.jpgJupiter in Aquarius — enter stage left.

January is a big, really big month in the skies. Lots of changes taking place and in some ways sets the tone for all of 2009. Let’s look at the number 2009 for starters and how it correlates to the biggest planetary shift of the year, which we will soon witness. Numerologically, 2009 is an eleven year (2+9 = 11). What does that mean? Eleven is the number of inspiration and revelation. It is the first in a series of master numbers (11, 22, 33, 44, 55 and 66). The eleven vibration supports visioning, thinking outside the box, flights of spirit, the loosening of personal gravitational fields, the ability to send and receive telepathic information, the link up of psychic connections, sensing higher solutions for day-to-day issues. The eleven vibration synchs up divinely with the transit of Jupiter in Capricorn to Jupiter in Aquarius (on 1/6). It will also be conjunct Mercury in Aquarius, from the 6th through the 8th. This is a really potent space for dreamers with sensitive antennae, a time to attune to the highest levels of consciousness.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, pointing towards opportunities of growth that are graceful and elegant. Unlike it’s stern, planetary brethren, Saturn, which requires that we occasionally go through hell in order to grow and learn, Jupiter is more heavenly and forgiving in its broad application. The danger with Jupiter is that we take these blessings and opportunities for granted and never get off of our lazy asses and do the work required to make the easy changes become real. Aquarius is progressive, revolutionary, radical, visionary (that word again), scientific, analytical and inspired (that word again). So we have the planet of expansion joining forces with the sign of radically inspired genius, during an eleven year. That’s a formula for a major leap forward in our ability to participate in collective visioning.

It’s a year where the biggest and best ideas of the individual meet up with a world that is ready to receive them. In essence, it’s the right place and the right time to bring big ideas to the table. Is there a downside to all of this rampant and godlike enthusiasm? Yes there is. No matter how easy and receptive things appear to be, it’s always good to temper expectations just a tad, to hold some reserve in reserve and allow a higher/inner power to participate in the process. Like all great ideas and creations, the most challenging aspect in the end, is “to let go and let God.” The other challenging aspect is that we are still dealing with Saturn in Virgo and no matter how expansive Jupiter in Aquarius is, Saturn in Virgo is an exercise in lowered expectations, simplifying lifestyles and managing frustration with reasonable solutions.

So while we have the green light from the cosmos to “make it so,” don’t be too bummed if the universe doesn’t bend to your every thought or manifestation. That comes in about two years when Jupiter moves into Aries. But for now, shoot for the stars with a laser guided arrow you built in your basement on the inspired whim of a dream you had where you envisioned yourself as Rama, blue skinned and divine…yes, launching a flaming arrow into the center of the galaxy, where it lit the fuse of a giant cannon that shot an electric orb of pure, transcendental love, hurtling towards the Earth, where on impact, it would explode and ignite the entire planet in a flame of ecstatic communion and orgasmic birth into the next level of our evolutionary experience. Why not? Just allow God(ess) to sign off on the finished project.

In addition to the big Jupiter shift, our good old friend Mercury goes retrograde on the 12th and adds a slight delay to the enthusiastic quality of Jupiter in Aquarius.

To read more, and get your yearly forecast for 2009, jump over to Kosmic life.

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