It Is Here — Meet Mars In Aquarius — Action And Change

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

MARSAQUARebels, genius, beauty and balls

Well it’s here, right on time for revolutionary season, it’s Mars in Aquarius. Mars in Aquarius is a most enigmatic sign and yet, it is perhaps the most distilled expression of the Aquarian experience at large. Let’s try to understand this aspect and then zoom out to the world at large and examine it’s impact on our current milieu.

Astrology is a lot like math, painting and cooking. You add things up. Colors are mixed. Ingredients combined. It’s an art of synthesis that blends a multitude of elements together. It’s very much like being a DJ, who mixes beats, samples and loops. But being a DJ has it’s own inherent rules and so does astrology. If a DJ mixes beats at the wrong tempo, it’s called a “train wreck.” If a cook adds too much salt, no matter how expertly they’ve infused orange rind, sage and maple syrup, the over abundance of salt will kill the dish. All things in measure, all things according to the natural order of their structure must conform to the potential inherent in their relationship to one another. Does that make sense? Okay, let’s try some astro math.

Mars is action, will, focus, violence, passion, sex, blood, war, conflict, energy, drive and conviction. It is the cosmic expression of the male principle. Wherever your Mars is in your chart, that’s where you put your energy and how it is channeled. What sign it is in is how it’s colored and the tone of the expression. That is the same for any planet/sign config. Aquarius is the rebel. It’s the code breaker and the social de-stabilizer. It is almost always contrarian. I’m surprised I haven’t heard a rap rhyme yet that flows with “I’m an Aquarian, a contrarian, a meat-eating vegetarian, ” You get the drift. If there’s an opposing POV, Aquarius will take it on.

Of all the signs, Aquarius rightly deserves the moniker, “The Devil’s Advocate.” And sometimes that script is flipt. For instance, I have Uranus (Rebellion) in my 9th House, which represents philosophy, law, religion, et al. When I was younger, I was a heretic. I went from despising religion, to having a conversion experience, where it was all GOD, 24/7. I sought out voices, old and new to buttress my faith and add to my experience, but even then, I was drawn to religious heretics like Thomas Merton, Hildegard Of Bingen, Alan Watts, Edgae Cayce, Luther Burbank, St. John Of The Cross, Theresa Of Avila, St. Francis, William Blake, etc., etc., which eventually led me into “New Age” teachings and the notion of a planetary Christ, Alice Bailey and related esoterica. And now, nearly thirty-years removed from that time, I am circling back again and being a heretic in some ways to the New Age itself. That’s Uranus in my chart and it is an insight into it’s operation.

I love Aquarius–I really do. Aquarius is humanity’s best friend. It is the agency behind the “Human Potential Movement” which was a precursor to the commercialized and commodified New Age marketplace of the late twentieth century. People like Fritz Perls, Wilhelm Reich, Werner Erhard, L. Ron Hubbard, Oscar Ichazo, Tim Leary and Ram Dass were the early proponents of “Human Potential” and the landing pads for it were places like Millbrook, Esalen and Asilomar. These teachers espoused an awakening within the human spirit that did not want to be defined by limits and those limits almost always boiled down to the basics like family, religion, personal history and culture. To reach new heights in the human experience, one’s “conditioning” would have to be not just examined, but eradicated in order for the “new” piece or the transformation to come through. Destruction of old values and old forms was essential. The familiar was nothing more than a series of habits based on some sort of cultural and religious indoctrination.

In order to fully flower as a true human, we had to unplug the robot and it didn’t matter how that looked or impacted us. If it was a relationship or a marriage, so be it. Leave it behind in order to try to find the “true self.” Religion? Gotta go. Full career path and a pension? Sacrificed. In essence, that was the core of human potential. In order to find yourself, you had to lose yourself. Hell, even Charlie Manson was whispering that MK Ultra psychobabble into the increasingly vacant minds of the family.

So where are we now on the contrarian scale? Well, it’s all permitted now isn’t it? Do as thou wilt? Sex change poodle marriages? Not a big deal. Have a problem with it? You must hate transgendered poodles! Off to the camp with you! Allowing Mexican cartel drug runners that are masquerading as thirteen-year-olds into the country? Are you really going to deny them their fundamental rights? Just who the hell do you think you are? Didn’t your great-great-great-great grandparents take their land, and women and have sex with their horses? Step off! What? You’re not going to allow your seven-year-old daughter to get the Kendra Baskett, stripper playset, replete with her own pole, leopard skin onesy and removable butterfly tattoos? Get CPS on the line! So as you can see, the needle for contrary has moved just a bit, hasn’t it?

One of the functions of Mars in Aquarius is to champion man by appealing to the nature of his underdog status. I have an Aquarian friend who called me like clockwork today, ranting on and on about how he respects humans that pull themselves up by their bootstraps. All hail the self-made man! I love him like a brother, but he might be quite surprised by the details that surrounds the so-called self made. Now that’s not to say that there aren’t people out there who have outstripped their conditions and circumstances, but that’s another story altogether. I’m just sharing an Aquarians visceral reaction to the Mars impact at 1 degree, 12/9/14.

Aquarius is perhaps the most scientific of all the signs. I’m on record with that. Gemini is bright and never met a problem it didn’t think it could solve or at least attempt to. Virgo is sharp, but not quite as daring as Aquarius in their grand scope. Charles Darwin and Ray Kurzweil, come to mind. One defined the origin of the species, the other one wants to redefine it. So when we blend Mars with Aquarius, we get an aspect that loves stats, data, figures and methods through which to employ them. Mars in Aquarius, simply from a geeks perspective is manna. It not only lends a passionate pursuit of information gathering, but puts a unique spin on how that data can be applied. It can run the gamut from psychopathic and clinical, to deeply humanitarian and driven to find solutions to what ills the planet. There’s a also a strong rebellious streak to Mars in Aquarius. A quick check of of the club with Mars in Aqua surfaces the likes of Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Pharell, Akon, Will.I.AM, Drake, Pitbull and Trey Songs, all players in the game, some more with ahem, more of an occult perspective. Magicians, Criss Angel and David Blaine, both have Mars in Aquarius. GI Gurdjieff, the father of the human potential movement had Mars in Aquarius. Howard Hughes and his modern update, Elon Musk, both contrary mavericks and visionaries have Mars in Aquarius. Michelle Obama and Condi Rice have it. The Anti-Christ (no it’s not Axl Rose) and Benjamin Creme, his handler, also have Mars in Aquarius. In a very strange twist, the planet Pluto was discovered on 2/18/30, which not only makes it an Aquarian planet, but it also has Mars in Aquarius.

Perhaps one of the most notorious agents procuring the powers of Mars in Aquarius, is G.H.W. Bush (that guy). It was Bush who intoned the illuminated prayer about “The New World Order.” He delivered that now famous speech on 9/11/90, at 9:09PM, EST, Bush uttered those name infamous words. Eleven years to the day, we all know what happened. Are you starting to get an example of Mars in Aquarius? From rappers, to maverick inventors, to strange magicians, to the grand wizard of the New World order, we can get a glimpse of this powerful, radical, unique, cool and rebellious aspect. There’s others in the mix too that have some interesting similarities. White boy soul singers, Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke have Mars in Aquarius. So does another Justin, as in Tiberlake. Lance Armstrong and his ex-lover, Cheryl Crow both share this aspect. And in an unusual twist, Bridgette Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh, who starred together in “Single White Female” both have Mars in Aquarius, as well as being Aquarius Suns. In another related pairing, both the late John Belushi and Chris Farley have Mars in Aquarius. Farley often said that he felt possessed at times by Belushi’s spirit.

So where does that leave us now? One day into Mars in Aquarius, another gruesome spectacle of the scarred and broken American landscape. Rapper, Earl Hayes killed his reality TV show actress, Stephanie Moseley. Moseley had been a contestant on a VH1, cheer leading show called, “Hit The Floor.” Hayes then turned the gun on himself. The death was apparently witnessed by Floyd Mayweather Jr. on Facetime, sadly making it a Mars in Aquarius moment in surreal time.

American cities have been soaked in the accelerant of poverty and envy. The gap between the haves and the have nots has become deeper and wider. The polarity game has trapped Americans in an opposition that stretches all good will and faith to the breaking point. Mars in Aquarius will have a catalytic affect on the crimes and misdemeanors of ignorance and prejudice, profiting the planetary slumlords of London, Zurich, Cologne, Rome, New York, Dubai and Tel Aviv, for better or worse. Blaze this Mars in your own, unique way.

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    I just love reading your article thanks , I too have mars in aquarius , im a sag with rising in leo and moon in aries ???

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