Is Tiger Woods Dead? (Figuratively Speaking) And The Astrocartographic Event Trigger

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Tiger-Wods-tiger-woodsWhen we will have a Tiger sighting?

Today marks the 17th day since anyone has actually seen Tiger Woods. The last bit of evidence confirming his corporeal existence was the odd 411 call and recording from the neighbor. Ever wonder why and how these recordings get released? Is this standard operating procedure? Anyway, today was the day that Tiger was supposed to be the best man at a good friends wedding. Let’s explore this for a moment. Tiger was supposed to be the best man. That’s quite something for guy like Woods, who really didn’t seem to evoke an image of loyalty and friendship, at least not in public. For him to miss an event of what might be considered significant personal commitment, means something.

One of Woods’ pals from the PGA tour, the newly refurbished John Daly, has been trying to get through to Woods for weeks now–to no avail. To borrow a term from Tiger’s father’s days in Nam, he’s MIA.

Accenture, one of his big sponsors, just dropped him. Accenture is major player as they sponsor an annual match-play tourney, so they’re deeply woven into the golf world and they have moved on. That makes three sponsors that have cut Tiger loose.

Yesterday, as my son battled with aliens in his stomach, ejecting them into a large chrome bowl every hour or so, I thought more and more about the Tiger Woods affair and came to the conclusion that he is at the very least, figuratively dead. His sponsorships are evaporating, his public persona is in tatters and he has quickly morphed into Michael Jackson, reclusive phase.

What he stood for is now a memory, a montage of highlights and fist pumps, red shirts on Sundays and green jackets at Augusta. As we have noted, not only has his personal visage vanished, but his commercial doppleganger has as well. So, metaphorically speaking, the safe and sanitized Tiger Woods is gone. The most bankable sports minority south of King James is commercially dead.

But is it simply the demise of his persona and image? Could it actually be something more?

I had a brief exchange with a noted astrologer the other night regarding his absence and I asked her to have a quick look at Tiger’s transits/progressions. She sent me back something almost like notes scribbled across a cocktail napkin;

“The Progressed chart, uranus in Scorp 1st with N. Node scorp squaring Saturn in Cancer on mc. sudden death of persona or he himself, by mother of his children (and how he treats women) in public way is what comes to mind. double life – mars in gem. I’m thinking aloud here.”

So I decided to go a little further.

All of this broke around Woods’ affair with Rachel Uchitel, which took place in Australia. This was the trigger event for what would ensue on Thanksgiving. I plugged Tiger’s coordinates into an astrocartography program (Astrodienst) and looked up Australia, specifically Sydney, where The Australian Open was played at Stonehaven. This is what I got: Crossing Sun/Pluto at Same Latitude

“The strong energies of Pluto in combination with the Sun generally cause you to question aspects of your life which have become too rigid. You can definitely expect profound changes by being in this region. What type of events is likely to happen in your life under this influence depends on your current constitution and state of development.

It is here that you come into contact with your unacknowledged needs and repressed emotions. The shadow sides of your psyche come to the surface, often without warning and in a disruptive manner. If you find the courage to face these deeper dimensions of yourself, you can transform them. A psychotherapy can facilitate the process.

In these places you experience – actively or passively – the meaning of power and of forces which are not easily controlled. You live in extremes, and your motto is “all or nothing”. That is fine, as long as you are aware of what you are doing and how others perceive you. If you are not careful, the tide may turn against you.

A constructive way to deal with these topics lies in the wisdom of the occult and shamanistic rites for example. Use the power of this influence to explore and transform your personality.”

And this: Crossing Uranus/Pluto at Same Latitude

“Here, anything is possible.
Your life could be turned completely upside down.You experience new and unusual goals. You become a lawless rebel and see yourself playing the role of the lonely, misunderstood outsider.

With the same degree of fanaticism, you combat social conventions and legal norms. You refuse to submit to any power and trust no other authority except your own. Encountering opposition only reinforces your resolve and competitors are defenseless against your attack. Your radical, uncompromising attitude causes a sensation and can frighten friends as well as enemies. However, in your personal development, you run the risk of becoming a prisoner of your own single-minded striving for freedom and individuality.”

It’s there, in Sydney, where the energies of The Sun/Pluto/Uranus are activated. It’s “down under” where Tiger meets his Waterloo, beneath the the equator where everything gets turned upside down for him, as “The Hanged Man.” Those energies set everything in motion but they didn’t dissipate or abate. They changed his life, however we interpret his demise, quite possibly forever.

I decided to do a chart for Windmere at 2:30 am, 11/27/09. In a strange moment of synchronicity, Windmere’s chart has a Libra Ascendant just slightly ahead of Woods’ Virgo ascendant. Saturn is just on the 12th house cusp. Then I did a composite chart of the two and here is where it gets really interesting.

Pluto and Venus were conjunct at the time. This from Astrodienst.

“This is not likely to be a casual relationship. You will be intensely involved with each other. Love can be transformed into a power struggle if one or both of you tries to use the relationship as a tool for manipulating the other. The victim is powerless to do anything about it, and a strange love-hate tension is set up. When such a situation finally explodes, it can be disastrous.”

In essence, the planet of death was conjunct the planet of relationships at the time of the accident.

Mars also has quite an active role to play in all of this as well as it peaks in the tenth house (career and public standing). Here, it opposes both Uranus and Pluto. Mars opposite Neptune from Astrodienst:

“At its most extreme, this aspect indicates a relationship in which one of you deceives and works surreptitiously against the best interests of your partner, who goes on believing that everything is all right. Sometimes this aspect indicates a drug or liquor problem that is somehow reinforced by the relationship(remember this part)”.

Here is Mars opposite Uranus, again from Astrodienst.

“The opposition of Mars and Uranus in the composite chart requires the two of you to have a great deal of flexibility. With this aspect it is very difficult to let things be. Usually you get into a very competitive situation in which you are constantly trying to goad each other. Each person’s self-expression becomes a challenge to the other.”

The Moon was also squaring Pluto at that time and Venus squared Pluto as well. All in all, the energies that were bouncing off Tiger as it related to the place and time, not only seemed to be a close replica of his own chart, but mirrored what was actually taking place between he and Elin.

I made a note regarding the drug and liquor problem associated with the Mars/Neptune opposition. This is vitally important, especially if we begin to look at what happened to Woods with a more fatalistic point of view.

It was reported by TMZ and in The Huffington Post that Tiger had been admitted for a drug overdose. Here is a portion of the text:

TMZ reports that Tiger Woods was listed as an overdose when he admitted to the hospital following his post-Thanksgiving car accident. According to the article, his charts are marked “OD” and a note says he was having difficulty breathing.tiger-woods-car-crash

This follows up with reports from earlier today that the investigating officer at the crash scene requested a subpoena to look into Woods’ medical records after suspecting that Woods had taken Vicodin and Ambien and had drunk alcohol.”

Whenever news breaks, it’s vital to pay attention to at least the first sixty to ninety minutes of the breaking story, because that’s where the real details usually emerge. When the smoke clears, the details get scrubbed to fit whatever story seems to be the most beneficial at the time.

When Diana crashed in the tunnel in Paris, the first reports had her walking out of the limo and into an ambulance. Then all of a sudden, we hear of her subsequent death. When Woods crashed, we were told it was “serious” and then quickly, it was just a few lacerations on his face, which could have been more had it not been for the “heroic” actions of his wife, teeing off on the rear windshield.

The Asian press presented a very different set of details of those first moments, especially as they were witnessed and experienced by his neighbor.

The headline from DNA India read, Neighbour feared Woods was dead after his accident

“Florida (US): A neighbour, who rushed to help Tiger Woods after he crashed his car into a fire hydrant, feared the golfer was dead, reports The Daily Star.

The drama of the situation was revealed in a tape of the emergency phone call.

In the 911 plea, made public by police last night, ?” the worried man said Woods was unconscious and it was not clear if the star was still breathing.

Woods’ neighbour said: “I need an ambulance immediately. I have someone down outside my house. It’s a car accident. They’re laying on the ground. I have a neighbour, he hit the tree. I see him and he’s laying down.”

When the dispatcher asked if the person was unconscious, the neighbour replied: “Yes”.

When questioned if the golfer was still breathing, he replied: “I can’t tell.”

So now we have one account of Woods being unconscious and another of him having been admitted as an OD under an alias. Then he’s out of the hospital and we have not seen him since. It’s been two-and-a-half weeks. All we have had is press releases from his website that have told us that he has left playing golf indefinitely and he is likely headed to Sweden to live in obscurity on an island just off the coast of Stockholm. In essence, he’s vanished.

So we know, almost for certain that Woods is dead, at least metaphorically. Everything he stood for has been laid to rest. His uber-success story as the multi-culti terminator of the links, the one that crashed golf’s color barrier, with a gandhi-like future waiting for him is buried under the sod of chaos and duplicity. America loves a comeback and it would welcome Tiger with open arms (having served due penitence of course). If Michael Vick can return to the NFL, The PGA would be a breeze for Woods–that’s if he’s still around. The assumption that Woods is still living or in a conscious state is merely that at this point.

Let’s assume at that based on TMZ’s reports that he did OD, could his absence be linked to a drug induced coma? Or perhaps, until we actually see him and verify his whereabouts, could Tiger Woods be dead? We’ve established that he’s commercially and figuratively dead, but until he emerges for the public, this will not be the first nor the last bit of speculation you’ll read regarding his fate.

The PGA is reeling under the weight of the economic collapse. They are having sponsors pull out right and left from their tourneys. They’re hoping to get enough to field a full season for 2010. If Woods is officially dead, then many of those sponsors, still banking on his return would be far less inclined to budget their precious ducats for say “The John Deere Classic.” Tiger’s demise would almost certainly be an economic death knell for the pro tour.

His sponsors would also lose their significant investment in him, but more than that they could also lose a fair share in the court of public opinion. A living Tiger is worth hundreds of millions of dollars to not just those businesses but to TV networks that bank on sponsors for the tournament as well.

While I was banging away on my own, MK Ultra connections between Earl Woods, Paul Drockton, aka Dead Man Musings was doing the same. He even went so far as to quote a golf pro (anonymous) who spoke candidly and knew about Tiger’s programming. They (the pro golf community) felt as though he held an unfair advantage because he had been programmed to respond to any shot and angle on the course, without the threat of a random emotion spoiling his concentration. In essence, “they hated” Woods.

Drockton’s opinion is that Woods’ programming was breaking down. It’s what I alluded to in my last post as the affairs and the rampant sex, might have been Woods’ way of shaking the controls.

There’s probably a pretty good chance that Tiger Woods will turn up in a month, smiling, doffing his cap to paparazzi in Stockholm, but there is als an outside chance that we may not ever see the Tiger Woods we knew.Bhagwan_Shree_Rajneesh

Many years ago, I was staying at a B&B in Spokane over the holidays. While I was there, I met the owners sister, who lived in Antelope, Oregon, which for a few years became “Rajneeshpuram.” She and her fellow “Antelopers” watched and observed the Osho community with great intent, They took dozens of pictures of Rajneesh and documented as much as they could about the mysterious guru and his followers, who stormed their town, almost overnight. She told me that they were pretty sure that the Rajneesh that went into Antelope originally was not the same guy that zipped passed them in a Rolls, day after day, months later. They compared photos of the two Oshos and they appeared to be two different men. They claimed it was his brother. Interestingly, Rajneesh had never been a man that was at a loss for words, but when he got to Antelope, he quickly took a vow of silence.

Soon after The Feds raided the community, he was a man without a home and without landing really anywhere, he died. His spokesperson of course was the notorious, Ma Anand Sheela, who had major ties through her husband to The World Bank.

I’m sharing this little tidbit to educate you about the possibility of doubles and on the fringe of possibility, clones.

Is Tiger Woods dead? Really dead? Figuratively there is no debate. Bury his image now. Is he actually deceased or in a comatose state? I don’t know, but until we actually see him, up close and personal, the doubt and speculation will increase in proportion to the time he is tucked away from the general public, on an obscure island off the coast of Sweden.

14 thoughts on “Is Tiger Woods Dead? (Figuratively Speaking) And The Astrocartographic Event Trigger”

  1. S

    Although I think it’s unlikely that Woods is deceased, you are absolutely right that the Tiger Woods egoic image that had been projected for the past 12 years is very much dead. This killing off of the egoic self could be the best thing to ever happen to him in this incarnation, or, if he is too attached to this self-image (projected onto him virtually since infancy), it could be his unraveling. Personally I think his wife’s battering left him physically and emotionally damaged, which for most men would be enough to keep them in hiding for a while. Can we talk about something else now, please!?

    1. a

      Thanks for chiming in Susan,

      Thee is certainly a lot of truth to the “egoic” death of Woods. There are other sites now starting to pick up on the Tiger = dead theme, referencing the “Paul is dead” meme that was dropped on 9/11/66. Tiger’s withdrawal from golf announcement came on 12/11/09. Paul surfaced 11 days later on the 22nd. Perhaps this is when we’ll see Tiger.

      Talk about something else?

      Hmmmmm? How about Taylor Swift’s new haircut? 🙂

      On a slightly more serious note, I’m going to try to do something on the Norway blue spiral.

  2. J

    If you check out the websites “Nothing is Real” or “Paul is Dead, Miss Him Miss Him” and others you will find MANY people have been replaced.Paul Mccartney,Cheryl Crow, Lance Armstrong, Bob Dylan etc. etc. etc. More are noticed every day. Check it out.

  3. A golfer’s net score is determined by subtracting the player’s handicap from the gross score (the number of strokes actually taken). The net scores of all the competing golfers are compared and (generally) the person with the lowest score wins.

    *busting up*
    He had it all bassackwards.
    He was a little off course.

    *busting up again*
    Omg. I’ll just stop now …

  4. I started digging into the “Metropolis” theme so prevalent in today’s Music Video Rituals after your Jay-Z article, and the idea of people being replaced by robots is exactly what this new(?) mythic form is all about. Are there any ancient myths about people being abducted and replaced, or is this a 20th century idea? I can think of Pwyll and Arawn in Welsh mythology, but I can’t think of any good comparisons in Classical, Biblical, or Egyptian myths… Maybe this fits into the symbolic Rhianna/Rhiannon connection I’ve been looking for?

  5. B

    When the gifts GOD bestows on us are not paid forward…we die inside slowly…
    I call them the walking dead …there are many ‘dead’ peeps…. being rich and famous is a test many fail

  6. Robert, Did Tiger ever resurface?
    While we’re talking crazy talk…My deep dark secret theory is that Obama is a robot. I am so serious.

    1. a

      Well, it’s certainly strange how robotic he can be, especially without a teleprompter. Back in the 90’s I was introduced to the concept of robotoids, clones, etc. through George Green. Freeman think Obama is a clone of Tutenkhamen. Reality can be a pretty slippery affair.

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