Introducing The Concept Of “Thrival,” Ten Tips For Surfing Through Pluto In Capricorn

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Much has been written about Pluto’s move into Capricorn, by myself and thousands of other astrologers on the web. The energy of it’s titanic arrival is already pushing through the cellular membrane of the dominant paradigm via the melting economy. The cynically proverbial bait and switch is already in motion. Once Paulson got the money to Goldman Sachs, AIG, et al, the doors to buy up bad debt and are locked and sealed. The model that Paulson espoused to monetize the massive borrowing against our future has abruptly changed. Banks are hoarding cash instead of freeing it up for more loans and keeping the markets flowing. While the owners of crappy mortgages await for Obama to use the stroke of his golden quill to eliminate or at the very least alleviate their burdens, the rich just got a whole lot richer. With Bush being lamer than lame, Paulson seems to be running the show.

Keep in mind that the Christmas buying season, the one, last bastion for many retailers in the waning years of Bushco is nearly upon us and there is no chance whatsoever that people will spend the way that they have in years past, which means that we’ll see a record number of businesses fall by the wayside and with it scores of jobs.

Pluto will be conjunct The Sun on 21st of December, on the heels of The Winter Solstice and I have no doubt that we will feel the celestial reverberations of this aspect. There will be a clear signal Pluto has arrived.

So all of this prognosticating and pontificating is all well and good, but what can YOU do to not only survive but thrive in the weeks, months and years to come?

If we know anything about this monumental aspect, it’s that it is ultimately about tenacity, survival and endurance. It will cause us to shed layers of useless weight, both literally and figuratively. It’s is ultimately about “lightening up” so that our subtle bodies can vibrate at higher levels and be open to information and inspiration that will provide us with the clues and instructions for our collective awakening, thus, at it’s core, Pluto in Capricorn’s ultimate mission is the complete and total transformation of physical reality. You’ll have a choice (believe it or not) as to how you want that to look by how you shape it with you own thoughts, will and actions, because if you don’t, someone else will gladly do it for you. So here are ten “thrival” (thrive + survival) tips for essential living during the Pluto in Capricorn initiation.

I) Form community and neighborhood arcs.
That could include everything from storing seeds, water and other essential supplies for lean times ahead. This will help you to get to know your neighbors better and build alliances of trust and goodwill, as well as hedging your bets against possible shortages.

II) Buy in bulk.
This goes back to the community arc concept. By banding together and buying larger lots of goods, your costs will reduce and yet again, it will be an opportunity to grow closer to others, which will be essential at this time.

III) Shed the heavy weight NOW.
Don’t wait for Pluto to act upon you, blend with the energy. Sell, donate, recycle things in your life that no longer serve you and could serve someone else–this includes emotions, relationships, thoughts, concepts, beliefs and feelings, if outmoded and non-essential.

IV) Invest in your heath.
This is critical and vital. Look into highly rated air purifiers, water purifiers, a decent supply of supplements, including powerful anti-oxidants like acai, pomegranate, blueberry and green foods. Try to get organic whenever you can. This is where buying in bulk and the community arc can come in very handy, thus keeping rising costs down again.

V) Re-connect with simple joys and pleasures
Reclaim the innocence of child-like wonder. This is a sacred gift you can give to yourself.

VI) Explore the concept of longevity.
The energy behind Pluto in Capricorn is ripe for looking into not just living well into your silver years, but perhaps even far beyond them. Look into the teachings of The Breatharians principles of immortality by authors like Leonard Orr. This energy can unveil secrets of timelessness.

VII) Learn a tradable skill.
Many of us can’t even turn a wrench anymore, especially since our cars are nearly completely computerized and the auto, the old lab for home mechanics is essentially software on wheels, which needs to be tended to by trained techs. find one thing you can learn in a relatively short time that can bring you value if you need to offer your services in lieu of payment or simply want to do an exchange of time and effort with another that would benefit both parties.

VIII) Turn off your television.
This has always been a good thing, but now, more than ever, it will serve as an amplifier of fear and anxiety. Now that the broadcast signal will be purely digital, it means two things: the first being that the broadcast spectrum will be unified and that frequencies can be isolated and concentrated and not dispersed across a wide range. To use an agricultural analogy, they’ve managed to herd us into one, unified field, where, on a sub-sonic level, we will all be recipients of whatever is being sent through broadcast frequency. It’s also freed up the other spectrum, which curiously enough is being dedicated to white noise. Hmmmm?

IX) Learn about orgone.
Wilhelm Reich stumbled onto orgone when he was freeing himself from the clutches of Anna Freud and the emotionally repressive Freudians. Reich figured out that the reason most of humanity was unhappy was because they were fundamentally blocked on an energetic level, due to trauma, abuse etc. By freeing up these blocks, orgone (life force) could move more freely through the individual and thus allow greater access to creativity, joy and self-expression. Orgone will help deal with ELF’s, EMF’s and other negative, fear based frequencies, while allowing you to stay more centered in unsettling times.

X) Be as easy and gentle on yourself and others as you can.
The old yardsticks for measuring success and happiness will quickly become irrelevant. As such, many people will go through a critical process of self-judgement, one that has no redeeming value whatsoever. The game has changed and developing new measurements for self-worth are essential. It will also be crucial for people to not react when consensus reality goes sideways. Prepare now and the shocks won’t be as traumatic. Forgive others if they choose to cling to fear based models or if they cannot willingly embrace the concept of “communal autonomy and the authentic self.”

I’m sure that there will be many other suggestions that other folks have. Please feel free to share them here and use this space as a public exchange of ideas and support.

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