Incognito And Martin: The Astrological Connection And The Manipulation Of The Collective Mindspace

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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Conjunction dysfunction.

(Editor’s note. I do not condone hazing or any type of ritualistic behavior that demeans any individual. In a society devoid of true rites of passage, these humiliating enactments are unconscious reincarnations of rites passed down through fraternities, sororities and lodges that are used to bond others through humiliation and shame)

I made my first pot of chili just in time for the first cold snap of the fall. I have to say, it might be the best chili I’ve cooked up. I busted out the frozen, roasted Hatch chilies I had stashed away. After I tasted the chili, I wish I had bought a few more. I also dashed it with some mesquite smoked salt. I wish google had an app that would allow you to taste it. But that’s not the only thing that’s cookin’. Want to step into some into some deep, cultural doo-doo? Some funky astro-matrix voodoo? Want to see the NFL used as a psyop and see how Pluto in Scorpio responds? Well pull up those waders and let’s get into the swampy and weird, Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin psychodrama.

So for those of you that don’t follow or give a shit when it comes to football or pro sports in general, let me quickly fill you in. Miami Dolphin’s guard, Jonathan Martin, 2nd year player from Stanford, made headlines last week when he walked out of the team facilities, claiming that he was the subject of bullying and harassment by fellow Dolphin players, in particular, Ritchie Incognito. Incognito has a checkered past. He was kicked out of U of Nebraska, even though he played at an all-american level as an offensive linemen. He transferred to Oregon, but even before he set foot on campus, Oregon coach Mike Belotti rescinded his scholarship, likely because Incognito failed a drug test. Now I’m not talking hard drugs, but likely PEDS (Performance Enhancing Drugs). It’s football’s both pro and college’s dirty secret.

Incognito eventually landed with the St. Louis Rams where helped lead the Rams become a powerhouse in running and passing. He has a reputation as a mauler, a tough guy, the toy of player you want in a trench war. Incognito is not a polite player. He eventually got into a conflict with Rams head coach, Steve Spagnuolo and was summarily released from the Rams. He was picked up by the Buffalo Bills and played for them for three games. He was on the line that prong Fred Jackson for over 200 yards, one of the most prodigious running efforts in league history. After that season, Incognito was let go by the Bills.

Two years ago, he resurfaced with the Miami Dolphins and last year, he was a key player for them, earning pro-bowl honors. It looked like he had found a home. Speaking of home, he’s a Cancer, and not just any Cancer. He was born 7/5/83, which put’s his natal Sun conjunct the US Sun. His Sun (12) is conjunct Mercury (6) and Mars (4). Mars is Cardinal and that’s a fiery trinity, even in the nurturing sign of the crab. But it’s complex. He’s intense, combustible and yet even sensitive. Of course he’s got a touch of patriotism in him with that Sun conjunct the US Sun. He’s deeply involved with Operation Homeland, a group that provides resources for the families of vets that come home from the war. Remember the name, Homeland. That’s likely a side of Incognito not publicly seen and apparently, not reported either, at least by the mainstream media. He’s got Venus in Leo at 26 degrees. Venus in Leo can be loving and generous. Jupiter in Sag (2 degrees) conjunct Uranus (5 degrees) might contribute to not just his athletic ability and wild side, but also can be seen in his training methods, which includes pilots, acupuncture, chiropractic and other alternative methods. He also has Saturn in Libra (exalted) conjunct Pluto (one degree orb). That’s a heavy aspect and actually quite rare. Those born between June 1947 to June 1948 and those born between September 1982, to November 1983 have it as well, so there isn’t a lot of data on the conjunction in modern astrology. We can see not just deep and potentially life shaking energies, especially as it relates to relationship, but it’s also a deeply collective aspect, meaning it gets played out on a larger stage and we get to see the shadows of the interpersonal realm projected into very public spaces as it is now via Incognito and Martin. How this occurred is that texts and phone messages that Martin had in his possession were made public. On the surface, they sound horrible. Incognito tells Martin he’s going to “shit in his mouth.” He also tells him that “he’ll slap his momma.” And he drops the “n-word.” Of course. It’s ironic isn’t it, that his name is Incognito and yet he’s become painfully public by having his communication with Martin plastered all over media-sphere.

Incognito was instantly tried and sentenced as a hateful, racist, bully in the in the unflinching gaze of the all-seeing-eye. Are you getting it yet? In echoes of the Trayvon Martin (hey, there’s that word, MARTIN), Incognito has become George Zimmerman. Zimmerman BTW has the Saturn/Pluto conjunction as well, but out of sign. The early momentum of this episode, the media was piling on Incognitio.

Martin couldn’t respond because he checked himself into a hospital to deal with his breakdown. From there, he traveled to California to be with his parents. We’re going to get into Jonathan Martin’s chart and his parents (it will blow your mind) but in the days that followed, their Dolphin team mates came out and started to speak. Keep in mind that these guys are under thirty, so they are Pluto in Scorpio and they will speak their minds and they did. They quickly, both black and white players alike, came to the defense of Ritchie Incgnito. They said that Richie and Jon were actually friends and Jon Martin didn’t have many friends on the team. He was quiet, reserved and didn’t seem to have much fire in his belly. Educated at Stanford, the son of two prominent lawyers (not just any lawyers) he went to a posh,Harvard-Westlake private school in Los Angeles. Dolphin coaches told Richie Incognito to help toughen Martin up. What’s been painted of Incognito is that he “terrorized” and “bullied” Martin. But according to team mates, Ritchie never did anything to Martin that was remotely brutal or cruel and by the way, he wasn’t the only member of the Dolphins that was involved in trying to crack Martin’s tough guy code. This is according to Martin’s lawyer, now expanding the finger pointing to the entire Dolphin’s organization. The Dolphin locker room has circled the wagons and Jon Martin is out. Richie Incognito is suspended and what could amount to a tragic kangaroo court, is being played out before our very eyes. Not only is Richie Incognito under a microscope, but so is the entire culture of the NFL. Okay so what of Jonathan Martin?

His Sun is at Leo, 26 degrees, which conjunct’s Richie Incognito’s Venus in Leo at 26. Exact! How could they not be friends? Not only that, but he has Jupiter in Cancer at 3 degrees, which conjuncts Incognito’s stellium in Cancer, including Richie’s Sun. There is a very strong cosmic bond between these two and based on the charts, I am far less than willing to believe narrative that’s been exploded like buckshot from the media and now, Martin’s parents and lawyer. Pluto has been transiting Martin’s Saturn in Cap at 7 degrees and that is an extreme psychological workout. It will grind and grind and grind away at the psyche, dredging up fears, compulsions, anxieties and even obsessions. This is angle of exorcism to some extent as it forces the individual to experience get through it, face themselves and get tougher psychologically. It mirrors the fear of complete obliteration. Jon Martin is going through it. likely, his football career is over. His chart BTW, isn’t brimming with football related aspects. Martin should have been a college prof like his father. With his Chiron in Gemini though, he”s of two minds and of, maybe two lives. it will be just a matter of days, maybe hours where there are rumors that Jonathan Martin is gay. With Chiron in Gemini, that may be the case and if it is, well the SPLC just hit the daily double.

So the irony is that Incognito is anything but private now, and Martin (Martian) is anything but warlike. But what about Martin’s father? Here is where it gets interesting and very weird.

Martin’s father is C. Augustus Martin, a lawyer and professor at Cal State-Dominguez Hills. He specializes in get this, juvenile justice and terrorism.. Martin senior has written nine books on various types of terrorism and it’s impact. He also devotes larger portions of his books to Homeland Security. Martin seniors career really took off after 911 when Sage Press published, “The New Era Of Terrorism” based on a number of articles that Martin pieced together and edited. But that was just the launching point for Martin. He has had eight books published since 2004, all on the same topic, his latest being “Understanding Homeland Security.” These are not cheap forays into the topic, they range from $65 to $140 and are obviously tailored for colleges, think tanks and tsp forces. In essence, these are high level manuals.

It’s all a bit ironic isn’t it? Here Jon Martin is literally being “terrorized” by The Dolphins and his father just happens to be an expert on the subject. He served as a page with Charles Rangel, who earlier this year, said that we basically needed to get the guns out of the rednecks hands.

Now one can say that this is just the universe offering up the high strange in the cosmic mirror, all for as my friend Visible says, for purpose of demonstration. Perhaps this vectoring is showing us that Ritchie and Jon are really one person, one bifurcation of consciousness in the tragically traumatized duad of our existence on this plane. If that’s the case, then maybe if we looked at this from the perspective of the split psyche, then neither are the perps and victims, but both are. That’s one way of looking at it. But we cannot discount, nor simply ignore the elder Martin’s area of expertise, especially in the aftermath of the LAX theater and pre-eclipse holographic projection managed to have the same eyewitness on hand that was at ground zero on 911. Yes, it’s true. It’s the same guy, the actor known as “Nick Pugh”.

The reason that this is important is that Ritchie Incognito is now fitting a profile. He’s “white” a racist, violent and psychopathic. He’s being painted and framed as a bully and the next step up from bullying is terrorizing. Now remember, Gus Martin, Jon’s dad is basically writing the books on terrorism and the evolving definition as such. Here we enter into a much darker and unfortunately, what might be determined as a paranoid POV. Was Ritchie Incognito set up? Did the Martin’s, over the offseason plan this out so that Jon could walk away and his father, along with others connected to rapidly accelerating security state use this as a flashpoint for greater measures of thought and speech control? Remember, Incognito’s Sun, is conjunct the US Sun, so this is not just merely some guy that it’s happening to. This is a spotlight on the country itself, through Incognito.

Perhaps it’s just all one, tidy coincidence that Martin’s family, aligned with Jonathan Martin are taking full advantage of the situation (while standing up for their son), but what I find interesting is that Incognito and all of his fucked up behavior (yes, I know about the golf incident) is at least going public. He’s talking in order to set the record straight as he continues to be tried in the court of public opinion on ESPN and other sports/news outlets, yet Jon Martin remains silent, sealed off somewhere in the outskirts of LA, while sports attorney, David Cornwell does all of his talking.

David Cornwell is considered the crisis sports lawyer–the first guy to call when things go wrong. He defended Ben Roethlisbeger after he had been charged with rape. Cornwell also vehemently defended and won his case for Ryan Braun when Braun tested positive for steroids in 2011. It was later found out that Braun did indeed use steroids and was suspended for the rest of the season last year. As a result of Braun’s defiance and Cornwell’s dogged representation, the test taker that was in charge of Braun’s pee, lost his job. Seems like David Cornwell has no issue defending rapists and chronic liars, while dishing out some collateral damage along the way. This is the priest of the so called moral high ground that is fronting for Jonathan Martin.

So, I’ll leave you with just a little more astro-weirdness. When I was researching Gus Martin, aka C. Augustus Martin, I ran across an Augustus C. Martin (deceased). Both were/are lawyers. Both were from Pennsylvania and from what I could determine, not related. And both have a son named “Jonathan.” I wouldn’t expect anything else from a guy that has Chiron in Gemini (Jonathan Martin) in his chart.

It will be interesting to see where all of this goes in the coming days/weeks when Mercury goes direct.

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