In The Shadow Of The Aquarian Age Part II, The Bolshevik Revolution, Uranus In Aquarius, The Americans Debuts On FX

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Coming full circle

“Lest we forget at least an over the shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins – or which is which), the very first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer.” (Saul Alinksy)

The 20th century “might” be known as the century of capitalism, where the oligarchic, titanic elites of the banking families and their minions made enormous gains early in the game. From the late 1800’s up through the great depression, the robber-baron clique drove their claws deep into the heart of the American economy, building out the early infrastructures of industry, from coal, to oil, to electricity, to the rail, shipping and automobile industries, the names of Rockefeller, Getty, Morgan, DuPont, Mellon and Carnegie realized that there was big money to be made in the vestal virgin resources of America and it’s people. Nearly all of them were born during Pluto in Aries, a deeply driven social indicator of generational energy and focus. They were going to get ahead and make their fortune at almost any cost. Pluto in Aries spawned a group of individuals given over to a forceful single-mindedness that might have been what the country needed at the time. They became synonymous with being “self-made men” and here is where that mythology is born; the scions of Pluto in Aries. But they weren’t the only ones.

After suffering a major setback at the hands of Andrew Jackson, the Rothschild family were dead set on opening their central bank in the USA and they would eventually draft the American magnets of industry through their man on the ground, Jacob Schiff (Kuhn, Loeb and Company). With Schiff and Rothschild inserting themselves into the manifest destiny script, it only took 13 years into the 20th century to establish the Federal Reserve and the national income tax. This, thanks to the devils of Jekyll Island (the American oligarchs), became a reality on 12/23/13, signed away while most Americans were home for the holidays, praying to Jesus and Mary, not knowing what hell was coming there way.

But any business enterprise worth it’s salt is always researching and developing, working on different models. While Satan welded the mind forged manacles of American industry, in the oil fields, coal mines and steel mills, half-way across the world, a new model was being inserted into the collective consciousness.

Beginning on March 8th, 1917 and culminating on November 8th in the same year, the Bolshevik Revolution occurred. It did so while Uranus was in Aquarius, ruling planet/sign. This is the first iteration of the Aquarian Age of the 20th century, with all the hallmarks and talking points that would appeal to the masses at the time. But this was no, ordinary, garden-variety-revolution. In fact, the very same Jacob Schiff was rumored to be supporting the likes of Leon Trotsky, in NYC. Was the capitalist organizer on the ground in the US for the Rothschild family was also funding and organizing the Russian revolution? This from “The Creature Of Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin;


”One of the best known Russian revolutionaries at that time was Leon Trotsky. In January of 1916 Trotsky was expelled from France and came to the United States. It has been claimed that Jacob Schiff paid his expenses. There is no documentation to substantiate that claim, but the circumstantial evidence does point to a wealthy donor in New York. He remained for several months, while writing for a Russian socialist paper, the Novy Mir (New World) and giving revolutionary speeches at mass meetings in New York City. According to Trotsky himself, on many occasions a chauffeured limousine was placed at his service by a wealthy friend, identified as Dr. M.

Trotsky’s other name was Lev Davidovitch.

” On March 23, 1917 a mass meeting was held at Carnegie Hall to celebrate the abdication of Nicolas II, which meant the overthrow of Tsarist rule in Russia. Thousands of socialists, Marxists, nihilists and anarchists attended to cheer the event. The following day there was published on page two of the New York Times a telegram from Jacob Schiff, which had been read to this audience. He expressed regrets, that he could not attend and then described the successful Russian revolution as “…what we had hoped and striven for these long years”. (Mayor Calls Pacifists Traitors, The New York Times, March 24, 1917, p. 2)

In later years, Schiff’s son, John was quoted in “The New York American Journal” that his father had donated some $20,000,000.00 to the communist revolution.

Trotsky had been dispatched in April of 1917, from New York, with $10,000 on his person to return to Petrograd and take things to the next level. He was stopped in Halifax and detained by Canadian officials, recognizing that he could be a threat. There he stayed until phone calls from Washington, DC freed him up and sent him on his way to complete his mission.

The revolution would be mostly complete on 11/8/17, just one day off of Trotsky’s birthday, 11/7. Mars was in Virgo, which in some ways would exemplify the energy of the proletariat, but Venus was also in Capricorn, at 0 degrees, which would indicate that relationships would be anything but communal. Communism would have it’s own, inherently, top-down hierarchy within the politburo. Uranus, of course would typify the spirit of the collective in Aquarius, and thus have the secular, humanistic aspects of the Aquarian Age. Jupiter was in Gemini, at 9 degrees. The first elections would be held from 11/12-14 with Jupiter being at 11 degrees Gemini. Hear we have the double mirror of the twins with the number 11. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is quite interesting based on the events of the times.

KEYNOTE:The power and joy of new beginnings.

”These “newly opened lands” can refer to any as yet unexperienced field of potential activity at any level — material, emotional, mental or super mental. We are now dealing with the third level of experience, at which individuality — or at least the ego character — operates more definitely. While in the preceding phases much was said concerning the powers of the mind, this mind was essentially based on the collective patterns of a culture and a society. Now, at this third level, we find the human being essentially engaged in his personal and particular struggle for full and effective individualization. And the initial realization he has to experience is that he has reached a potentially virgin field of consciousness and activity. He is facing the unfamiliar. Anything could happen.

This is the first stage of the fifteenth five-fold sequence of symbols. Having conquered, at least to some extent, the collective and material energies of nature and society, man has become relatively “separate” from the past. He faces the future. Every step ahead should show him RISING TO THE OCCASION.”

Out of this revolution, the duality of both consciousness and economy will be set into play. Russia would become the red threat and the shadow of the USA in two wars (Korea and Vietnam) and would drive the engine of the military industrial complex, the growth of intelligence agencies and a faux threat, the great bogeyman and shadow other. Here, we see duality cast into lead, informing nearly all of our activities, from crawling under desks during the cold war, to the rise of the middle-class radical factions of SDS and the Weather Underground. It’s interesting to note that during this month, with the Sun in Aquarius, Jupiter in Gemini, a new TV series, “The Americans” will debut on FX.

“The Americans” stars Kerri Russell and Matthew Rhys. It’s interesting to note that Rhys’ birth date is the same date that is used for commemorating the end of the revolution, 11/8. The series will make it’s debut on 1/30, when Gemini goes direct at six degrees.

The premise of the series is that the KGB has infiltrated the lives of Americans, agents and spies trained in Moscow to understand and know American life and then leading a revolution from within. Here is what executive producer, Joel Fields has to say about series;

” “It might be a little different to believe and get used to, but we want you to root for the KGB. They’re going to try to get the Soviets to win the Cold War.”

If religion is the opiate of the masses, then the Piscean Age, as symbolized by Jesus is the bedrock of capitalism in the USA, a fiery fusion of salvation and sweat, typified by the Calvinist undercurrent, where work became a form of redemption and thus God’s work trickled down into all things. But this version of the Aquarian Age would have nothing to do with Jesus or God. This edition is all action, and rebellion. It derives its energy from destruction and chaos. It is not passive, nor is it obedient, but only in its early stages. When the fires of revolution cool, a new order emerges, one that is inherently a closed loop, because the transcendent/transformational capacity is played out in the early stages of the revolution and then reduced into more and more layered relationships of regulation and obedience as new, hierarchical structures emerge.

While the Soviet Union supposedly, ultimately failed, and as some historians would like to promote, due to the leadership of Aquarian, Ronald Reagan, who presided over the fall of the wall and the end of the Soviet Union as we know it. But did it really end?

In Part 3, we’ll look at the 21st Century, as the century of the new collectivism and the agents of the Aquarian Age.

9 thoughts on “In The Shadow Of The Aquarian Age Part II, The Bolshevik Revolution, Uranus In Aquarius, The Americans Debuts On FX”

  1. Hi Robert
    i just wanted to congratulate you on another excellent post. You never put a foot wrong and your prose are searing and delightful. Im very much enjoying the interweaving of history, politics and astrology. There is a lovely Buddhist saying – start where you are – but we cant start untill we know how we got there. So this is incredibly helpful.
    Keep up the good work – it is so important for our time and of very great value.

  2. J

    Nope not an empty room–just don’t feel I can muster a response worthy of your great work here. Definitely looking forward to 3rd installment! and going to BTR now to catch up on yesterdays mashup~~♥xojo♥ PS have been listening to past shows I’d missed and gotta give you props for how compassionate, sensitive and spot on you are Robert with all your callers. You’re a real gem my friend…Have a lovely day (gonna hit the 60’s here in Aville YAY)

  3. n

    Empty rooms can be just time spinning shadows, maybe a revolving door, has to be closed in cycles, for safety. It would be interesting to apply those graphs you broadcast into torsional field equations, maybe something to be unsealed, when called for, that could be some choir, would shed some light on the distribution, I think.

  4. d

    yes this is very useful – dissecting the aquarian age and what it actually means – that cold collective – masculine and Saturnine – and the overcoming of duality by hegemony – being co-opted into one thought pattern lasercut into the furrows of our ‘clever’ brains. Thank you Mista Phoenix

  5. t

    “In later years, Schiff’s son, John was quoted in “The New York American Journal” that his father had donated some $20,000,000.00 to the communist revolution.”

    Why these types need to be taxed to the utmost. They get into way too much mischief of the most murderous kind when they have all that money to spend on trifles like genocide, revolutions, world economies and warfare. And such a good time was had… by them.

    And Al Gore’s daughter married a Schiff. Yes, from that family, to relieve anyone of the burden of thinking the selection of 2000 or 2004, for that matter, would have made any difference. And Eccles, headmaster of the ‘one and only true church, was head of the Fed Reserve for a long time-so it wouldn’t have mattered in 2012 either. All players from the same field.

  6. F

    Hi Robert. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your wonderful insights with us. I visit often but seldom post, so please don’t be discouraged by a lack of feedback. Sometimes I just can’t find the words to express my gratitude.

    On another note, do you read the sabian symbol for the exact degree or the following one? For example, my Saturn is at 11 Gemini but i tend to read the sabian symbol for Gemini 12? Am I wrong in doing so? I must admit that the 11th degree sounds more relevant to my life experience.

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