Immaculate Reception? Mars/Venus Opposition Reveals Amazing Tale Of Woman Unaware Of Being Pregnant Up Until Thirty Minutes Before Delivery

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Birth as mysterious as death.

Venus and Mars oppose like two magnets in the void of space. In between the poles of celestial duality a magnetic field opens, a portal for the great mystery emerges on 2-1-2-1-2. On todays show, Camille, a caller from the Bay Area shares an amazing tale of the birth of her daughter on 12/7/11.

Completely unbeknownst to her, she had been carrying a child for eight months, without showing, without any kind of physical impedance. In fact, a week before her delivery, she had gone on a four-mile-hike.

On December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day, she took a bath and saw her stomach literally balloon before her very eyes. There was discharge of fluid. In a state of bewilderment, without family, she called an ambulance. Thirty minutes later, she gave birth to a baby girl, “Cebelle Aphordite” five pounds, four ounces. She had ZERO labor pains.

What’s fascinating from an astrological standpoint was that Jupiter was conjunct her natal Chiron in Taurus (exact), in the fourth house. The mass of Jupiter revealed the hidden aspects of Chiron, literally waiting to give birth.

Naturally, her daughter’s Sun in Sag resides in Camille’s 12th House, conjunct Camille’s natal Neptune, submerged in the depths of the house of mystery.

Lastly, Camille has Saturn in Leo, in the 8th House, where the labor (Saturn) of birth (Leo) is obscured and hidden until the very last moments.

What’s ironic is, is that Camille had actually seen a TV special on the very same phenomenon during her term.

She has no family but now that her daughter is on the scene, her True Node in Scorpio (death and birth) on the cusp of the 11th, has opened up a new, virtual family, who have provided clothes and other baby goodies for the surprised new mother.

Listen in on for what sounds and feels like a modern version of an immaculate conception and at the very least, an immaculate reception.

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1 thought on “Immaculate Reception? Mars/Venus Opposition Reveals Amazing Tale Of Woman Unaware Of Being Pregnant Up Until Thirty Minutes Before Delivery”

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    Love this story~ quite amazing, yet not surprising. I had heared a true tale once of a friend’s teen neighbor not knowing she was pregnant, and then, whala’, out pops a baby in her bathroom porcelain-chair. Love hearing Camille explain all on Air during your show, and do wish she’ll see your post and drop a few lines of her new maternal wisdom.
    I have a quick tale along the same line of mystical conceptions, albeit different. My husband and I’s last two children sure were not planned. Universe has a way of sneaking a couple more in if you haven’t gone to any drastic surgical procedures to stop the baby machine. Oddly, and similar to Camille, my 1st surprise born on 12/25 ( a 3/7 combo, like Camille’s baby… & I was born 3/7 too. I had heard some mysticism about 37.. but can’t remember.. ) Anyway— Extremely Special baby, this 3rd one of mine… Then, #4 was conceived 4 yrs later in another (which seemed) bi-yearly encounter with my spouse… that occurred 18mos past my Father’s Passing, and ironically, I felt his presence at that exact time, yes, of conception. She, #4, has Sun and a few planets in Taurus in my *12th* house— and a Libra moon.. my dad was a Libra Sun. One more interesting detail is her Ascendant; Rising Sign, is exactly my Sun Sign.
    Sorry if this is too much info— The whole idea of mystical conceptions *&* Mystical Receptions is a subject that is definitely worth pondering !

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