If it’s Friday, there must be a new Will Ferrell film coming out!

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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Step BrosYep, a new Will Ferrell film hits the screens today–Step Brothers starring Ferrell and John C. Reily. Directed by SNL alum Adam McKay, it’s part of the Judd Apatow franchise. Apatow has a real knack for creating satire that basically bashes the WASP male, poking fun at easy targets like redneck culture (Dewey Cox and Talledega Nights), wispy and waspy airheaded anchormen (Ron Burgundy) underachieving slackers (Drillbit Taylor) and sexually dysfunctional nerds (Forty-Year-Old-Virgin). Well team Apatow is at it again, this time taking on prolonged adolescence in Step Brothers and his comedic staples, Ferrell and Reilly play bumbling and fumbling step bros. Is it just me or does it seem like noone else is making comedies in Hollywood now besides Team Apatow?

But getting back to Will Ferrell. I like him, really, I do. He’s a great physical comedian and can satirize the seventies and eighties unlike any other comedian. But I’m getting sick of him. His last film about the ABA wasn’t all that funny and after a while there’s no real joy in seeing that a new Will Ferrell film is out. He’s always there with no real space to remember him fondly by and want more of what he does. I’m sorry–he’s as overexposed as meat left out for three days–getting stale and smellier all the time.

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