ICANN Takes Over The Internet–Here’s The Chart Of The Moment And New Livestream

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

astro_w2gw_146_internet-62372-18386At 12:01 AM, on 10/2/16, the internet quietly transitioned out of the hands of the U.S. from NTIA, an agency of the Department of Commerce. There’s been a great deal of speculation as to what this will mean, moving forward. Will the rights and the freedoms of the internet be under the control of the UN and other international groups such as China or God forbid, even Russia. ICANN claims to be a neutral, non-profit organization, think the Switzerland of the internet. The deal between ICANN and the USA was done under the watch of Fahdi Chehade, a naturalized U.S. citizen who was born in Beirut. Chehade was born into a Muslim family, but now proclaims he is an atheist. It must be true, because he made the announcement on Facebook.

Under Chehade, ICANN whored itself out in grand fashion, selling domain names like they were going out of style, such as .sucks and other socially redeeming dots. You see, that’s how ICANN makes it’s money—for now.

Companies such as Amazon have been aggressively going after domain names in .book so that they can create a monopoly in online book sales/portals. Remember when it was .com, .net, .tv? Well those quaint old days are over. Here’s a list of all the dots that ICANN has created and sold–Chehade, has been called a slick oil salesman and a huckster by his contemporaries. This is the guy that Obama has done business with and it was simply transferred, not even sold. Chehade was the perfect middleman for the deal and has moved onto greater, greener pastures as the Senior Advisor for Klaus Schwab, a major force inside of Bilderberg and the creator of the Davos economic forum, where global economic policy is set and refined every year, in Davos, Switzerland, he has also been knighted by over fifteen countries, including Mongolia, where he was initiated into the Order of The Polar Star. This is Chehade’s new boss. ICANN’s new boss, hails from Sweden, where the Order of the Polar Star was created. His name is Goran Marby, and it’s interesting that they chose a European to head ICANN. Marby doesn’t have any esoteric or political red flags in his bio, but is moving to Los Angeles from Sweden. I’m sure he’ll really enjoy getting out a bit more and not having to deal with those nasty, NoGo zones that Sweden is becoming more and more famous for.


At 12:01 AM, October 2nd, in LA, since ICANN is still based there has Cancer on the ASC and Pisces 28 on the MC. In true, synchronistic fashion, Uranus is in the 10th House and Uranus/Aquarius rules the internet, ie the 11th House. There’s conflict in this alignment though as Uranus is opposite the New Moon in Libra. The Moon is local, even provincial at times, it represents old traditions, especially when rooted in the Fourth House. It opposes the radical break with the new in Uranus. At the mid-point in the 7th House, Pluto squares both in Capricorn and it’s right on the 7th House cusp. The 7th House is relationship and Pluto in Cap is going to change the relationship with how we did things (past and local, Moon) and the emergence of the new with Uranus in the 10th. Everything will get filtered through the Capricornian gate and this includes not just potentially “freedoms” but business as well.

Under the guidance of the DOC, there were inherent limits of what internet control could or could not do, but now that it’s no longer under the sleepy gaze of the Feds, no one really knows at this point what ICANN can or will do or whom it will do it with. That’s where Pisces kicks in at the MC, with Chiron and Neptune floating at the top of the chart, in the house of foreign contacts, overseas, the world out there. And that’s the perfect scenario for change; a fog of the future, a hazy scrim where the projection of shadows and light give mutable shape and form, where things are not quite as they seem.

This was clearly Obama’s parting gift to the world, dislodging what was essentially built by the DOD, then turned loose and rapidly created by tech-possessed geeks, brilliant entrepreneurs and circumcised porn kings. Here you go world, our gift to you!

Can anything good come out of this based on the chart? Possibly. I like the TN and Mercury in the 3rd House, in trine with Pluto. Could this shift insure more research and thought around health and healing or is Virgo’s occasional paranoia going to manifest in more security, more thought control as mandated by the Plutocrats in the mid-point? Venus trines Neptune and that adds a nice gloss and sheen to the affair, giving it some good hope and spin, but I could also see a push for the loosening of what’s allowed to be seen on the internet in terms of content. Will the liberal view of sex and body become more Lassiez –faire while political critique and dissent become more muted in a classic bait-and-switch, a bread and circus of the senses and the classically addicted mind? Unless the four states suing the Fed and ICANN, can make a difference, we shall soon see.

2 thoughts on “ICANN Takes Over The Internet–Here’s The Chart Of The Moment And New Livestream”

  1. p

    The flip side to the whore meme is that TLD’s or top level domains, were being controlled by the USG/DOD and they claimed allegedly if too many TLD’s were created then the whole internet would die…

    Karl Denninger shreds that to pieces and he would know since he sold off MCInet for a cool billion before anyone forgot Y2K didnt happen…

    Further I have done some research as to the jurisdictional considerations of the internet in years past to create a web presence causing me to realize something making much of the ICANN discussion moot…

    the internet law age is fledgling at best…its being explored so to speak right now…

    .com and a whole of other main TLD’s are owned by the US jurisdiction…this is what is really going on re: globalists – they are attempting to bring everyone else into/onto the US jurisdiction where the individual has the equal potential as the rest – only, the fulfillment of that potential will be strictly controlled and curtailed as the centralized deem fit…this is a polar experience – we always have choice…the eternal present that presence offers each moment…choice…i digress!

    so aside from just TLD, the registrar you choose, who can turn off your registry with the flick of a mouse, should also be as foreign as possible (and not a US corp with foreign presence, UNDERSTAND its chains of titles!)…for all these reasons, i wound up using a foreign registrar of euro jurisdiction (and sort of economic enemy of the US its being announced past 2-3 days) and I Wound up using only non US TLD’s, namely Montenegro (.me) as its symbolic of the Aquarian age of ME (yet spirited) we’re moving into/through – besides what ever happens in Montenegro?

  2. A

    Fascinating break down
    Would love to know more about Polar Star; your interpretation of Bilderberg group and Davos forum.
    As always you leave me wanting more.
    Thank you for your exploration into this matter as no one seems to be exploring it.

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