Holiday Gratitude, Capricorn Harbaugh Shines And Cancer Push Back On Pluto In Cap

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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Capricorn Harbaugh climbs to the top

Don’t have a ton of time to launch an epic post, but I do want to pen a few thoughts before another day passes by. The first being that I want to give thanks to everyone who has supported me and my various sites throughout the year. I could not do what I do without the forest for this tree. Hell, I’ll even throw in some thanks for the maggots and the worms, since they’re gnawing away at the detritus of our culture. Also, big ups to the ever-widening gyre of accumulated awareness that gains greater traction and depth with each breath we take. Our souls are velcro to the universe of love.

Yesterday was Jim Harbaugh’s birthday. We call him “Hardballs” over on the Niner forum. The first year coach with a stellium in Capricorn; Sun/Merc/Venus/Mars, I’m getting a ringside seat of witnessing the grit and determination of getting the job done and climbing, step-by-step to the top.

Harbaugh took over a moribund team which had not had a winning season in over 7 years. The previous coaches were foolish, arrogant and overmatched–not ready for the rigors of the NFL. Harbaugh came in with absolute conviction and faith. Also, like a good Cap, he surrounded himself with excellent coaches. The result is that the Niners are 11-3 and in the playoffs for the first time in 8 years. He’s not the friendliest or diplomatic of coaches (leave that to his brother John, his exact cardinal square in Libra). Harbaugh can be gruff and suffers no fools, especially if they have press written across their chest. But like the great generals of history, his players have a fierce loyalty for him and he for them.

One of the things that I love about Harbaugh is that he doesn’t throw anyone under the bus. His players, even ones that suck are never tried in the court of public opinion. Its like he’s already at the top of the mountain, reaching out and raising up. Can he be an arrogant prick? Just ask his closest rival, Seahawks coach, Pete Carroll, who Harbaugh plays today. They’re almost mirrors of one another. Carroll is a Taurus and they are both really entrenched in a tribal culture. If we want to witness a positive manifestation of Capricorn, Jim Harbaugh gets my vote. And now for the antipode.


If you want something to put a little smile on your face for the holidays, have a look at this video. Its an excerpt from the Santa Cruz city council’s hearing on PG&E, Smart Meters and replacing them with analog meters. If you’re not hip to the smart meter trip, get there fast. California is on the frontlines of it. I’ve had Joshua Hart of Stop Smart Meters.Org on my show twice and his tireless advocacy to keep smart meters out of our homes seems to be gaining some traction.

In this video, you’ll see PG&E’s certified android repeating over and over again that there are “safety” issues with replacing smart meters with the old analog ones, that worked just fine before. Two families were experiencing health issues with their smart meters and replaced them. PG&E shut their power down and would not restore it until the PUC ruled on replacing them. That could take 60-90 days. The Santa Cruz City Council filleted the PG&E bot.

Here we see Cancer (home) pushing back on the borg-like consciousness of smart metering and corporate steamrolling. No one ever asked us if we wanted the smart meters. No real health tests had ever been carried out to determine the short and long term effects of them. This video at the very least, shows that humans are still alive and well on the eve of 2012.

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    Oh thank Goddess! Banana Slug land (UCSC’s mascot) just moved to the top of my shortlist for winged migration. Nice holiday blog post! Joyeux Everything!

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