Heading Into The Final Degrees Of Virgo, The Refugee Crisis And The Piscean Dilemma

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

refugees-greek-sea_unch-pictureCan you say “Chiron in Pisces?”

Well, here we are, slumbering through September as the tension mounts, accelerating towards the 23rd of the month when CERN gets switched on and the gates of Hell are opened, John Titor is sucked into the past, the Chicago Cubs win the World Series and all three installments of “Back To The Future” are magically reconciled as a blogger in New South Wales combines them to play on top of one another to reveal a DaVinci Code-esque secret of the universe and the revelation of the modern day Christ. It’s all slated to go down as we hit the moment of tribulation, the last of the Tetrad Moons, the 7th Jubilee of the 7th Jubilee, where all debt is forgiven save your own.

Meanwhile the Christians crack open another diet Pepsi and wait for the end of the world, not caring much about the psychic whiplash as the whole hot dog stand goes down in a blaze of glory.

Speaking of blaze of glory, California is getting scorched in a big, big way. Fires have charred the Northwest and Northern California all summer long. In a dangerously dry region stricken by drought (Chiron in Pisces) and desiccated by the aerial dispersion of aluminum and other heavy metals, as the spraying has created an accelerant that makes fire burn hotter than “normal.” Keep in mind that the entire planet is coated with this crap. What nature has had to endure as we scar it’s skin, pollute it’s veins, choke it’s lungs is another form of abuse and trauma on a planetary scale and don’t let them fool you, it’s not climate change, it’s them changing the climate to create the change. It’s also just another form of Hegelian dialectic.

Not long ago, I looked at the opposition between Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces that happened back in August. It came with a Saturn in Scorpio topper to form a T-Square. I noted that the last time this happened during the Gold Rush in 1849. Fast forward, Neptune is reversed, which signals a reverse migration away from California. It would also signal the unofficial end of Manifest Destiny. The fires are in and around Middletown and while not as popular as the Sutter’s Mill area, higher in the Sierras it had it’s own surge during the Gold Rush of 1849.

Meanwhile, Janet Yellen and the Fed are meeting to see if they are going to raise interest rates. They’ll do whatever the Rothschilds tell then to and if the Red Shield wants to put the hurt on the US, they will just by raising those zero percent interest rates even slightly. As we move into Mercury Retrograde, that can be a real problem.

Another astrological indicator of Neptune Retrograde is the retreating price of oil and while it’s great to pump cheap fuel into our tanks, it also has extreme implications for the US, China and Russia.

In the US, the cheap fuel is undercutting the US process of extracting shale oil, which of course is done by fracking. While this might tickle your green underbelly, it’s not good for the US economy in general, but that’s the shell/shale game they’ve been playing for the past ten years. Oil under $40 a barrel is also damning news to the Russians and is a crippling salvo fired at their economy as well.

I was talking with Robert Bonomo the other night on Skype and he says that Russia’s economy is shot with the steep decline in oil and he believes that it moves them one step closer to war. Ah, September.

But wait, there’s more!


In ”Children of Men” the brilliant, but dark dystopian tale of a disaffected cynic turned hero (Clive Owen), Europe is undergoing a major crisis with immigrant populations, who are basically herded into bombed out cities operating under loose rules and very little supervision, think New Orleans Superdome, post Katrina. It’s happening now, and we can once again look to the outer planets that shape and change our culture, namely Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

The refugee crisis is another manifestation of Neptune in Pisces as they have to cross the Mediterranean in makeshift rafts and boats and with Neptune retrograde, of course, they are turned back. Chiron, also in Pisces tells a different tale, of course, appealing to our humanity, our innate sense of compassion but playing on it in a manipulative way as well. Europe and the rest of the West has been targeted to accept refugees and migrants without question as part of a massive operation under the aegis of diversity.

Barbara Lerner Spectre, an American living in Sweden has, thanks to the Swedish government, started a foundation called, “Paideia” which is the Greek concept of the aristocratic and intellectual class educating the youth upon the virtues of the golden mean, so in essence Lerner Spectre is embodying the notion of the aristocracy which theoretically knows better than it’s unrefined cultural underlings. It’s a philosophy that can also be traced to modern liberalism in general. But make no mistake, this is not a graceful transmission of ethos, from mind to willing mind. One of the sayings associated with Paideia is “Hard is Good.”

Here is Lerner-Spectre linking Europe’s supposed rise in anti-semitism to multiculturalism. In essence, she’s saying, because you don’t like us (Jews) we’re going to push diversity and multiculturalism on you and it’s for your own good, hence Paideia.

There are already neighborhoods in Sweden and the Netherlands where Muslims have been imported and have quickly become no fly zones, where even first responders are assaulted when called on in an emergency. Children of Men is rapidly manifesting before our very eyes.

The problem isn’t the fact that people aren’t compassionate about the plight of war casualties, it’s that the casualties themselves are the result of the same people that want to place them in Northern Europe. And the one aspect that many people aren’t talking about is the Trojan Horse in the room and that’s inserting elements of real terror into the migrant cocktail. Again, we’re dealing with collective Neptune/Pisces, but also it’s shadow.

Jupiter in Virgo is about the expansion of all those Virgoan traits, including perfection and purity. So on the one hand you have the Muslim hoards crossing the sea Neptune in Pisces and landing on the mostly, homogeneous land of Northern Europe (Jupiter in Virgo). What’s the answer?

It would be immeasurably empowering if we could get to the root of the issue and see this as a program of mass destabilization under the aegis of humanitarianism, when it’s really just the infusion of radical elements into the local populace. We also have to understand that war is a racket and genocide is a strategy. The implications of what’s taking place are staggering and have the power of impacting us for years to come as anger, resentment and enmity are passed down for generations.

When the Nodes shift in November into Virgo/Pisces, this dilemma we’re facing will become exacerbated and the social dialog has the potential to descend into deep discord, with ever more divide and conquer invective.

While Saturn is on the last degree of Scorpio we still have some time to dive into the deep of the matter, but when it goes into Sagittarius the strident forces of righteous indignation will rise.

6 thoughts on “Heading Into The Final Degrees Of Virgo, The Refugee Crisis And The Piscean Dilemma”

  1. s

    Oh dear Syria,
    We know your plan
    Forcing the innocent to flee the land
    Squeezing the people as poverty bites
    Then arm the angry with no choice but to fight
    The world looks on and sees their plight
    Humanity made homeless by an evil blight
    Tyranny, greed, corruption and spite
    Taught by the bullies how to finance your might
    Create an enemy then expose to the light
    Fatten your flunkies keep your people in fright
    Another false flag sure as day meets night
    So you might think you’ve killed two birds with one stone
    But remember Mr Murderer… you are never ‘alone’.

  2. D

    1849 always makes me think of the potatoe famine – mothers waving their white handkerchiefs goodbye to sons they would never see again. I ripped off a Congolese today – had no choice as I had no money and she could not speak the language of my country – not good – I’m sorry. The north mode marches onwards to one degree Libra and the transition to Virgo has unfortunate precedent.. the underdog is victorious with drastic consequence but who am I to say. I find myself serving a noble ideal yet faithless as the human dramas play out before me and only a miracle could pull off our thorough loophole-plugged planning and good intention.

    Thank you Robert

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